If She Knew What She Wants.

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky likes you and you like Steve who is totally oblivious.  

Word Count: 1990 words

Prompt: Wanted by Hunter Hayes “You make me feel happy inside and out.”

A/N: I’ve been suffering a little bit of writers block recently but Bucky has been a dream to write for this one.  This is for @paigeinastory anniversary challenge and it was a pleasure to be part of this celebration.

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He sat at the kitchen counter nursing his coffee and ignoring whatever Tony was ranting about.  He felt you enter the room before he saw you and he couldn’t help the sweet smile that graced his lips as he wished you good morning.  You had obviously been training with Romanov and as you slid onto the stool beside him and stole a slice of his toast he couldn’t help but think how beautiful you are.  It was a thought he had several times a day and each time he promised himself that one day he would tell you.  One day, but not today.  You had been the first to make him feel welcome at the compound, often diffusing the tension between him and Tony and he really didn’t know what he would do without you around.  There was just something about you that made him feel more like his old self, like you didn’t see The Winter Soldier whenever you looked at him, just Bucky. He had tried to test you plenty of times telling you about some of the atrocities he was personally responsible for, try to tell you he was a monster and each time you would just tilt your head squint at him as if studying his face before announcing with certainty that you definitely saw no signs of a monster in front of you, just a man, a man who was a damned good friend.  Your words simultaneously made his heart soar and sink.  You made him feel like being broken wasn’t a bad thing, that he actually made sense to you somehow and then you used the ‘friend’ word.

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Priorities - Jeon Jungkook x Reader

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Title: Priorities
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Prompt: “I like how my focus isn’t on what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s on you instead.” // University AU!
Rating: Fluff!

During the school year, the busiest time of the year has always been examinations. Students would be busting their asses, re-reading their notes, typing or writing up the important parts of their notes and summarizing them, studying the textbook cover to cover and, most importantly, crying and overworking themselves to the bone.

On this fine summer afternoon, thank the lords this was going to be her last examination before summer break - no more stress for a good two - three months and some R&R to fix her fragile mentality after this horrible semester - the halls and classrooms were packed with students trying to understand concepts, group studying or literally just studying in solidarity, headphones in to block the noise. That would have been the greatest idea to do since she had questions for the teacher for certain literary works she needed to write papers on, but, considering the classrooms were decently noisy and she studied better in complete silence, (Y/N)’s best bet for studying is in the campus library, which was all the way in the other half of the campus.

Great. Well, at least you could stop for coffee before going.
Coffee in her left hand, backpack swung over her right shoulder, the female student sighed as she entered the quiet library, hoping for some peace and quiet to study for her English final. The female pushed the door open with the shoulder, making sure her coffee didn’t spill as she slipped through the door. “Good afternoon, Miss.” She greeted the librarian with a slight bow of the head as she made her way to the back of the library, where are the wooden mahogany tables were situated, and plopped all of her study materials and rest of her things onto the table and sighed. 

This was the start of a very long and tiring day, which meant, once she was finished studying, another stop to Starbucks she goes to buy more coffee to keep her overflowing brain from dying. 

Her backpack was opened hastily as she pulled out her notebooks, laptop and various copies of Shakespeare plays: Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. Luckily for her, in her high school years, her English teachers made them study these works and she was smart enough to keep the notes instead of burning them like usual. 

Taking a quick sip of her coffee the girl started up her laptop, typing in the password once her profile was shown and while she waited for her desktop screen to pop up, she flipped through her notebooks and scanned the pages to find the important quotes she thought were crucial to writing her essay on Shakespeare’s works. Zipping her pencil case open, she grabbed a blue pen and sticky notes, writing down little notes in point form and stuck them onto the sides of the page so that when the notebook was closed, the writing on the note was sticking out. Once her laptop was showing her desktop, she pulled up Microsoft Word and made little lists of quotes for each literary work and their explanations.

Macbeth, she typed, underlining the title and put colons after it, then pressed enter as she quickly flipped through her horribly written and rushed handwriting to find the quote: “There is no art / To find the mind’s construction / in the face” (1.27.11-14)

Another sip of coffee was needed as she let out another sigh. Half of her wanted to shut off the computer, put her notes in her bag and sleep, but the more moral part of her spoke and reminded her of her goals - finishing University with an English Major and Communications and Technology minor. “I’m starting to think the freshman version of me was trying to murder my junior version of me,” She muttered to herself, glancing over to her opened notebook and typing in the quote onto the document she had made. “Because taking both a major and minor is killing my entire soul.”

