The REPUBLIC GALACTICA is dead. Ruthless trader
barons, driven by greed and the lust for power, have
replaced enlightenment with oppression, and "rule by
the people" with the FIRST GALACTIC EMPIRE.

For over a thousand years, generations of JEDI
KNIGHTS were the guardians of peace and justice in the
galaxy. Now these legendary warriors are all but extinct.
One by one they have been hunted down and destroyed
by the sinister agents of the Emperor: the DARK LORDS

It is a period of civil wars. Rebel Armies, striking from
fortresses hidden deep within the Great Rift, have won a
crushing victory over the powerful Imperial Starfleet.
The Emperor knows that one more such defeat will
bring a thousand more solar systems into the rebellion,
and Imperial control of the Outland systems could be
lost forever. To crush the rebellion once and for all, the
Emperor has sent one of his most ferocious Dark Lords
to find the secret rebel strongholds and destroy them…

Finally got my appointment at the hospital, so this friday I’m going there to draw some blood and hopefully not die/faint lol. Then at the 22nd I’ll be seeing the doctor.
So hopefully the tests will be done by then so that I can pick up my first hormones the same day!