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Fleet Foxes - Can’t Help Falling In Love (cover)

ike a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
some things are meant to be
take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can’t help falling in love with you

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Wondrous indeed is this rendition of Oasis classic Wonderwall turned in by none other than Los Angeles chanteuse, Zella Day. Her rustic and pastoral cover is included in the soundtrack for a new ABC television series named When We Rise, which I know nothing about, but I’ll surely look up now that I’ve slow swayed to Zella Day’s beautifully crackling tune. Zella Day’s is cozy haunting and snugly melancholic, a thorough transformation from the original. 

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Lipstick Covered Magnet
The Front Bottoms
Lipstick Covered Magnet

The Front Bottoms - Lipstick Covered Magnet 

And I’m gonna get on my knees
Would you kick me in the face please?
It’ll make whatever I say sound like poetry.
And as my gums begin to bleed
The words will fall like teeth
And whatever we have locked up now is free


The Chordettes’ Mr. Sandman is without a doubt a timeless classic from the barbershop 50′s. Anyone would recognize its jingly melody as soon as they heard the candy coated song. SYML, that solo project created by Seattle native and Barcelona founder Brian Fennell, has offered up a surprise rendition of the oldie. Mr. Sandman has never been more sorrowfully haunting than it is here, whilst under the mournful spell SYML has cast over the song. His atmospheric cover is aching yet grand, cinematic yet despairing. It’s a brilliantly crafted new take on the song.