“Heroin came into Seattle in a big way around 1982. It decimated all of my friends: my girlfriend, the guy I lived with – everybody. I was playing guitar in a band at that time called 10 Minute Warning, and we were signed to Alternative Tentacles [Jello Biafra’s label]. We’d toured with Dead Kennedys and Black Flag in ‘83/’84, and we were at the top of the heap. We were different. We were slow, and weird, and heavy. But then heroin came into the band. A good friend of mine came to me one night when he was strung out, and he told me I was like his hope because he thought I was the only guy who could get out and make something of myself. So I put in my notice at my job, and I took the 360 bucks that I had and I drove to LA. That was in 1984.” - Duff McKagan

Day: 1066

Shirt: Dead Kennedys - Holiday Inn C.ambodI.A.

Color:  white

Brand: [missing]

Source:  sometimes you find the right people and they find you.  and things like this shirt work their way into your hands.  its these kind of days that i really like.  this very special shirt worked its way into my possession a while back and i couldn’t be happier.  i have a long time obsession with this band, its artwork and all things Dead Kennedys.  its one of the few bands that despite still touring in some rendition and still cranking out tons of iconic merch i will still and always love them.  Black Flag, DK, Joy Division & Misfits their music will always rise above any controversy that might surround them and would be next to impossible to taint the great records and memories they have left on my brain.  

So I had a really great creature dream.

I woke up this morning and was like, shit I need to draw this, So I did. But lemme explain a thing first.

-for some reason, the world was in some post-apocalyptic new industrial revolution.

-The creature was some sort of alien parasite, and apparently everyone had their own weird host creature, and being a parasite/host pair was considered normal.

-My parasite was a tentacle monster with bright neon-blue tentacles.(they all came in different colors, like a fashion statement) covered in tiny soft cilia. By itself, the creature was considered an unintelligent juvenile, and couldn’t reach a form of maturation until after bonding with it’s host. (my brain kept reassuring me it was super cute too lol)

-I never lost control of my body when I was the host, it simply adapted my mind to its body. It was pretty much like I got a weird tentacle body upgrade.

-It had weird alien flamingo legs. My brain really focused on that for some reason. They were grey and scaley, and when it spread its toes apart they were webbed.

-As a juvenile it couldn’t eat, just filter water, It needed a host so it could borrow their digestive system and other organs. It also had no skeletal structure except in its legs, and adapts its body to its host’s skeletal system (to an extent)

Basically it also attached a tentacle over your nose and mouth, and it acted as gills/eating organ. You could still speak though?

-Story-wise…there were three massive floating ships that looked like the titanic, and all but one had left this dock I was at? and everyone was trying to rush onto the final one because they’d be trapped on the place I was forever? or be forced to swim wherever the ships were going.

-my parasite was aquatic so I was like ‘nbd, I can swim no rush’. And my friend theatre-tech was there like being an escort/bodyguard for me? Because my mom asked him to. It was really vague.

Okay you probably want pics so here’s some pics I drew of it:

As an addendum to the detachable thing, The host’s mind ‘goes’ with the parasite. As said before, the parasite kinda, steals the host’s consciousness from the body.

Lmfao I remember when all the C00lk1dz on here were plugging PWR BTTM. Can we all just.. listen to pansy division and accept alternative tentacles and fat wreck chords into our hearts?