As she was typing, a comic book caught her eye from a couple tables away. Pausing from her work, she raised her head a little to glance at the title of the comic and tilted her head. I thought all students were supposed to be studying, she thought and shook her head, resuming her work. Her typing was once again silenced as she heard a muffled laugh from the comic-book-reading person tables away from her. The sound of their laugh rang in her ears, making her look up once again and saw a tuft of coffee brown dark hair poking out of the top of the comic book.

She shook her head and tried to pull her focus back onto her laptop, but nothing worked. Her eyes seemed glued to the comic-book-reading person. Even though she couldn’t see much, granted the comic book seemed to be blocking the person’s face, much to her displeasure and pleasure at the same time. She pushed herself off the chair a little bit, wanting to get a clear shot of his face but the sound of her chair moving back startled her a bit and she sat back down quickly, not wanting to get caught.

Yet another muffled laugh was heard from the person, interrupting her studying, though, she huffed and shook her head, not wanted to distract herself once again. She took a deep breath and took a gulp of coffee, ready to resume work when the person, who she now recognized as a boy, put down the comic book and stood up, probably going to fetch another one of the comic books he was reading. The girl stared in awestruck at the boy.

Well damn. She thought clearing her throat and directed her gaze back onto her laptop, cheeks burning red. He’s pretty cute

Well, there goes her concentration. Right out the door. Perfect.

The boy came back minuets later, thank the gods, but to her demise, she couldn’t focus on the study material in front of her. Glancing up from her laptop, her eyes clashed with the boys eyes.

For a fraction of a second, time seemed to stop.

Great. I just blew it.

The boy in front of her, few tables down, chuckled. Her cheeks heated up as she slowly shrunk down, her eyes focusing intently on the keyboard in front of her to the point the letters seemed to blur together.

She, even though she couldn’t see him, felt his gaze on her. It made her heart beat quicken and her cheeks turn darker than it already is - if humanly possible.

A chair being pushed back was heard - or maybe that was her heart pounding out of her chest - and the sound of footsteps were heard walking close to her before turning around and going back to his seat perhaps?

Though, the sound of a chair moving forward didn’t reach her ears? So does that mean he left?

She didn’t dare look up until her heart calmed down, just in case.

And when she did, she was greeted with a sticky note attached to her notebook.

I caught you staring. Though, you weren’t the only one stealing glances.
The name’s Jungkook. We should hang out some time
! An arrow was pointing to the other side of the note. Flipping the note around to the sticky side, she saw a number and a small smiley face.

Beautiful, she thought pushing her laptop away from her and sighed. Now I can’t focus.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed! I found this cute prompt and was like I have to do this!!! I did a College / University AU! considering next year, that’s where I’ll be headed! I’m a Senior in Highschool this year! Wish me luck!


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I think people are leaking stuff because other fans are like begging because we've virtually been left in the dark and are bored. I think if she released a new song right now or soon that would subside the craziness of others wanting leaks.

or we could find alternate sources of entertainment and trust in taylor as we wait patiently for whatever she has planned next! just a thought.

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Oh gosh, I almost forgot how much I love the bodyswap soulmate au, but that last installment left me desperate to know what happens next.

Every so often I remember that I’ve got some rather young followers, so I feel the need to add a disclaimer: don’t do… like any of this. Juno’s actively self-destructive and Peter’s got a barely-functioning moral compass, and they’re both fictional.

Bodyswap Soulmate AU | Part 2 | Part 3

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who's down for me making a seventeen au blog

i really want to bc i’m so soft for au’s

it would be bulletpointed and all lowercase and all the titles would be word!member because i like that lol

Spot the real POT (Part III):  How a real POT handles the “allowance talk”

This is the last in my “Spot the real POT” series and it deals with the all-important “allowance talk”.  The purpose of this series was to help you identify the “real deal”; guys who are legitimate POTs because they are worthy of your attention, focus and time.

The first, Spot the real POT:  Things to look for that will tell you that he is for real! dealt with the initial contact from a POT.  The second, Spot the real POT (Part II):  How a real POT handles the “meet and greet” dealt with the initial meeting with the POT.

