The Weeknd | Live For feat. Drake 


The Weeknd | Pretty 

ill be in boston thursday to saturday so i thought id leave you with this. the responses to needlehead were greatly appreciated and i hope you are as open to leaving feedback/critiques for “gold bottles” as well.

this is another song that has been giving me some trouble. i seem to be having a little case of writers block lately. im not fully into what ive been finishing up. thats why id love the outside/unbiased input to either prove that im just being stupid or that i need to go back to the drawing boards. 

gold bottles is a bit more raw/lower quality than normal. thats what i wanted from the ambience/atmosphere of the song. just not sure if i overdid it, too much reverb and ambience battling and making it too muddy. ill leave that up to you to decide

get sleepy


ps anyone live in boston?

pss if anyone can name the bands on the wall…ill send you butthole pictures

SNY Video - Mélat “Revelation 8:2”

The Austin, Texas singer Mélat has brought the world a message today.  In “Revelation 8:2” produced by Jansport J, she serenades us with her celestial voice in a simplistic white and black presentation where it seems to be located at a church parking lot.  Her past work has always shown a common denominator which is love.  Through the heartbreaks and happiness she finds it to motivate her.  “When you find something so powerful / Let them say what they want / The truth can do no wrong / If love can take you higher / Why would you live with your feet on the ground” sings Mélat.

Well she certainly has made me go back in my bible and I found that Revelation 8:2 states “And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them.”  A great way to apply her voice as a trumpet and spreading love. Towards the end she stands firm in unanimity of justice and peace which she displays her “hands up, don’t shoot” in light of Mike Brown.  Take a look at the artist’s new video below and follow her @BeholdMelat


Miguel | Simple Things