The Signs When They're Sick
  • Aries: will take care of themselves, insisting that they're okay despite looking like a corpse
  • Gemini: will complain constantly but won't take any medication, also extra irritable
  • Tarus: they're literally always sick, always has tissues
  • Leo: tries to tough it out, refusing to take a day off, and ends up feeling worse because of it
  • Cancer: symptom check themselves on the internet constantly, ends up convincing themselves that they're dying
  • Virgo: uses weird remedies and tricks to treat ailments, never stays sick for too long
  • Libra: drops their cool act and is a whiny baby about every single thing wrong with them
  • Scorpio: starts hanging around enemies at the first signs of a cold in order to get them sick
  • Sagittarius: they sleep it off and sweat it out, any medicine they take is probably only the PM stuff
  • Capricorn: almost never gets sick, when they do they'll just look forward to embracing death
  • Aquarius: helpless and pathetic, needs to be taken care of like a child
  • Pieces: will complain about feeling sick but still muddle through it and get shit done

hey it’s trans day of visibility so I thought I would make a post of my queer self! Ive felt dysphoric my whole life, and finally discovered the proper term for my gender a little over two years ago, and I’ve been out to the public for the past 4 months!

I’m happily engaged to the lovely alternativeexistence who is the most beautiful genderfluid transgirl I’ve ever known ❤️

Jazz, 21, agender/nonbinary (they / them)

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This is some Scooby-doo bullshit.