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PMW3-06: Yennefer of Vengerberg (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

“I’m not heartless, I’ve just learned how to use my heart less.”

Prime 1 Studio and CD PROJEKT RED ar…e proud to present PMW3-06: Yennefer of Vengerberg from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Yennefer of Vengerberg is a sorceress who lived in the capital city of Aedirn. She was the youngest member of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers and later the Lodge of Sorceresses attempted to recruit her. She is the love of the witcher Geralt of Rivia and a mother figure to Ciri, a former royal advisor to king Demavend of Aedirn and a close friend of Triss Merigold. Sculpted in approximately 22 inches tall, standing with a slayed Forktail at her feet.  

Statue feature:
- Size approximately 22 inches tall [(H)55cm (W)41cm (L)39cm]
- High-Quality translucent resin for a lifelike skin effect

Exclusive version:
- One (1) Switchable alternate magic spells

Retail Price: $699 US

Edition Size:
Exclusive: 500
Regular: 1000

- Prototype samples shown
- Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

retail etiquette

alternatively titled, “how to be a decent human being to people who are suffering enough as it is to help your supposedly entitled ass”

1. get off your cell phone.  
      - cashiers ( not to mention the people patiently waiting in line ) don’t need to hear about how little Kelsey’s doing on the soccer team, or how your mother-in-law is coming into town for her birthday and you’re just SO INCONVENIENCED by having to purchase paper plates and cheap napkins before her arrival.  just tell them you’ll call them back when you’re done.
      - if you can’t be assed to think about other people, at least acknowledge the cashier with a smile or a wave.  if they speak to you or ask you a question, don’t shush them.  tell your BFF Tanisha to hold on for what might be a total of four seconds. 

2.  when an item doesn’t immediately scan, please say anything but “oh, it must be free!”  please, dear god, anything but that.  you’re not being funny.  or clever.  or original.  they hear this at least ten times a day.  

3.  the number of items listed on the express lane is not a suggestion.  if you know that you have more items, don’t go there.  it’s that simple.  the express lanes have to be kept open for people who have small orders, so they’re not stuck behind someone with a cart piled high with what’s maybe a week’s worth of food and clothes you’ll inevitably be returning. 

4.  while unloading your cart, put the big items ( i.e., packages of toilet paper, crates of water bottles ) last.  there’s very little room for the cashiers to work with.  when you’re done unloading your cart, pull it up to the loading space and start putting the bags and other items into your cart instead of standing there and staring off into space or fiddling with your phone. 

5.  when you ask a cashier a store-related question ( i.e., how many coupons are allowed per order, whether or not you’re getting the right BOGO deal, etc. ), and they answer you politely and confidently, don’t challenge them.  they work there.  you don’t.  they know the way the store works.  you don’t.  if they’ve forgotten something or made a mistake, by all means, ask them about it – but do it politely.  we all make mistakes.  

6.  do not – i repeat, do not – put your money down on the counter or conveyor belt, especially if the cashier is visibly ready to take it.  hand it over to them.  if you need to count out some change, tell them so they can wait.  oh, and if they’ve already cashed you out, don’t hand over some random amount of change after the drawer’s open.  

7.  if your card’s declined, it’s not their fault.  don’t ask them why it wasn’t accepted.  they don’t know.  and don’t get angry or impatient with them, or insist you have money because you just deposited a check – they do not care.  they cannot help you with problems that are clearly on your end.  

8.  do not yell at a cashier.  once again, for the people in the back:  do not yell at a cashier, especially someone who’s clearly new to the job.  would you appreciate being yelled at for something beyond your control, or a simple, fixable mistake?  no.  so don’t do it to them.  

9.  if you get an answer you don’t like from a cashier and ask to speak to a manager, guess what?  you’re most likely gonna get the same answer from them.  here’s a news flash: the customer is not always right, the company will not always pander to your temper tantrums, and making a scene in front of a line of people with quickly-diminishing patience will not change their minds. 

10.  overall, please just be polite.  these people are working their asses off to help their customers, most of which don’t appreciate their efforts at all.  they’re constantly ignored, mistreated, questioned and degraded, and over time, it really does a number on their emotional state.  just be kind and courteous.  they’re human beings, not mindless drones.  smiles and nice conversations go a long way.  

if anyone else has anything to add, feel free.  floor associates, back room / production workers – go crazy.  share your woes and pet peeves.  

anonymous asked:

What are some good alternatives to working in retail? I've been in retail for almost 3 years and I'm honestly ready to get out. But I haven't gotten my associates degree/:

Janitorial work is what I was doing before what I do now. What I do now apparently doesn’t need you to have any credentials for some odd reason. I’m a caregiver. I just get paid less than a CNA certified employee is all. Security during 3rd shift is another option too if you hate people and don’t want to see another in your life ever again. -Abby

anonymous asked:

Do you have any alternatives to coffee shop/cafe AUs?

