Bear’s Den - Agape

“Agape” is the new single from Bear’s Den debut album “Islands” is out now on Communion Records/Caroline International. 

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Wild Youth- Daughter

I love simplicity in a song. Sometimes I don’t want a complex melody and infinite riffs. Sometimes I want breathlessness in a song that isn’t afraid to be silently powerful. 

Youth by Daughter begins as the calm before the storm with a softness that slowly builds. I’m won over with the moments of harshness provided by the percussion-it’s poetry at its best- musically and lyrically. 

Daughter consists of of Elena Tonra and her partner Igor Haefeli. They are more than folk or indiepop, what they provide is a sweet blend and an addictive one at that.

It’s quirky, it’s moody, it’s ambient, it’s refreshing. 

Favourite Lyric:

We are the reckless, 

we are the wild youth, 

chasing visions of our futures, 

one day we’ll reveal the truth.

Also check out: Landfill, Switzerland, Candles and The Woods by Daughter 


Ok; since everybody and their mama has been asking about the name of this song, here it is. And the girl who was dancing name is @unicornquality_pdx “#SorenHigh”. And the whole album is sick!!! #music
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De siste dagene har jeg fått opp hele anlegget i 3D, med konstruksjoner, og nå holder jeg på med å få inn lagt inn alternativer og forslag som jeg kan bruke i en diskusjon på hva som kan være i mølla (muligheter), og så utarbeide videre en bit av et av forslagene. Jeg må være bevisst på hvordan forslagene jeg kommer med forholder seg til forarbeidet, slik at jeg hele tiden svarer på problemstillingen jeg har satt meg.