The purpose of this post is to give you the cues and signs that will tell you that a POT is approaching the allowance talk in good faith and good intentions. And, in many respects, these cues and signs are the same whether the allowance range you are discussing is a $1,200 per month allowance (or $300/meet) or a $5,000 per month allowance or more.  Given all the different types and finances of POTs and the varied ranges of your financial expectations, it simply is not possible to use the final negotiated allowance or proposed allowance range to determine whether or not a POT is legitimate, so I will not address that as a factor.  In other words, your needs and expectations drive the allowance talk, at least in part, and focusing on the amount being offered does not really help to determine, in a general way, whether a POT is legitimate.  And, when you think about it, such an analysis is not really necessary; after all, if your range is $3,000 or more and he sticks at $1,200, you are going to know what to do!  Instead, I will focus on the other cues and signs to watch for and are applicable without regard to how fat his wallet is.

Now, the timing of the allowance talk is critical in one respect:  it must take place before he receives the full benefit of your companionship!  There is nothing wrong with going on a couple “platonic” dates to hammer out the details if the guy or you likes to negotiate that way, but, if you find yourself in his room with your bra off and his hands on your “girls”, lol, but there is no money yet in your purse, you have done something wrong!  In this respect, it is vitally important that you read, understand and follow:  And now, the envelope please! or Get the money off him before he gets the clothes off you! That post is a good “lead in” to what I discuss below!

The allowance talk can take place via text/message, telephone or in person. Each mode has its advantages and disadvantages, and is a matter of personal choice.

The allowance talk

  • I’m putting the most important thing first:  The allowance talk should happen soon after the initial contact.  My personal preference is to discuss it right after the initial contact with a SB, even before our meet and greet. I will tell her what I have in mind, and, if she is agreeable, I then schedule the meet and greet.  I don’t like going into a meet and greet “blind” on this issue because if her expectations far exceed my budget, I don’t want to waste her time or mine. 

  • He should bring the subject up himself, and, if he doesn’t make sure that you do! The way to spot a real POT is based, in large measure, how long it takes for the subject of allowance to be raised and how seriously it gets discussed after it has been raised. If you find yourself in an endless cycle of text messages, skype calls, or even dates and he has not yet broached the subject, he ain’t the real deal. 

  • He will be willing to engage you in the discussion.  He will not make you feel bad or awkward about it.  He will not dance away from the subject.  He will not grill you about what he is “going to get” in exchange for the allowance. 

  • The discussion will be professional and courteous.  He will treat it as a business negotiation:  direct, to the point and without going into extraneous topics.  In other words, a legit POT does not feel the need to discuss, in graphic and/or juvenile detail, the sexual component of the arrangement in connection with the allowance talk. 

  • If he gave you a sense of his range in the initial messages or if he listed a “Lifestyle Budget” on his profile, he will not “cut it in half” when you meet.  To do so is bad faith and a legitimate POT will not engage in that nonsense.

  • I don’t understand the POTs who start their negotiations with a rather wide range; i.e., the ones that say, “I’m willing to spend between $3k to $6k per month.”  To me, that is a red flag, and signals that he really is not serious.  I mean, no business person negotiates that way in a professional setting!  A real POT will give you a number, not a range and will negotiate from that point. 

  • He will try to find a reasonable compromise with you if your request is higher than his initial offer. Again, he will be straightforward and direct, he will not try to make you feel bad, guilty or treat you as if you are being “money hungry” or “gold digging”.  In fact, if he injects those notions into your negotiations, he is a faker and you may as well bail because your discussions will go no where!

  • If you cannot quite reach a mutually acceptable figure, he will entertain alternative ways of approaching the arrangement that is within his budget.  In other words, he may be willing to see you less frequently per month for the amount of money he had in mind to spend.

  • He may be a tough negotiator; maybe that’s in his blood, but he will always be respectful while he tries to drive a good bargain.  And, he will allow you to do the same!  Some guys, especially those with more “discretionary spending power” actually enjoy a spirited “give and take” when it comes to negotiating the allowance, so, if you find yourself in that situation, don’t get frustrated; roll with it! Now, a guy is “real firm” on $250 per meet does not fall into this category, lol, I’m talking about the guys who are willing to pay more than $3,000 per month.  

Thoughts about the “opening move”

I want to address a couple other aspects of the “allowance talk”, and that is, who should be the first to suggest a number and what number you should start with.  There are two different schools of thought on this subject.  Some SBs are adamant that you should let him make the first offer and then automatically respond with something significantly higher than that.  Other SBs believe that you should make the first move.  

