Yukimi Nagano lead Swedish outfit Little Dragon has been a favorite of mine for close to a decade now, so my Tuesday started out unimaginably fabulous when I woke up to a brand new tune from the alt R&B and indietronica band. Little Dragon bathes us with warm swirling fog on High, a plush song whose name pretty much summarizes how it feels. The woozy slow jam is an intoxicating trip. Its surreal haze directly translates into the song’s heady music video. Yukimi even sings “feel free to roll another one for me” on the song, so they’re definitely not holding anything back in regards to the drugged out vibes on their droopy new tune. Except we don’t really need anything else to feel inebriated when we have a song like this to dissolve into completely. Along with the new song comes news of a Little Dragon tour this April that takes them from California, through Coachella, and to the East Coast, at times with Glass Animals and GoldLink. Find High on iTunes, here.

Out of Sweden comes this new artist named Albin Nex, who’s captured our ears with his second single, Woke Me Up!, an infectious pop hymnal with the bluesy soulful aura of Jack Garratt and the creamy swooning charm of Jaymes Young. You could say my curiosity has been piqued and my heart won over by this striking encounter. Albin Nex is reportedly working on his debut album already. You can stream his saccharine impassioned, electro buzzing alt pop debut, Fortress, below. 

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Troi Irons may be new on our radar, but the Los Angeles based artist already has a debut EP out named Turbulence, and it’s out on Def Jam Recordings, too. Her new music video for EP single Today has captured our attention fully. Today’s slow burning dark pop and heavy brooding alt R&B is captivating, to say the least. There’s a vulnerability and a raw honesty to be found in Troi Irons’ raspy drawling voice on this exquisite tune. Today combusts with an inherent explosiveness. Troi Irons’ debut EP Turbulence can be found on iTunes, here.

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Name: N
Age: 23
Country: Ph

I think i submitted here before, but it was a bit of a mess.So yeah. I find it hard to find people irl who likes the same things as i do?So i’m hoping i could meet people here.i love to talk to people (i just don’t know how) and listen to their stories. um..I’m an INFJ, and still in postgrad school, but i was a physiotherapist. I like music (from disney to alternative to classical to hiphop rnb to indie, just everything), arts, photography, books, movies, and creating fictional scenarios in my head. I love nature and animals and the space and i spend way more time reading about conspiracy theories, creepy stories and history. I like a lot of things it’s quite a mess. 

Preferences: Just anyone interested. I’d love to learn bout different places and cultures.

Nashville’s R.LUM.R continues to showcase some exceptional vocal talent on his intensive new tune, Frustrated. The future vibing, soulful R&B ballad cuts to the marrow with its moody crooning and opulent production. R.LUM.R’s high flying, jaw dropping vocals evoke Gallant, full of electrifying passion and bursting at the seams with emotion. Frustrated leaves no doubt behind in its wake. This is one remarkable artist who’s surely going to make massive waves in the near future. Frustrated is out now on iTunes.

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