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Will the upcoming Reflekta episode FINALLY bring us some fresh new Ladynoir fluff for our first Miraculous Valentine’s Day and/or...could it possibly bring back Felix as well?

Now as I said last week, @Ladybug_Cartoon on Twitter shared information that revealed the synopises for two future episodes of Miraculous. The first one was about the Puppeteer episode with Manon which was last week’s episode. The second one was all about the Reflekta episode which I believe will be this week’s episode which will also ceremoniously fall on Valentine’s Day.

Now while there hasn’t been any official teaser for the episode just yet, I still wanted to share my usual thoughts, opinions and of course expectations for what I would like/hope to see.

Let’s talk Miraculous!

The thing that struck me the most about the Reflekta episode is that the synopsis stated that Reflekta will possess the ability to create an alternate reality where everyone and everything will be remade in her image. One of the things mentioned to be remade was Chat Noir? A ‘Chat Noir in her image’ was what the synopsis said.

This immediately got me excited for this episode. Remember a long time ago I made a post about things I would like to see happen in the series? I’m thinking or at least hoping that the Reflekta episode will finally give me my wish.

One of the things I said I would’ve liked to see in the show was an episode where Ladybug was trapped in an alternate reality where she gets a different version of Chat Noir. Now while I don’t know how this alternate Chat Noir will appear in Reflekta’s universe, a part of me is hoping that it will be a version of him that will make Ladybug appreciate the version of Chat she has now.

One of my theories is, since the Reflekta episode will possibly bring us a different version of Chat Noir, wouldn’t it be interesting if the introduction of this different Chat Noir makes homage to Felix, the original name and design for Chat from the old 2D PV?

I mean most fans have practically been begging poor Hawkdaddy to find some way to bring back Felix in the 3D series. So what if…the Reflekta episode will be a nice, clever, creative way for the series to pay tribute and bring back  Felix, if not his actual character but his personality and somewhat his design?

What if…in Reflekta’s universe, Adrien/Chat Noir is like Felix. More aloof than the usual friendly and charming demeanour that fans have come to love from Adrien and most specifically of all, let’s say… in this alternate universe, Chat isn’t all that nice with Ladybug. I mean, he doesn’t hate her and want to destroy her (like we’ve seen in past episodes such as Dark Cupid) but just doesn’t honestly care for her at all. What if…Reflekta’s version of Chat treats Ladybug the same way that Felix used to treat 2D PV Marinette—cold and completely dismissive of her attempts to chum up to him, which is the exact opposite of how the black cat of bad luck usually treats his fair ladybug.

So basically, what if…in Reflekta’s universe, Chat Noir is one big sour puss who has no romantic interest in Ladybug whatsoever and on top of that, ignores her and treats her terribly because she legitimately means nothing to him. This would then completely contrast the behaviour of Ladybug’s Chat Noir who is usually very kind and sweet to her even if he does have a tendency to go overboard with his flirtatious ways because to him, she is his whole world.

I like this idea because if it were to happen, not only will the Felix fans finally get the satisfaction of seeing a version of him in the 3D series (even if it will technically still be Adrien) and can finally stop bugging poor Hawkdaddy about it (seriously, the man even addressed this matter in the FAQ on his blog and he sounded kind of annoyed with it too) but additionally, it will be a nice opportunity for the show to highlight how much Chat Noir means to Ladybug. It would be a good chance to show how much she appreciates him not just for his powers or what he can do for her, but how much she, Ladybug, likes Chat for who he is. We all know that Adrien/Chat Noir is somewhat self conscious about himself so it would be sweet to see and hear Ladybug tell him to his face how much she likes him for HIM.

I have wanted something like this to happen in the show for sooo long and I’m hoping to possibly see it in this week’s new episode.

We all know how much Ladybug means to Chat because of his undying love for her. We’ve seen Chat express this countless of times in the show based on the number of times he’s selflessly saved Ladybug from impending doom (eg. Timebreaker and Dark Cupid episodes) however up until this point, there hasn’t been anything much to convince me that Ladybug really appreciates Chat too.

Sure there was that one moment in Antibug where she stated that she and Chat Noir are a team and if an akuma wants to fight her then they’ll have to fight him as well. Yeah, sure we got that. But is it wrong that I want and need more than that.

I don’t just want Ladybug to say she and Chat are a team, I want her to say that she sincerely appreciates Chat Noir for who he is. That if she had a chance to have a different Chat Noir as her partner (which she would in Reflekta), she wouldn’t trade him for the world because she likes this Chat Noir best. Her Chat Noir.

And I don’t want it to be some snarky, smartass, sarcastic remark either. NO! I want it to be a sincere, from the bottom of her ladybugging bugaboo heart, looking him dead in them beautiful cinnamon toast kitty cat green eyes of his, may even toss in a little brief moment of passion where they both kind of lean in to almost look like they’re gonna kiss, kind of remark, okay.

As a miraculer, I know that in spite of all the sass that she gives him in response to his flirts, Ladybug appreciates Chat Noir for all that he does for her. I just want her to SAY it MORE, in actual words on the show so that I can screencap it, Photoshop it and then point to it and go whoop there it is. More than that, I WANT TO SEE CHAT’S REACTION to Ladybug saying that she likes HIM for who he is.

I want it because of REASONS.

I want her to call him, her Chat Noir dammit. We’ve heard Chat called Ladybug, ‘his lady’ so can we please, PLEASE get a parallel where she calls him ‘her Chat Noir’ in return.

Pleassse! I know everyone is praying that the Reflekta episode will bring us another fluffy moment (and I’ll talk about that too in a minute) because it’s Valentine’s Day and all but…just in case we get no fluff, can fans at least get that! PLEASE!

Now let’s talk about the fluff. Since the Reflekta episode falls on Valentine’s Day, there is only one thing the fandom is expecting from a Miraculous episode which falls on V-Day. Another KISS! Whether they voice it or not, everyone is hoping for another kissing moment to happen.

Now WinnyGZ dropped some info in a past tweet that promised us several kisses this season. Now whether or not the kisses applied strictly to our main heroic couple is unconfirmed but regardless, the bottom line was we were promised some snogging moments. Well we got one. Now where’s the rest of it?

We only got 6 more episodes before the last 2 origin episodes. Can we at least get another kiss before this season concludes please? If it’s not too much.

Now the last time an episode of Miraculous had anything to do with Valentine’s Day, we got a kiss. Last time, it was the episode about Valentine’s Day that brought us the infamous very first Ladynoir kiss of the series. So will an episode that happens to fall on Valentine’s Day bring us another kiss as well? Dunno. All I do know is that I seriously would love to see it happen. Hawkdaddy, please make it happen for your miraculers.

I can’t keep reusing that same kiss gif from the Dark Cupid episode as the only evidence that our loveable Miraculous couple got intimate on screen.

I mean sure, that moment will always remain as a proud feat in Ladynoir shipping history but we need to move past that and prepare our kokoros for more internet shattering moments to come from the series.

Besides, that kiss is sooo last season. Literally.

We need some new content man! My internal Ladynoir harddrive is starved for new content for me to fangirl over and I’m sure I’m not the only miraculer who feels the same way. I don’t care about the premise behind another kiss or why it happens, just so long as it does happen especially in this upcoming new episode.

I’m telling you man. If we get another kiss in this Reflekta episode coupled with a touching moment where Ladybug says how much she likes Chat for who he is, then I’ll be more than just happy. You’ll have to talk to me from the moon because I’ll be sure to be over it if it happens.

Give us another kiss Hawkdaddy or at least, give us another internet shattering Ladynoir moment for our first Miraculous Valentine.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)