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Some more portfolio shots of my His Dark Materials trilogy book cover designs, including Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

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I understand it's difficult to get publicity as a writer because if you publish your work online, you're basically ruining your chance of your work getting published in real life. How can you get publicity as a writer then?

The idea that publishing online ruins your chances of publishing in real life is false. Yes, many publishing houses want exclusive rights to your blood, sweat, and tears if they accept your work in the first place. However, self-publishing has boomed thanks in large part to the ebook market, and in some cases posting an entire novel for free can get you published in real life. In fact, here are some major films that started out as indie novels:

*sigh* It’s sad that this subject can’t avoid that last one. Relevant to your ask, 50SoG was originally published on as Twilight fanfic under the title “Masters of the Universe.” When changed their policy on smut, the author moved her works to her own website and soon got them published under the new title.

Other examples of web-to-bookstore authors can be found here on this list of published Wattpad books that were once on their site for free. Some have even made their way into Target’s book selection. So, posting online really isn’t the enemy in terms of getting published. According to all the bemoaning I’ve heard for years, your chances of being rejected by the first handful of publishing houses you send your first manuscript to are MUCH higher than your chances of not getting published after posting online. Online you can sell anything, at a publishing house you can only sell what they think will sell.

Publishing online is definitely not the only, nor the main way of getting publicity. Having an established platform and fans when you approach a publishing house are marks in your favor. If you are seriously pursuing a career as an author, I suggest you set up accounts on Goodreads, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Wattpad. Use Pinterest to collect/share inspiration, and use Twitter to promote your site and connect with other authors. Finally, if you enjoy writing flash or fanfiction definitely use that as a jumpstart to gaining a fanbase for your writing style. I know from experience that fellow fans of established works can easily become fans of your work too.

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i get why Julian gets involved with Section 31 post canon, but how many of us would just prefer to see him being a doctor on Cardassia? (trick question; i know it’s ALL of us) i prefer stories about the compassionate and optimistic healer who wears his heart on his sleeve and helps his lizard husband rebuild his home… just saying

ID #18312

Name: Melanie
Age: 19 (20 come this August)
Country: USA

My name is Melanie, and I currently live in the Chicagoland area! I am currently a college student pursuing a degree in musicology, with specifications in jazz. I do vocal performance, also, but am choosing to not actually include that in my degree (honestly, getting to auditions is just a total pain). I am indeed a huge, huge music person. It’s definitely one of my defining features; I collect shellac jazz records and archive them. My specialties are “vintage” jazz (1900s-1950s), rock n’ roll, classical, and alt. rock. I could talk about these things for hours. For the sake of others possibly being infuriated, if you’re an electronic, or metal fan I honestly may drive you up the wall.
I will disclaim now that I am a published author, but my book did not take off (to be fair, I was 17), and I will in fact try and put off anyone finding out the title for as long as I can manage! I say this all now as it always inevitably comes out, so likely fair to get it out now. That being said, I am also pursuing writing. I am a HUGE reader, so anyone who reads would be a major plus. My friend and I try to see who can read the most every summer. (She won last year, by the way. 35 books[!].) I love art, which I may like to use for a double major; I love animation. I am kind of a huge nerd; Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Pokemon, and plenty more are kind of my thing. I love film, too; my favorite film makers are Woody Allen and Wes Anderson, hands down.
Love people with a sense of humor, adventure, and plenty more! I would prefer to be doing snail mail, just because *PLEASE READ* I love sending THINGS in my letters (i.e. I make mix CDs - yes, I really am a product of the 90s - pictures, bits of art, etc.), so keeping this in mind, also be prepared for LARGE letters. Hope to make some new friends!

Preferences: I unfortunately am only fluent in English; please keep this in mind. I would prefer to keep my pen pals between the ages of 18-27, but if you’re 15 and up and REALLY would like to chat, I am flattered and would be possibly open.
I am very leftist, so if you are on the right, we may do better apart. I have strong opinions; I do not want to upset anyone!
Last things, I am looking for some deeper conversations as well, so keep that in mind. I also have been struggling with depression for a very long time, so at this point in my life, I am trying to keep positive. I say this in the kindest way possible: I cannot be a therapist. I myself am trying to keep up, so if you feel that you’re looking for someone to vent to all the time, I really am not the person. I want everyone to have the experience they want!

