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The American nation through economic and social collapse engendered the rise of the Imperial Americana. The new autocratic regime was welcomed with open arms from a people that was all too weary with a seemingly hopeless and bleak picture. Lest we forget what happened to all others that promised a return to glory. History is bound to repeat itself, we seem unwilling to learn from our mistakes.
Two Years To The Moon - GameCake - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Danny Mahealani, Original Dog Character(s), Allison Argent
Additional Tags: Alive Hale Family, Derek is not traumatised, Life is great, SO MUCH FLUFF, Fluff, coffee shop AU, inspired by writer’s life lol, author!derek, College Student Stiles, Alternate Universe, matchmaker!lydia - Freeform

It all started one fine afternoon at Stiles’s favorite coffee shop.

Sir Jacob Frye in AUs!

Hi, everyone! I have seen a bit of Jacob here and there in alternate universes and well, I actually have thought of Jacob as more than just an Assassin because his persona to me is so complex that I can visualize him in different scenarios so here goes my list of the worlds he would fit right in and who he can be if he weren’t the goofiest Assassin of all time!

-Jacob would be a super athletic Initiate who would check his phone ALL THE TIME and be the guy who can’t shut up. Having him and Shaun in the same room could you lead you to insanity…just saying.
-He would be the bravest of soldiers. The one to not leave anyone behind, sacrifice his life for his fellow companions, knock sense into the scared newbies, and that one soldier to say the most random thing in a serious conversation that would make everyone else laugh and make the tough situation of warfare a bit less difficult. Bonus: Could be either the sniper or the one that is sent to make sure the area is clear. He’ll have the aim and guts.
-Brrrrm, brrrrm, brrrrrrrm! Jacob would look stunning in a racing outfit with all them company logos and putting on that fancy helmet while racing and becoming the best driver out there. He will be the coolest dude and would have millions of fans!

Originally posted by macrazylive

-He could easily be a model for reasons I do not have to sit here and write about and would…I don’t know…model for Calvin Klein or Armani Exchange in an exclusive underwear ad. (Oh, sweet Cheesus…the thoughts!).
-You know…he would make a great ring leader! He has the voice, the personality, and the charisma and would he would look dazzling as he winks at the audience and smiles to everyone in the middle of the spotlight.
-He would be an important asset to the show The Office as being the official kid of the whole gang speaking his mind freely and always being clumsy and/or goofy. Will probably be a secretary or the one always inside the break room eating.
-I think he would make for a spectacular magician. With his dazzling looks, everyone will be too busy looking at him to notice what is going on in the show.
-Ah…the professor. The one that all girls will be flocking behind of and fight to be in his class of history or something related to medicine. And you know…he could have a romance with a one of his students but it would be discreet and he would be shy at first but then will accept you in his life and who knows! Perhaps you two might be for each other.
-Jacob would be the PERFECT VAMPIRE. Can you visualize it? No matter what kind of vampiric vision you have, he would be the most handsome of them, (sorry Edward, Stefan, and Damon), and should be the prototype vampire talked about by everyone.
-Hogwarts all the way through! If he were young enough to be a student he would definitely be either a Slytherin or a Gryffindor. But knowing him, he would probably fit better in Slytherin and that would be just fine. His favorite class would be DATDA and maybe would know a dark spell here and there.
-The Danny to a Sandy.

Originally posted by eightiess

-Jacob could become a deadly killer and avenge anyone who takes away someone very important from him and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.
-He could be the protagonist of the a movie where he has to learn his true destiny, messes up every single plan, maybe falls in love with that person helping him out half the time, and then finally does what he has to do. Pretty cliched, but he’ll do it Jacob Frye style.
-If he were to become a superhero…he would have the power of…seeing the future so he will be in a rush trying to stop tragedies from happening and would make for great comics. Perhaps in one of two failing and catastrophes occurring worldwide.
-He would be the sassy, cheeky criminal in an outfit made worthy of him and would kill for mere pleasure. Not Joker-style or anything like that, but he would be a great enemy to any hero.
-I would think Jacob would be a great boxer or a great football player. In either sport, he would show off how much of a beast he really is.
-Taken for granted he is nothing but a grown baby, I actually would enjoy to see him as part of the cast of Sesame Street. I mean…it would give me a good reason to wake up early for because I wouldn’t wanna miss him teaching us a new word in company of those silly puppets.

