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Every Day Hero AU for BNHA where there are no quirks and these kids grow up to be adults that still very much care about saving people around them!!!

probably around their mid 20′s to early 30′s here, where Izuku is a drop out of police academy and is a trainee firefighter, Shoto leaves the police station to follow his dream career in the fire brigade, and Bakugou leads a rock band after duty hours and now keeps his temper with Izuku at bay (kind of), lmao

planning to draw more for this AU (if u guys like it???) so expect the rest of Class 1A as adults and some comics as well!!! >:^)))


Alternative responses to “I love you”: Stranger Things teens edition


Day #23: Mirror mirror

@willthefakeslimshadyplssitdown there you go! Took me a loooong time to do this prompt but here it is! (Their prompt was “mirror mirror” in case you couldn’t tell)

@dailyssaudoodles hey mum I drew something