  • Hotel AU – front desk workers know everything. Character A has seen crazy famous people pass through the hotel, and some super sketch ones. 
  • Bagel shop AU – rivalry with the mainstream coffee house across the street that keeps stealing their good customers. Good chance to have a relationship between Character A, who works the tiny bagel shop, and Character B, who works at the other place. 
  • Anime Con worker AU – Character A decided to work at a local con to make some extra money, ends up meeting a ton of really cool people in the process, but also going through a ton of stress from helping out at the con.
  • Retail store AU – “You keep coming in here to shop because we’re having a sale, and your face makes me really happy, but as an employee I’m not supposed to tell you that and it’s really irritating.”
  • Blogger AU – Character A is a well-known aesthetic blogger, Character B is a photographer, Character C a model for bridal magazines: it’s basically a poly ship made in heaven.  
  • Bakery AU – The various misadventures of Characters A and B working at an authentic French bakery. Everyday shenanigans like having to order crazy complicated cupcake orders, to speaking faulted French with the store owners.

Invader Zim #15 covers by Warren Wucinich & Fred C Stresing

What is the secret truth behind Miss Bitters? Is she an undead witch? A crone-beast as old as time itself? A dark instrument of infernal vengeance in a smelly dress? Everyone has a theory, and when Miss Bitters doesn’t show up for Skool one morning, they all come out of the woodwork.
NOVEMBER 2 / 32 PGS. / 8 and up / Humor, Sci-fi / $3.99


Invader Zim #14 by Warren Wucinich

Variant cover by Billy Martin

Once every generation, Bloaty’s Pizza Hog holds the coveted Bloatyshorts Giveaway Night. Gaz is determined to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event, but it’s Dib’s turn to choose the restaurant for the Membrane family dinner! Can Gaz sway Dib by actually being nice to him? Or will she brutally murder him with kindness?
OCTOBER 5 / 32 PGS. / 8 and up / Humor, Sci-fi / $3.99


Some INSANE things have happened to me during my years of working goth / alternative retail…

Decided to share some with you (yes, they ALL actually happened).

The one with the stuffed tiger is my absolute favorite of all times hehehe.

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J2 Panel

-Jensen and Daneel have a dance party each Christmas morning, where they just open all doors and dance. Jensen thinks JJ will like this tradition

-“What made you decide to keep growing your hair and not keep it as short as it was ten years ago” Jared: “that’s a great question” Jensen: “no it’s not” (a while later) Jensen: “The reason that Sam’s hair got longer had nothing to do with the show, it had to do with his wife. She was like, ‘I like your hair longer’ and he was like ‘ok'”

-Jared threw a dinosaur toy up a slide and hit Tom in the face

-Jared followed Gen around set and learned what books she was reading and found quotes from the books to talk to her

-Jared said that the last filming day of each season gives him an amazing indescribable feeling

-Jared said that season 11 may talk about how since the boys are the rightful vessels, they might have some secret hidden powers (Jared: “you didn’t here it from me you heard it from him” *points at Jensen* “Jensen told you, remember Jensen told you”)

-Jared studied legends and myths to prepare for Supernatural and later told Jensen about them

-If Priestly was ever thrown into the Spn world Jensen thinks he would survive because Dean would kidnap him so Priestly could make him sandwiches and be the Winchester’s personal chef

-(when asked what jobs Sam and Dean would have in an alternate universe) Jared: “no retail probably, they’re probably short tempered, especially Dean HAHAHA” Jensen: “could you imagine Dean at like a Toys R Us”

-“sir this dresser is missing a screw” “figure it out” “excuse me sir do you mind if I climb up the the the thing” “I don’t care if you shoot someone in front of me”

-(someone yelled stripper from the crowd) “paint strippers right yeah paint strippers like cars”

-Jensen stands up and moves his hips after the stripper comment to music

-Jared thinks Sam would make a could maintenance guy and he thinks Sam would like to be a teacher.

-“what is you guys’ favourite memory form the set” “That’s like what was your favourite memory of the last 10 years of your life”

-If the Winchesters were to be played by girls, Jared thinks they’d need someone tall like Gina Davis, while Jensen thinks Madonna would be a good Dean

-“you guys in drag would be interesting” Jensen said he would need a wig while Jared could just braid his hair

-Jensen took JJ to a petting zoo, and they went into goat pen when two goats started fighting and one knocked the other to the ground and he grabbed her out

-at the end of the panel, Jared played a cowbell with the band