alternative valentine cards


Aromantic/Asexual/Alternative valentine cards!
I think maybe I’m gonna make this a tradition

For all those out there who feel left out when you see pretty and creative valentine cards, and wish there were some for you - even if you’d prefer to be alone, or just with a friend - I hope these help! They’re a bit wonky because I’m not programmed to make valentine cards, really, but people were so happy last year I made some new ones anyway.

if you actually wanna use them, feel free to do so in any way you want! whee

They paint her in dainty pinks
And delicate gold, her feet
Kissed by airy sea foam
Soft, and fragile, and wrong.

They cry on her wedding day
For fair Aphrodite is
Pledged to a cast-away god
They mutter their sympathies

They don’t understand that love
Can burn as hot as his forges
Bend like the bronze between
His strong hands, or fill your entire
Being like the clang of an anvil
Or the sweat-metal stench of Hard work

She is called Grave digger, the killer of men
She bears weapons and walks upon graves
This goddess who is an ally in war,
In striking pink and sturdy gold
She is anything but soft and fragile

When they speak of her, they forget
That love is rarely tame and quiet
Doe-eyed bashful glances
But bitter and angry and roaring
Inconvient and overwhelming
A goddess with a rose between her lips
And a knife tucked in her girdle

When they speak of her, they forget
That love is rarely the Eskimo kiss
Of sea foam lapping at your ankles.
But most often the storm churned
Waves that swallow you whole and
Threaten to pull you under

They paint her in washed out pastels
As they assume her infidelity, for to them
Love is fickle, changing with the winds.
Yet she smiles by her husband’s side
This goddess with a wicked smirk
But dove soft eyes.

After all

Love is never more encompassing,
More vibrant, more fearsome

Than when it catches you off guard.

—  On Aphrodite (All’s Fair in Love and War)

“I don’t care if I pass your test, I don’t care if I follow your rules. If you can cheat, so can I. I won’t let you beat me unfairly - I’ll beat you unfairly first.“

The Enemy’s Gate Is Down- A Rogue One/Ender’s Game AU (idea from @operaticspacetrash)

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They came for Jyn when she was not quite seven years old, which while young was still older than a lot of her peer group. They told her that they saw something in her, something that most children don’t have- the drive to fight to the last, until there’s no more fights to be had. Galen and Lyra were heartbroken to let her go, but the war was coming and the government needed all the help they could get.

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