There is no right way or wrong way to do it, but I look at this way:  before you start talking to a POT, I think you should have made an assessment about what your time and companionship is worth, and you can base that on any number of factors, including, of course, your financial need, including bills and other expenses that you must pay month to month. Once you have made a reasonable decision on what a good allowance is for you, go with that, and don’t worry that “may be selling yourself short” if you encounter a “whale” or trying to strike too hard of a bargain if you end up dealing with a gent of more modest means!

Now, obviously, you can’t start with that number, because a negotiated allowance is always a product of compromise, so you need to start higher and work from there!  If you negotiate an allowance with him that you are satisfied with, by definition, you have succeeded and did not sell yourself short! I know there is so much posted on tumblr about trying to tag a SD based on his “wealth”, “harpooning the whale”, so to speak. I think that’s bullshit. Rather, you have to figure out what your time and companionship is worth and go from there. If he accepts the offer, then great! Who cares if he would have paid more, and who cares if he wanted to pay less!

Further, this approach eliminates the whole conundrum about “who should make the first move”.  After all, if he says to you, “hey, sugar, what are you looking for”, you don’t want want to appear evasive, silly and equivocal by saying, “oh, no, Mr. Clever POT man, you gotta make the first move”.  lol  And, such an exchange gets only sillier if he insists that you go first, but you insist that he goes first!  How childish! 

If you have a solid starting point in your own mind, you will look much more confident and in control if you just let that number fly, instead of playing games with him about who has to go first!

As time goes on, if you think that you “underbid”, you can always ask for more! And, the secret to “asking for more” is by foreshadowing that request during the allowance talk itself!  In other words, once he forces you down from your opening number and before you accept his “last, best and final offer”, let him know that you reserve the right to re-open the negotiations in a couple of months.  I discuss that in more detail here: what’s the best way to get an increase in your allowance after seeing an SD for some time

And, if you’re rocking his world, he will be all too happy to pony it up!

Tbh, I thought Jessica and Tiffany were close friends to begin with. Sure, they had their differences but most polar-opposite friendships do. I can see Tiffany initially understanding Jessica’s dream to pursue an alternative/add-on to entertainment; however, ultimately ousted her out because GG had always been her dream. Think about it: Tiffany had always dreamed of pursuing singing at pre-determined, even outweighing Jessica’s 7 year training period. I think Tiffany took it for the good of GG

It’s up to you, if you want to ask

Ive been trying to revive my minor, largely unnoticed tradition of Saturday Night Open Ask. But I already had an unplanned, impromptu Thursday afternoon version.So this is probably pointless. Nevertheless..


Now until Midnight central (American time.) I’ll take any question about anything, any topic any interest. If I have no actual answer to the question, I’ll hopefully provide an amusing and entertaining alternative. I’m reconstructing a functional framework for my perceptual existence, so tradition is always a good start.


Ask away. Or not. You’re the one in control.
Lithium - Nirvana (Cover by Bethany Neville)
New Cover! Lithium by Nirvana! More covers, originals and vlogs soon! Facebook- Twitter- @bethyneville Tumblr- bethyneville....

New cover! Lithium by Nirvana! One of my favourite bands!

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Hunk could recognize a fraunhoffer line for an element that didn't exist on Earth. Headcanon that he memorized the chemical composition of everyday things for fun as a kid.

Headcanon signed, sealed and accepted!

I’m sure his parents had to get very creative to keep him entertained (and alternately, ended up learning more about chemicals than they ever wanted to know).

For Your Entertainment [Alternately: Smuts and Stuff] (Jikook)

The title, I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. High five if you know what I’m referencing.

First fic for BTS Kink Bingo hayo! As always, please enjoy!

Warnings: Smut (PWP), praise kink

Some days are good and some days are bad. Jimin learned this very early on in his trainee days, but that doesn’t stop him from obsessing over the small details of his day. He flops down on his bed face first into the pillow. The day’s practice flashes through his mind. His lines need to be sharper, he needs to hit his finishes harder, and his arms, oh God his arms. They were just awkward. Why is he even a dancer? Jimin lets his thoughts spiral deeper into the dark until something heavy falls against his back. He doesn’t even have to lift his head to be able to tell that the body on top of him is Jeongguk.

“What do you want?” His voice his muffled by the pillows.

