alternative to pride


AND 2 Alternative Lance designs that no one asked for to go with my Allura’s… lowey wanna do everyone LOL

(Lance on the right has a vascular birthmark if u were wondering)

“you know your skin is too dark for tattoos right?”

“wow how are you going to get a piercing in your lip or nose?, they’re both so thick”

“Wow I didn’t know black people could dye their hair that color”

“It irritates me when black people try to be punk or goth”

“wow you’re not like a typical black person!”

Oh damn, I haven’t really been paying any attention to the amount of followers this blog has. Apparently I missed it when we hit 10,000 since it’s at 11,000 all of a sudden.
Considering that I’m not very active and don’t really post anything all that interesting I was a bit surprised by this to be honest.

It kind of makes me feel bad for not having anything to post about since I’m still just waiting to start HRT. So there’s not a whole lot going on right now and I have no idea what to actually write about.

Hopefully that will change soon though, since the hospital should be ready for me sometime this year. Hopefully in the near future, but they still don’t know when exactly.
When I actually do get a date I should be able to focus on other things too, but for now I’m pretty much just waiting around.

Anyhow, while I don’t have much to post about I will at least try to be a bit more social and be a bit more active when it comes to asks etc.
With some luck I may actually figure out things to write about again too, so that I don’t just ramble the same thing over and over again haha.