@FLAB_entertainment presents New Music | Passion Pit The Electro-Synth Indie Band Release Two New Songs Off Their Upcoming Album Entitled “Kindred” | Head Over To Our Music Section To Listen To The New Single “Lifted Up” And Bonus Track “ Where The Sky Hangs” | #Freeyourmind #Lovetheworld #And #IgnoretheBull #NewMusic #Music #PositiveEntertainment #PositiveLifestyle #PassionPit #IndieMusic #AlternativeSounds #SomethingNew

Where i spent most of my time. Go check out #GothicRadio on Google Play! They have the best stations and music tracks! Name it, wether it be Darkwave, Industrial, EBM, Gothic, BM, Metal, Rock, the latest music, anything alternative and from the grave! 😉💀🔊🎶 And HEY Happy Happy Birthday to one of the greatest and very talented musician I know!! The man behind @thirdrealmofficial and Sinister Device, Nathan! Have a blast!!! 🎉

I’ve missed my Instagram. Will be posting more! I’m not dead yet! 👻😜 HAYYY TO MY NEW FOLLOWERS!!! I hit 400 for being on here for only 4 months!! Thats crazyyy! 😱

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#np_Mr. Hudson Central Park lyrics First few horns and the squeak of brakes Knock on the door and the city wakes But you, you’re still sleeping And you, you’re in love Painting a pretty picture How I wish, more of this were drew But you, you’re in London And you, you’re still in love Fuck this, imma go out walking Rent a bike and make a few laps in Central Park in the dark Love is just a memory Love along the shadow in my heart, in my heart This is where you’ll stay, while I’m at the Hudson I’d like to see my name above the door It says we, we’re still in Brooklyn And we, we’re never in but you’re always welcome If you run out of dough you know