Type: heartbreaker. - Peter Quill

Words: 2570 - ish.

Warning: feels, i guess?

A/N: I have a second part, which is the ending, but someone on Wattpad was mad at me and asked for an alternative ending, which i’ll publish soon.

Also, i wrote this in December 2016, before the movie came out, so it doesn’t follow the storyline of the movie at all. I am sorry.

Sorry for any typo!

Originally posted by darlingpanslove

You and your friends just landed on a new planet, temporarily. Somehow, during the short amount of time you were supposed to spend there, you found yourself in an unknown building, talking with a strange alien with antennas on her head.

“When I touch someone”, started the female alien, “I can feel their feelings.”

She put her hand on top of Peter’s, and she slowly raised her head to look at him.

You waited expectantly for the alien to read Peter’s feelings. You needed to know if you were right all along. You needed to know if you really had no chance.

“You feel…”, she made a short pause before going on, “love.”

You heart started beating faster and you watched Peter trying to defend himself.

“I guess – yeah – I feel general, unselfish love for just about everything –”

“No”, the alien immediately interrupted him, and you turned your attention back to her, “sexual love!”

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A Win-Win Situation

Will was getting better at sword training. Much better, in fact, and Nico was aware he wasn’t solely responsible for this improvement. Will didn’t always practice with him, after all.

“I just want to be good enough to at least deserve to train with you.” Will had told him one day, and Nico gave him a dirty look in response to that show of self-deprecation. 

“You know I don’t care about that.” Nico said, serious, but Will only shrugged, his soft grin not fading – or his resolve.

And so he practiced with all the campers willing to train him, for months. Almost five weeks passed until Will came up to Nico again in the Arena, a bright smile on his face.

“Okay, I think I’m ready now.”

Nico raised one eyebrow.

“I’m still not sure why this is so important to you, but okay, bring it on.”

They started to fight, and Nico soon realized that Will was right. He was ready.

Okay, he wasn’t perfect. He still fell short on attack, but his defense had improved drastically, as well as his stamina – enough that Nico had to really focus on what he was doing, but there rarely was a gap in Will’s defense. He was proud.

“Who the hell did you train with?” Nico grunted, barely being heard as their swords clashed. “Chiron?”

Will only smiled at him as he blocked Nico’s attack once again.

Nico immediately drew his sword back and swung it again and again and again, too fast for most people to keep up with, but somehow Will’s eyes and hands followed his movements and were just as fast, deflecting them. It wasn’t working, so Nico changed tactics.

He swung his sword from the right to the left, at the level of his opponent’s abdomen. He recalled helping Will with that, but he cursed himself when he realized he trained his boyfriend well. Their swords clashed once more, and Nico put more strength to it, trying to make Will’s grip weaker.

It wasn’t working.

He looked up at Will’s eyes, which were showing nothing but focus and concentration. He knew he could go further, but his arms were tired. It was a hot day, and he was sweaty all over, already dreaming of a cold shower and a comfortable bed.

Will didn’t seem much better. Drops of sweat were streaming down his face, some of his blonde curls darkened and glued to his forehead. He was panting, his cheeks blushed, and his blue eyes were piercing through Nico’s, determined. It made Nico gulp, the feeling of the skeletal butterflies in his stomach more alive than ever. A chill went down his spine. He wouldn’t be surprised if Will could do this for another hour.

But then Will grinned, very slowly, and Nico stared. He only had a second to think that this – his blue eyes contrasting against tanned skin, which was glowing with a layer of sweat, and that knowing grin on his lips – would be a pretty painting he would be happy to make, if he had any artistic skills at all. Will swung his sword and made a movement that made Nico drop the grip on his.

He only realized what had happened when he heard his sword hitting the earth.

He stared at his weapon for a long moment – perhaps a minute or two –, before returning his gaze to Will and his bright smile. Now his eyes were back at being expressive, and they were full of joy.

“So what did you think? Did you have fun?” Will asked as soon as he could speak with some clarity, although his breathing was still heavy.

Nico stared.

He had just won – won in a sword fight against the son of Hades, Ghost King, survivor of two wars, let it be noted – and the first thing he asked was if he had fun.

