alternative tack

#3: Nyle

This is the first shot of Nyle that I’ve actually liked since the audition phase ended, but I also feel this photo is getting a bit overrated due to people’s thirst for Nyle. I think his expression is spot-on (though it’s same expression he’s been giving for 6 weeks now) and I love the way he’s slightly rising onto the balls of his feet (though Ken dolls don’t actually do that, but it’s still cool for this shot). The problem I have with this shot, though, is that the main reason it’s good is simply because Nyle’s attractive and has abs. I’ve grown tired of Nyle being shirtless in every photoshoot, and would have much preferred him to be wearing that alternative outfit tacked on the back of the box. I placed Nyle this high because I do think he did well with the posing and I like his expression, but I can say the same of Lacey and Justin, and they’ve proven with their photos that they don’t need their abs to show in order to produce a good photo. I hate that once again the quality of his photo rests on the quality of his abs. He’s a model. Give him some freaking clothes to model. I’m sure he’d do fine, if not even better, with a shirt on.

(Note: I’m not saying it’s Nyle’s fault he’s been shirtless in every photoshoot. That’s totally the stylists’ fault. I just feel like his abs are the focus of the shot yet again, and that doesn’t bode well with me.)