alternia guild

Karkat Vantas, age 15.

plays as a troll known as carcinoGeneticist, Knight of Blood in the guild/“session” Alternia.

Karkat lives with his brother, sisters, parents, and grandma. 

he is the only one in the Vantas-Leijon-Maryam family to suffer from albinism.

Karkat is as ornery as a cornered honey badger having a bad day, but he means well and is a truly loyal friend. 

his interests include romantic comedies, leadership, and devising increasingly creative epithets. he’s even worse at coding than John.

Terezi Pyrope, age 15.

plays as a troll known as gallowsCalibrator, Seer of Mind in the guild/“session” Alternia.

she lives with her mother, sister, and iguana. the Pyropes are Azerbaijani/Welsh.

Terezi has had poor eyesight ever since an incident in her childhood involving her friend Vriska. she’s completely forgiven her, oddly enough. at any rate, her synesthesia renders Terezi’s view of the world more vivid than it is for most people, even though everything’s a bit blurry, even with her glasses.

Terezi enjoys LARPing, dragon lore, and courtroom dramas. she intends to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a lawyer.