“You’re just a complete dork, aren’t you?” He wondered aloud, then stepped forward, circled Will’s neck with his arms, and kissed him. His mouth was warmer than usual. Nico was aware that they were both a little disgusting at the moment and in desperate need of a shower, but he didn’t care.

“I thought you were great.” He informed his boyfriend in a low voice, then gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. “We should definitely do this again.”

Will giggled.

“Yeah. Now you don’t have to worry about me being defenseless in a fight, and we can practice together, if you want.” He was obviously very satisfied with himself.

Nico almost said he would want to practice with Will even if he was the worst sword fighter in the universe, but he didn’t. He just nodded, and appreciated the sight of Will’s face illuminating with happiness. The last time he had been this excited because of Nico had been after their first kiss.

As they left the arena, holding hands, Will rambled on and on about all the techniques he wanted to try. It was strange to see terms of swordfighting coming out of Will’s mouth instead of medical expressions, but he seemed happy to talk about this, often looking at his boyfriend in search of approval.

Well, Nico reasoned, enjoying the sense of contentment blooming in his chest, losing isn’t always bad.

He doubted he had lost at all.

And If In That Moment

And If In That Moment by @allyasavedtheday

Author’s summary:

What would’ve happened if Isak and Even had had the Halloween pregame alone like they had originally planned.

Really well written, in character, dialogue that flows well, Isak and Even actually get to figure out together how they feel about each other with no angels or Egyptian queens around. This is a delightful version of the tension and the relief of the Halloween pregame. 

crusadeofstrangers  asked:

Suppose GRRM decided the internet provided an alternative to traditional publishing and set up a patronage system where he ended up publishing a chapter of ASOIAF every 2-4 weeks, but never any proper books. If we assume he'd write essentially the same chapters and keep the same plot points, how do you think this would effect the tone and do you have any guesses as to how (generally) the order of storytelling might change?

So if he went full Dickens? (Not in the dirty way?) 

We’d all be talking a lot more about the internal structure of chapters and a lot less about overarching storylines, that’s for sure. The momentum of reading ASOIAF would be entirely different, and that would change how it felt to us tonally: more contemplative and less propulsive, all else being equal. 

You know what would be in the public domain by now if laws were still fuckin following themselves when it came to public domain???


In an alternate universe I could publish And Monarchs To Behold and make money of it like white dudes do off of Sherlock Holmes, but no, here I am, lying in bed in college, avoiding sleep and forced to deal with a culture that thinks fanfiction isn’t good because it’s not profitable but also has fanfiction and merchandizing as one of its largest revenue sources because of restricting that creativity, and just the fact that AMTB is based of Batman characters in a reimagining is enough that I can’t even make a patreon but Les Mis can be a musical, you can rewrite every single one of Shakespeare’s plays, and also everything else from the 50s is chill

If I ever publish a book don’t let me give in to the copyright bullshit and let future generations have their goddamn public domain so culture > immediate profits

Come On, Set the Tone

Come On, Set the Tone by boxesofflowers, Eeyoreneedsahug (@comeonsetthetone-au)

Author’s summary:

Isak is a recently out popstar who wants to prove that he is not just another pretty face in pop music and has the skills to make his own way in the musical world (just like his newly found idol, Even Bech Naesheim).

Even is a self contained, indie singer songwriter who takes shit from nobody - anyone in his cult following will tell you (including a certain popstar).

Shortly after a public feud between the two begins, they’re forced together for a nationwide tour. 9 weeks, 50 shows, and countless hours (together) on the tour bus leave Even writing cryptic love songs and Isak wondering if he should leave everything he knows behind.

Ft. BL!SS, Balloon Squad, Wireless Problems, Jonas, and the Wobbles

Okay, I can’t even pretend I have any chill about this. I AM OBSESSED with this fic. Isak is a mainstream pop artist with severe anxiety, trying to make the music he wants to make; Even is an indie darling who winds up on the same tour. It’s vaguely hate to love, and reminds me far too much of my time in bandom for me not to be screaming from the rooftops, so I’ll stop before I start giving away spoilers, but: yes. I like this. Read it.

Warning: you definitely need to check the tags first. Abusive relationships, rape, and serious mental health issues here.

