Cynthia Lee Fontaine Confirmed as the 14th Queen!!!

In the new trailer someone noticed that the hat on the far left

is the same one worn by Cynthia on one of her Instagram posts

Seriously my friends… Black Mirror episode “San Junipero” (se04 ep03) made my wlw heart explode with joy. Lesbian and Bi women represented and portrayed so beautifully. It was a tasty, tasty treat after a long period of “let’s kill all the happy wlw characters and also bisexuality doesn’t exist” in recent media.

I loved the 80′s atmosphere and I loved the fact that it was a “watch this episode two times and on the 2nd time you’ll understand everything better and go OHHHH” kind of an episode.

Black Mirror episodes are “stand-alone” episodes so you don’t need to watch the whole series to get this episode - just go watch this one. That is my sexuality. That is my aesthetics. That is my kind of love story. That is my heart melting.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V 132: The Peerless Entertainer

Alternate titles:

  • EDO AND KAITO ARE STILL ALIVE (subtitle: thank you writers for making that so clear)
  • The Banana Son is No More (rip)
  • The Dimensional Counterpart Hunger Games is Down to Two Competitors
  • In Which Reira Almost Beats Reiji in Card Games
  • Yuuri Beats Up an Old Man with His Powers
  • Sakaki Yusho Still Acknowledges Sakaki Yuya as His Son so fuck u zarc (subtitle: Yuuri is not impressed)
  • Asuka Gets (Rightfully) Mentioned for the First Time in Ages 
  • Yusho’s Ace Monster Confirmed a Magician (Atem and Yugi would be proud)
  • Mysterious Spotlights Appearing Out of Nowhere, “Ladies and Gentlemen!”, and “The Fun is Just Beginning!”: Where Yuya Got It From
  • Sakaki Yusho Being an Illegally Attractive Old Man: the episode
  • Reiji Egao Appears For the First Time in 32 Episodes because SAKAKI YUSHO Y’ALL
  • Yusho Jumps Off His Ace Monster with His Injured Leg and is Somehow Okay and More Magic Acts (subtitle: or is it the power of egao?)
  • Yuya Literally Being Proud of His Dad Every Five Seconds

JongTae AU – City of Sins

In a city where angels are overthrown by devils with ugly minds and beautiful faces, two souls that are no saints fell in to each other. Nothing like tornado or volcano can play the role of their chaos. Nothing like Romeo or Juliet could come close mimicking their love. The forbidden bond told in the same old tales and songs kindled like wild fire every time their lips touched. 

This is a tale of their own, a tale that stirs the anger of the gods above. 

This is a story about love.

Alternate universe inspired by fanfiction “The Walled City” by RickedFanfics.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V 133: A Dazzling Entertainment Show

Alternate Titles:

  • “Bet you didn’t think Crow Hogan getting carded was foreshadowing for Sakaki Yusho getting carded” a novel by the writers
  • Sequel: “Also bet you didn’t think Yuto being absorbed by Yuya was foreshadowing for Sakaki Yusho getting carded”
  • Yuuri: 5 You Show Duel School: 0
  • Yuya thinks of his childhood to distract from the pain to come
  • “We love electrocution” - Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • “Why you shouldn’t say “Otanoshimi wa kore kara da” more than once per duel” a memoir by Sakaki Yusho
  • #decksoutforRin
  • Ono Kensho Talks to Himself the Episode: Part 1
  • Yuuri Synchro Summons and Other Unbelievable Shit
  • “How to Piss Off Your Counterpart to Get Him to Duel You So You Can Become One” a trilogy in progress by Yuuri

Hana: Thanks Mom… Why is everyone staring at me?

Fareeha: You just called Angela “Mom”. You said, “Thanks, Mom.”

Hana: What? No, I didn’t.

Angela: Do you see me as a mother figure, D.Va?

Hana: No, if anything I see you as a bother figure, cuz you’re always bothering me.

Reinhardt: Hey! Show your mother some respect!


Sza - Sobriety

What would my mother say? She want me to be married
And happy and whole not high and alone…