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To dinosaur guy. Dinosaur-like creatures are mentioned in the Bible. The Bible uses ancient names like “behemoth” and “tannin.” Behemoth means kingly, gigantic beasts. Tannin is a term which includes dragon-like animals and the great sea creatures such as whales, giant squids, and marine reptiles like the plesiosaurs that may have become extinct. The Bible's best description of a dinosaur-like animal is recorded in Job chapter 40.

Thank you so much for this!!!! I never knew any of that haha^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Send this to all of the blogs you love. There is no limit of how many people you send it to because the price of making someone smile is priceless. I'm sending this to you because I adore your blog and I want you to know that I will follow you forever. Your blog is perfection and absolutely flawless. Keep up the good work, keep smiling and keep being the beautiful and amazing person you are and have a fantastic day ahead! ♥

Awwwww thank you!  Love this!  Made my day, thank you :)