Hello there, 

I think everyone struggles with motivation at some point, and it’s important to remind yourself why you’re here, why you’re doing this, what it was that made you take this path. I made a masterpost not too long ago talking about the kinds of motivation there are and how we can use them. 

Today, as a part of universi-tea’s September challenge, I want to talk about how I personally get myself motivated. I’m not gonna pretend that it always works, but it does more often than not. 

  • I remind myself why I took this class. I remember that I was once excited about it, and I try to relive that feeling. 
  • I think about what I want to achieve. The grade I need to go abroad, for example, or to prove that I can pass this class well. 
  • I remember the many classes I took that were much more horrible than my current ones, for example sports in school. It makes me appreciate my current English and maths classes a lot because in comparison, they’re amazing. 

If nothing of that works because I’m stubborn and frustrated, I’ll rely on old but gold techniques: 

  • I’ll promise myself a reward as soon as I get something done. My usuals are watching a football match on TV, a nice bubble bath, unlimited reading in the evening, or a nice long phone call with my best friend.
  • I get myself chocolate, which makes studying much sweeter. Alternatively cookies, gingerbread, shortbread, or anything else with too much sugar. Grapes are okay as well. 
  • I convince myself to do at least one pomodoro session, which will likely show me that it isn’t that bad and turn into three or four. 

The reason my banner emphasizes the “you”, though, is that I really want to know your strategies! What do you do to keep yourself motivated, or to stop procrastinating? Do you need your favourite snack with you, a study group, or twenty minutes of studyspo browsing on tumblr? Reblog and add to this post, reply, or send me an ask and I’ll publish it! Alternatively, make your own post and tag me with #athenastudying :) 


I confess I don’t read as many fanfics as I’d like, because I don’t usually have much free time for reading and I alternate them with published books, but during the last year I’ve read some awesome stories that I’ve enjoyed even more than some tradicional books. Some of them are very popular and some not so, but I would give my right hand to write half as well their authors do.

So, these are some of my favourite Sansan fics so far (as usually, I’m sorry that my english doesn’t allow me to praise better their virtues). 

Close to canon, realistic and poetic at the same time, one of the best fanfics out there. It’s a Blackwater AU whose prose is above the average, though I know I’m not saying anything new, Sansa’s chapters are wonderful, but Sandor’s ones, from ch. 27, are perfect. I’ve re read it plenty of times and some of its images and scenes are still struck in my mind. It’s a shame the author doesn’t update since ages.

My new favourite. Modern Sansan set in the mafia world, it has little to do with Westeros but who cares! If you give me a great story, an interesting plot and a great dosis of our favourite characters, I buy it! The story is intriguing and has a very build up plot. The interesting original characters, the details the author puts in every chapter, the background of each character, the stories inside the story (so Paul Auster!) of course, the love story between a moss boss and a sweet (but strong) little bird makes G&M a very special work. I left apart one of my favourites series (Prince of Nothing) to read it in one sitting as if it were a novel, and didn’t regret it for a moment. I wrote a longer post here.

You show me, and I see. You reflect it back to me, and I see now in a way I couldn’t before.“

Redcandle has plenty of wonderful fics (I love her Gendry/Arya and Jaime/Brienne fics too), but these two are my favourite. With a very insightful knowledge of the characters she is writing about, she dares to go further than anyone. Songbird is the most realistic AU Blackwater I’ve ever read; austere, hard and certainly not romantic. I never get tired to read it. The same could be said for Proscript; what happens in it could be hard to read but it could perfectly be the next Alayne chapter of TWoW. Her fics are so true to canon that they look like a lost chaper GRRM left apart and didn’t published; any of them could perfectly be part of one of the Asoiaf books (published or to come)

A work of art. You can not define this beautiful and precious work any differently. A unique and outstanding work in the fandom that her author gives us all for our enjoyment. But not only the fan art is really wonderful, the text is delicious: sexy, sexual, intense … a delight to read and a Sansan wet dream come true. Besides, the writer has a very profound understanding of the psyche of the characters, specially Sansa’s, and so, throught their sexual encounters, she leads us into her thoughts and we learn more about Sansa’s thoughts and the dark corners of Sandor and The Hound. If you don’t like porn stories, don’t read it read it anyway or you’ll be missing some of the better hours of your week, because it is a must.

