alternative person

“Everyone here says I’m sane, but what if they’re wrong?”

So, I’m barely familiar with the comics and we’re only 3 episodes in, but here is what I predict:

- David is an unreliable narrator. 

- David may not have schizophrenia, but he certainly has DID. 

- Lenny is an alternate personality of David’s and always has been. 

- If Lenny is an alternate personality of David’s, then so is Syd Barrett. Stay with me here. Syd is the only one who has seen the things that David sees when inside his memories. She’s the only one other than David who sees the “Angry Boy” (another alter) and the “Yellow-eyed demon” (another alter). The others don’t. She’s also the one who “killed” Lenny. If Lenny is an alter, then only someone inside David’s head (another alter) could “kill” her. I don’t think the “body-swapping” doesn’t account for it. In fact, I think the “body-swapping” is just another way for Syd to come forward. An even bigger jump would be that Syd is an alter with a physical form (created by Legion since Legion is stupidly powerful and maybe capable of that), but I don’t think that’s the case.  

- The flashbacks of David’s picturesque and “storybook” childhood in the country are just that: a storybook. The real story of David’s childhood is the “storybook” of the Angry Boy. As a child, David lost control of his powers and killed his mother. That might well have been the trauma (or one of the traumas) that lead to DID. 

I really hate “mental illness turning out to be superpower” stories. But I think Legion has the capacity to subvert that tired trope into “mental illness turning out to be superpower turning out to be a person with superpowers, who also just happens to have a mental illness”. I’m a bit sceptical that it will do it well, though.  

Alternate title. “Person does not know how to google instead has news agency find her a person to transport cattle.”

Or “Woman doesn’t want to pay to have cattle transported, seeks local bleeding heart to do it for her.”

I know she is is the city. But come on. There are farms all over and she can’t pick up a phone to call a local auction house or something and ask who they use to transport cattle?

Or check craigslist? There are always people advertising livestock transport.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve read all week, which is saying something.

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Imagine your OTP
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The movie Split is fast approaching and it will bring HARDCORE discrimination and stigma towards those living with Dissociative Identity Disorder. We can do nothing to stop the movie but we have to be loud RIGHT NOW! WE EXIST! WE ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO LIVE WITH THIS! WE ARE NOT SOME PSYCHOPATHIC PLOTLINE! I URGE ESPECIALLY THOSE WITHOUT THIS DISORDER TO HELP ALL THOSE WHO WILL BE AFFECTED BY THIS HORRIBLE MOVIE!  R E P O S T! please help us. stand with us.