alternators sideswipe

anonymous asked:

Sideswipe's alternative has more luck getting it on with Sunstreaker then you do. How does that feel?

You expect me to respond with some form of jealousy. Sunstreaker is not mine. He is free to do what he pleases with himself, and others.

anonymous asked:

Sunstreaker, are you fine with your brother interfacing with that other Sunstreaker?

“ I’m not entirely sure I am, just because I don’t really have much to base my alternate’s personality off from. But I expect my brother to know who is safe and who isn’t, he’s an adult.. and believe it or not, he is responsible to an extent. “

“ From what I’ve seen, or heard, nothing really throws up any red flags for me concerning the other twins outside of their faction. But it isn’t them, rather the others that might be around them. My brother likes danger, threats, and challenges. It’s not uncommon for him to be drawn to individuals that present them. “

“ Anyway. I’m not going to control him and tell him no, he’d listen to reason but he’s just as capable as any other warrior. Decepticon or not. And he has a fairly friendly relationship with my alternate’s Sideswipe. I don’t really think he’ll be in any danger. “


Red just grumbles as he stares at Sideswipe having got up from his seat and glaring daggers at him. “Give it back Sideswipe,” he grumbles knowing of the new magic that was placed on him, and his frame was already sensitive enough with his sensors always near maximum just to be prepared for any danger. Though though thought of it in Sideswipe’s hand. Oh god it made him tremble, “Give it back, and I won’t show anyone this,” pulls up a file of an embarrassing picture of sideswipe, alternate or him he wasn’t sure, but it was a good enough look alike to pass as him, he just hoped it would work.