Kindred is also a Blackwater AU and in a way it reminds me to Into the Wood but keeping its own style and personality. What I really like about this story is how the author keeps Sansa and Sandor always IC. Her descriptions are precious and they make you feel inside the story with them. The text is perfect; not even need to spare it a single word or sentence. And it has magic. Maybe the plot so far isn’t too original, but the realism of the story mixed with a veil of fairytale that surrounds it thrills me and makes me shiver in equal measure. There isn’t a chapter without a sentence of the protagonists, a description or a single line that doesn’t get me goosebumps. There is always something that leave me breathless in her writing and I think this is very difficult to achieve. 

The story of Sansa Stark told as the chronicles of Westeros would tell it a thousand years after her death. I don’t agree with all the assumptions on which the story departs, but I admit that the tone in which it’s told, original and different, has conquered me. And If you don’t shed a tear in the end is because you’re made of stone.

I’d never seen this fic recommended before but I do like it a lot. Sandor doesn’t leave Kingslanding after the BW and Sansa stays as a hostage for Joffrey to punished her as his wish. But at least she has Sandor to give her come comfort among all her suffering. I like a lot the style in which is written, melancholic and kind of sad. Doesn’t really have a happy ending but it leaves an open window through which we can dream about them having some hope in the future.

A short Sansan tale through Gregor’s eyes. Strange, different and unique. I haven’t read something similar in the fandom. Don’t miss it.

  • Pas de deux, once beautiful and brave / amplifyme (COMPLETE)

Maybe it isn’t her most popular fic but as I have a soft spot for one shots, this has been one of my favorite for long and I guess it’s one of the first fics I ever read. I don’t know what cheers me up the most: the fact that Winterfell is full of life again, seeing Sansa happy, drinking and dancing or that lovely and happy ending. It’s short, but it doesn’t need any other word to be perfect, like a small jewl. I have read it more than 12 times and I’ve enjoyed every one of them as if it was the first.

What I like about Littlefeather it’s that she knows very well the characters and the books she is writting about. She has a lot of great stories (i’d sell my soul to the devil to have so many great ideas to write). Maybe Meet the Starks isn’t her most popular and I don’t really know why I like it above others; it isn’t very true to canon and a priori it shouldn’t be of my liking but, as I said before, if you write a good story I buy it. I guess I cann’t help to love seeing all the Starks together again (even if it’s in a fic) and some scenes between Ned, Cat and their new son in law made me laugh out loud, and that, ladies, is unpayable!

There are a lot of other stories I have enjoyed / I’m enjoying a lot (A chance encounter, Marching song, All the things she never said, Winds of change, Beggar’s banquet…), though I’ll leave them for a second post ;) Please, feel free to tell me some recommendations too, I’d love to read them!

My new book is out this summer!

Hey guys and girls, I am VERY PROUD to unveil my new book project, EMERALD CITY which will be available through Smashwords, Nook and at select con appearances this summer!! I wrote it for last year’s NaNoWriMo and after one more final editing pass it will be published through Dark Hearts Press, the independent publishing powerhouse behind such hits as Viva El Zombie and Cogs & Cuckolds!

An 800-page YA dystopian/steampunk thriller, EMERALD CITY will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. If you want a book that contains:

1. Cyborg airship pirates 

2. Neurodivergent werewolves

3. A painstakingly researched alternate-history Suffolk

4. A GIRL who kisses the BOY (has that ever happened ever? I seriously think it might not have happened ever.)

5. Just an awful lot of absolute garbage, honestly, I’m so sorry

Then make sure you pick up EMERALD CITY, available this summer for $12.99!!

Theory that challenges Einstein's physics could soon be put to the test

Scientists behind a theory that the speed of light is variable – and not constant as Einstein suggested – have made a prediction that could be tested.

Einstein observed that the speed of light remains the same in any situation, and this meant that space and time could be different in different situations.

The assumption that the speed of light is constant, and always has been, underpins many theories in physics, such as Einstein’s theory of general relativity. In particular, it plays a role in models of what happened in the very early universe, seconds after the Big Bang.

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