“Your doing it again.” Jeongguk mumbles in his ear. His voice rumbles deep and Jimin holds back a shiver.

“Doing what?” Jeongguk sits up, straddling Jimin’s legs and starts kneading in between his shoulders.  

“You’re going over everything you supposedly "did wrong” today. It’s not good for you.“ Jimin lets out a frustrated groan as Jeongguk moves down his back.

"I was a mess today.” Jeongguk pinches at Jimin’s back and Jimin jumps.

“Hyung it was our first day of learning a new dance. We all looked like messes.” Hands continue up Jimin’s back and Jeongguk hits a particularly tense spot, causing Jimin to moan and arch his back. Jeongguk smirks.

“You were actually sort of amazing today you know? You picked up the steps even before Hobi hyung did.” Jimin moans softly again, and it takes Jeongguk a second to realize that his hands had stopped on Jimin’s back. He raises an eyebrow curiously and slowly leans forward, closer to Jimin’s ear, careful to keep his hands still on Jimin’s back.  

“It’s seriously awesome how fast you picked the dance up.” And there. He can feel Jimin tremble slightly beneath him. Leaning back up, Jeongguk scoffs lightly.

“What?” Jimin calls out weakly. Jeongguk shakes his head before realizing Jimin can’t see him.

“Nothing. I’m just a bit jealous I guess. You’re really good Jimin hyung.” Jeongguk slides his thumbs up Jimin’s back and smirks when he feels another shiver. He curls his fingers as he would over piano keys and runs them back down Jimin’s back. Leaning forward, he presses his lips to the shell of Jimin’s ear and slips his hands under Jimin’s shirt, running the pads of his fingertips over Jimin’s heated skin.

Amazing hyung.” Jeongguk whispers and bites his lip when Jimin shudders wildly underneath him.

“Jeongguk, how…” Jimin whimpers. Jeongguk bunches Jimin’s shirt up under his arms but Jimin won’t let him pull it off.

“Jiminie hyung I want to see you.” Jeongguk whines and pouts exaggeratedly. He slides sideways off of Jimin and hauls Jimin up into a sitting position. Jeongguk’s eyes widen as he takes in the sight of a flushed and panting Jimin. He refuses to look at Jeongguk, his eyes scrunched tight. Mesmerized, Jeongguk traces the red on Jimin’s cheek.

“Hyung, I want to see you.” He repeats in a soft voice. Jimin opens his eyes slowly.

“I-I’m not…I look-”

“Beautiful. You look beautiful.” Jeongguk whispers and Jimin tenses, his muscles rigid. He frowns but his cheeks are even more inflamed.

“You’re going to use this against me.” Jimin whines but Jeongguk just blinks innocently.

“I’m just telling you the truth.” He laughs lightly as Jimin scoffs but Jimin lets him take hold of the t-shirt and pull it over his head. Placing a hand on Jimin’s chest, Jeongguk pushes him back down on the bed and straddles him again.

“You’re abs are gone sure, but that doesn’t make you any less gorgeous.” Jimin groans and throws an arm over his eyes. His mental capacity shrinks the longer Jeongguk’s hands are on him and he only comes to when Jeongguk tugs at the elastic of his boxers and asks him something.

“Huh?” He asks intelligently. Jeongguk rolls his eyes but smiles cheekily at him.

“Can I take these off?” He repeats. Jimin stares at him until he frowns.

“Hyung, we can stop if you want.” Jimin shakes his head frantically.

“No, please! I want…I want you to.” Jeongguk smiles and nods, dragging the boxers down Jimin’s thighs and flinging them across the room. He leaves small kisses on Jimin’s chest as he inches back up, fingerips grazing Jimin’s already half-hard cock as he passes. Jimin hisses. Chuckling, Jeongguk hovers over Jimin until his eyes focus, and he blinks.

“Since when were you naked?” Jeongguk snorts and taps Jimin’s chin.

“Where in the world have you been hyung?”  

“On another plane of existence in which this is actually happening.” Jeongguk chuckles and moves forward until their lips are only centimeters apart.

“You’re always helping me hyung, and lifting me up when I’m down. I just want to make you feel good like you make me feel good.” Jimin’s eyes sparkle and his mouth falls open in a silent moan. Jeongguk closes the distance between them and kisses him hard. His hand squeezes at Jimin’s waist and Jimin’s hips jump up. Breaking away from Jimin’s mouth, Jeongguk trails wet kisses down his neck to his collarbone.  

