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The search for a new Rebel base location turns sour when the Millenium Falcon takes a detour to Lehon.
Han is antsy, Chewie is concerned, Luke has a Bad Feeling, and Leia is thinking those bones in the caves were left behind by something.
But cave monsters really aren’t the only thing they should be worried about.

(Well, I said I’d try to move it over to AO3 tonight, and so I have! Also, I now know how to add images to my chapters.)


It’s Star Wars celebration this weekend! Posting these alternative movie posters all at once. 

All Prints available:

A New Hope

The Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi

The Force Awakens

Rogue One

The Last Jedi


Alternative movie posters


Happy Mother’s Day!

Transformers Antagonists
  • G1: The original Megatron. Turns into a portable gun.
  • G2: Original Megatron with a sensible alt-mode and insensible color-scheme.
  • Marvel: Rotating cast of bad-guys.
  • Headmasters: A scorpion's head.
  • Masterforce: The Black Repaint of that scorpion.
  • Victory: The Dinosaur of Death who's also a Kaiju. His boobs are alive.
  • Zone: Cancellation.
  • Kiss Players: The evils within the hearts of humanity. Also Ecchi.
  • Beast Wars: Dinosaur Megatron who says "Yes" a lot.
  • Beast Machines: Dragon Megatron who doesn't say "Yes" enough.
  • Beast Wars II: Galvatron? Unicron?
  • Beast Wars Neo: "Magma"tron.
  • RID: The Megatron who turned into a giant hand.
  • Armada: Antler Megatron.
  • Energon: Boredom.
  • Cybertron: The most powerful incarnation of Megatron.
  • Dreamwave: Shitty business practices.
  • Animated: Helicopter Megatron.
  • War for Cybertron: D-16.
  • Fall of Cybertron: The smear on Metroplex's fist.
  • Rise of the Dark Spark: Disappointment.
  • Shattered Glass: Evil Optimus Prime and Rodimus's evil Spock Goatee.
  • Prime: OG Megatron returns.
  • Alternity: Quality Control.
  • RID-2015: Furry Bait.
  • Bayverse: If there was a giant Transformers-sized motorcycle for the Transformers to ride in this universe then Megatron would consistently ride bitch to all the other villains.
  • Combiner Wars: Needed more Megatron
  • IDW: The complex multifaceted issues in a society. Also Shockwave, he did most of this shit.

Howl’s moving castle AU

I had a dream of this and it was perfect and I had to draw this AND

Is there someone who would be interested in writing some Kylo’s moving castle AU? Please I need to read it 

Photograph of KV-5 prototype “Победа” shortly before it tipped over and exploded during pre-production trials, 1943. After the German seizure of Leningrad and subsequent two-pronged advance toward Moscow, Soviet industry went into overdrive, creating increasingly bizarre stopgaps as supplies of raw materials began to dry up.

The KV-5 was one of these. Intended to be a mobile artillery battery, it instead proved to be a massive failure. The first prototype, shown here, fell over during maneuver testing. Poor design of the ammunition storage racks caused the vehicle to explode, killing the crew as well as the photographer.

The second KV-5, “Родина” survived maneuver testing, but the recoil of the upper main guns broke the turret in half during weapons testing. By that time, 50 KV-5s had already been produced. Most saw success, laid on their sides, as roadblocks during the 1945 Battle of Moscow.


In another realm, far far away…

ALRIGHT SO @lucidlucy your fanfiction is really inspiring so yeah here it goes! The throne room, from Aegis (In This World Or Any Other)