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problems with being a multi-shipper:

I lied, there are no problems, it’s great. I go around like ‘oh, I’ll have this one, and this one, let’s not forget this one! Oh this one’s interesting, and I gotta try this one out! Oh here’s one I’ve never tried before, sure, why not?’ As I add all the ships to my fandom shopping trolley.

As people like to say, hindsight is 20/20, but fortunately for our content ears, we picked up on Brooklyn by way of Australia’s Tamper very early on and have been enjoying their music for quite some time. The duo are back with two new gems to follow up on their excellent 2016 EP, Bought and Sold. Hindsight is a moody skittering, dark slinking alt/electronic piece. The hypnotic brooding, dynamic flickering track is accompanied by a meditatively entrancing cut named Wisdom & Science, which you can stream below. These textured new tracks are densely haunting, to say the least. Tamper plans on releasing much more music soon. 

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in the heights au where everything is the same except nina doesn't speak spanish
  • Benny: Well how do you say kiss me
  • Nina: I don't know
  • Benny: And how do you say always?
  • Nina: Why are you asking me?
  • Benny: How do you say promise me?
  • Nina: Ask Usnavi!
  • Benny: Ask Usnavi!
  • Nina: wAIT BENNY NO