“You’re so good to me hyung…so good.” Jimin’s hips buck again and this time Jeongguk holds them down with his own and Jimin cries out. Jimin runs his hands up Jeongguk’s back. One stays while one moves to curl in Jeongguk’s hair. Jimin tugs slightly and Jeongguk moves back up to his mouth, moaning. Jimin’s lips are like fire, hot to the touch and addicting. Jeongguk breaks away, only to rifle through the drawer in the bedside table. He moves back over Jimin, bottle of lube and condom in hand.

“Jimin hyung, I want to ride you. Can I?” Jimin groans and nods, eyes rolling up to the ceiling.

“How do you say that like you’re talking about the weather?” Jeongguk giggles and uncaps the lube, squeezing a generous amount into his hand, rubbing his fingers together to warm it up. Jimin’s eyes follow his fingers until they close when he lifts up onto his knees.  

“Hyung, please watch me. I want-ah-you to watch.” Jeongguk moans as he slips one finger in himself. Jimin opens his eyes and watches Jeongguk fuck himself on one, then two fingers. As Jeongguk slips in the third he throws his head back and he and Jimin both groan. Jimin’s hands grip his waist and Jeongguk slams down on his fingers hard, moaning when he brushes his prostate.

Jeongguk. Jeongguk I need…” Jeongguk nods and slows, pulling his fingers out. Jimin stretches a hand up to brush Jeongguk’s sweaty bangs out of his eyes.

“You’ve been so patient Jimin hyung. You’re gonna make me feel so good.” Jeongguk whispers and turns his head to kiss the inside of Jimin’s wrist. Jimin’s hand drops and he grips the sheets with tight fists as the complement makes him shudder. Jeongguk grabs the condom and rips it open, rolling it over Jimin’s hard cock in a matter of seconds.  

“Ready hyung?” Jeongguk asks. Jimin nods and cants his hips slightly, moaning as Jeongguk sinks down on him easily. Jeongguk growls as Jimin’s voice shoots up several octaves into a squeak, and he lifts his hips, only to slam himself back down.  

“You feel so good hyung. So good, I-fuck!” Jeongguk pants as he starts a steady pace, up, down, up, down. Jimin grips Jeongguk’s hips tightly, fingernails digging into his skin.  

Jeongguk.” The way Jimin speaks his name has Jeongguk’s pace stuttering, and Jimin uses that to flip them over until he has Jeongguk on his back. He thrusts back into Jeongguk and Jeongguk throws a leg over Jimin’s back.

“So-ah-so amazing hyung. You feel s-Jimin-sososo good.” Jimin picks up the pace, simultaneously curling his fingers around Jeongguk’s bouncing cock and tugging in time with his thrusts. Jeongguk arches his back and his chest meets Jimin’s. Hands untangle from sheets and Jeongguk cups Jimin’s face in his hands, pulling him down for a kiss sweeter than any other they had shared tonight.

Stunning, beautiful, amazing hyung. Come for me.” Jeongguk pants and Jimin buries his face in Jeongguk’s neck, whimpering. His hips stutter to a stop and Jeongguk groans as he follows Jimin over the edge. They lay still for a while, unable to move, their erratic breathes echoing in the otherwise silent room. Jimin shakes unsteadily as he pulls out and moves off of Jeongguk, collapsing at his side. Peaking one eye open, Jeongguk hears the condom hit the trash can but he doesn’t look away from Jimin.

“Feel better hyung?” Jimin doesn’t speak but Jeongguk can see the smile threatening to raise Jimin’s lips. He curls into Jimin’s side, not caring about the mess he’s making. Raising a hand Jeongguk picks at Jimin’s sweaty bangs, moving them off his forehead.

“Pretty hyung.” Jeongguk whispers and Jimin groans, playfully shoving Jeongguk’s hands away.

“Jeongguk please. I can’t even move yet.” Jeongguk chuckles and snuggles closer to Jimin, laying his head on Jimin’s chest. His eyes grow heavy and the energy to move suddenly leaves him. He thinks he hears a feint “Thank you Kookie” before sleep starts to overtake him.  

“You’re welcome hyung.” He wants to say, but it only comes out as mumbles. Jimin rests an arm around Jeongguk and runs his fingers down his back, nuzzling into Jeongguk’s hair.

“Sleep Kookie.” He murmurs, and falls into peaceful darkness himself.