Originally posted by nostalgicgifs

-Who else votes Jacob Frye for President? I do!
-I don’t think anyone would beat Jacob at being a lawyer now that I think about it. Plus, that charming voice of his would be an advantage to him.
-Speaking of voices, he would be the best voice actor!
-And the Lord have mercy on me for saying this but…he would be a delicious stripper a professional dancer.
-But alas, no matter what alternate universe we might see him in, Sir Jacob will always fit best in being the cutest, most child-like Assassin we all have known and he’s doing his job just right, am I right? :D

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Well, I do hope you enjoyed reading this short list of AUs for Jacob! If you would like a second part, let me know in your replies! I had a lot of fun imagining Jacob in other worlds so I would love to expand on some more!
If you happened to be interested in any of these ideas for your own Jacob Frye AU stories, please give credit @lllmissfryelll for an exact idea. I love to make these not only for fun but to spark the imagination of any fellow writer so please mention me someplace in any future project of yours involving any of these AUs! Thank you everyone!

maeko28  asked:

Hello, can you do a headcanon of pop star Cardia just like the April fool's picture? Thank you very much ☺

This is Mod S! Got a double for this one. Can I be honest and say I am thrilled for this?! <3 But make sure to let us know if this needs anything at all. 

Also, thank you both for being so amazing. C: These requests made my day, and kind words do to. Thanks for supporting this blog!!

Let’s get into the Pop Star Cardia AU! 

Cardia: Cardia is a new breakout pop star, but her adorable singing voice, great dancing and cute face have quickly gained her popularity. She’s had a childhood dream of becoming a famous idol, and it’s finally a reality. Her most recent album is called Horologium, and the most popular song is “POISON ♥ SKIN”. The group of guys are all her fans, though some are closer to her because of their shared pasts…

Arséne Lupin: Lupin, along with Impey, have both been Cardia’s fans since she first started putting her name out there. They both are long time friends with Cardia, so it’s easy for the both of them to come to her shows. Lupin in particular has always supported Cardia’s dream, and even helped teach her a bit of dancing. So whenever Cardia uses some choreography that was inspired by him, he gets really excited. Lupin always tries to sneak back to see her, and it’s usually easy for him to slip by security. Cardia always saves him if he gets caught though. The two always practice dancing together, and the two are often mistaken as a couple in public. Some magazines even snap pictures and claims he has a mysterious boyfriend. Lupin eventually asks if he and Cardia can start dating, and she readily accepts. She’d been in love with him for a long time, and the more he worked to help her, the more her love grew. 

Abraham Van Helsing: Van is Cardia’s top manager. He’s incredibly supportive of her, but is definitely one of her biggest fans. He helps maintain her public image and protects her from scrutiny, and Cardia finds that she falls in love with him the more he swears he’ll make her happy and help her achieve her dreams. Cardia also discovers that while Van does promote her for her sake, he is also a huge fan of her music. He buys all her CDs, merch and has tons of it hung up in his home. Cardia is moved to tears by his devotion, and she starts getting the feeling that maybe they both feel the same. One day after a great concert, she confesses that she’s in love with him. Van feels bad because he does return the feelings, but just doesn’t want to ruin her public image. The two date in secret, and he swears that he will always make sure she shines and that he’ll never let anyone hurt her. 

Impey Barbicane: Impey, like Lupin, knew Cardia before she was famous. The two of them encouraged Cardia to pursue her dreams, and he’s her biggest fan alongside Lupin. In truth, it was Impey who first cultivated Cardia’s love of singing, as the two of them started singing together when they were younger (though Cardia is better at it than Impey). Cardia also supports Impey’s dream of being an engineer for NASA. Though while he’s in college, he still sometimes blows off his work to go to her concerts. Whenever Cardia feels bad, Impey sings to her, and it helps calm her down. After some time, Impey tells Cardia he loves her, and the two of them start dating. They’re careful not to be too obvious in public. Though Impey does slip up once, and the media has a field day with it. It doesn’t hurt Cardia’s career, though, and the two of them both work hard together to make each other happy. 

Victor Frankenstein: Victor is a huge fan of Cardia’s like Impey and Lupin, though Victor feels like Cardia noticing him would be just a pipe dream. When walking on the street one day, he saves a girl being harassed by some guys. He soon discovers that he actually saved the famous pop star Cardia Beckford. He’s so nervous that he just stutters and runs away. Cardia eventually finds him and asks if there’s anything she can do to repay him, and he simply asks if she can sign a couple of his things. Cardia’s not satisfied, so she gives him a ton of free stuff as well as a season pass to all her concerts. She spends the day with him and discovers he’s a med school student who wants to work with experimental pharmaceuticals. He wants to create medicine to help people. They spend a lot of time together, and both of them realize they have feelings for each other and start secretly dating. Victor always feels like he’s dreaming.

Saint Germain: Saint Germain is a mysterious fan of Cardia’s who always works to sell her merchandise. They’ve met on multiple occasions, and Cardia always finds that she’s curious to know more about this secretive man. Cardia discovers that he is the owner of her record label, and knew her alongside Impey and Lupin. He was the heir to the company and met Cardia through her family, and they were originally thinking of arranging a marriage between the two. Cardia is stunned to learn this, but Saint G tells her he ended it because he wanted Cardia to pursue her dreams, even though he admits he liked the idea of marrying her. Cardia is touched, and she and Saint Germain fall in love after the two of them get to know each other better. He and Cardia are able to meet often because of their positions, and their relationship isn’t discouraged because of their history. But he still moonlights as an average fan.