alternative narratives

every steve/tony argument ever

the world: is fucked and in immediate peril

tony: how about this pragmatic but morally dubious solution

steve: TONY NO that’s imperfect and therefore wrong

tony: ok, what should we do instead then?


Are people actually shocked by the latest sorry and obvious stunt developments with Louis? Well, you might as well pull up a chair and get comfy cuz some of us have been in this space for over a year now.

1DHQ has made it pretty clear for a while that they still call most of the shots. They still believe in keeping fans addicted to drama, awkwardly illogical narratives, alternative facts, forced closeting and keeping lowlife broads relevant. They hate 1D, hate the fans (women in particular), but love the money and 1D’s brand value.

Are we all on the same page now? We should be. Seeing the fakery surrounding 5/5 is the only way to gauge how deep the rabbit hole is. Btw, it’s so deep we can’t see daylight anymore. Prepare to deal accordingly, if you choose to deal at all.

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I thought about this a lot and came to the conclusion that for me there were no games. Sam and Cait denied being a couple, never reveal a relationship with each other. We didn't believe them and that was our choice. We convinced each other to not believe and started an alternative narrative and read into things even more although Sam warned us not to. The majority of the fandom didn't see what we think we saw. They are perfectly fine now and don't feel deceived. So, for the most part it's on us.

Yes, I’m afraid that might be the truth. My personal jury is still out on that. There are a lot of weird things that don’t make sense. 

But we were not deceived. They denied being together and they told us not to read into things. And yet we did and we didn’t believe them. That’ sadly mostly our own fault.

So I guess we should just accept the reality and live in the fantasy? That’s my approach. I don’t know if it works though. 

I want to leave all other people out of my own fanfiction. There’s only Sam and Cait and they’re worth shipping. And if there will be glimpses into the real world, it is on me to avoid glimpsing or to take the blow on the chin without batting an eye. 

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Some of the main Star Wars speculation channels on YouTube, Mike zeroh and urban acolyte have recently uploaded Rey and Kylo videos, while mike is being reserved but still showing how much he believes a romance is likely the same cannot be said for UA, the comments on mikes video at least are promising that people are growing to accept the likely bond between Rey and Kylo

Hi anon,

Yes I took a quick look at Zeroh’s latest video. I’m not a huge fan of his because he has an unfortunate habit of stealing other people’s content, but he’s obviously very popular. Urban Acolytes actually uploaded a video yesterday suggesting that Reylo is a viable story direction, even if he happens to not be a big fan of it personally. I appreciate that he can step back and detach from his own preferences in order to examine alternative readings of the narrative.

This blind gossip crap is what I like to call the alternative narrative

If you don’t believe the official narrative, here’s another one for you to hopefully believe!!!

There’s two layers of false narrative here covering up the truth. Same with shit like Gryles rumours and other Anyone But Louis crap
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Getting old isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be

Reasons you should read Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones

Diana Wynne Jones is best known for being the author of Howl’s Moving Castle, which became the award winning Ghibli film, and for the Chrestomanci series. However, I’d like to draw attention to one of her most overlooked, and most amazing, books.
Deep Secret is a YA/adult book, and is classic Jones fantasy…with a twist.
Reasons to read it:

  • The writing is amazingly well crafted.
  • The narrative style is eccentric and lovely - two/three different first person narratives, alternating.
  • It’s set mostly at a sci-fi/fantasy convention.
  • There’s a character for everyone:
  • Rupert Venables (main chara) is a nerdy-as-fuck computer game developer who wears fancy clothes and cravats and leads a secret double life controlling the universe with magic.
  • Maree Mallory (main chara) is an easily annoyed short chubby vet student with no money who’s rude to everyone and loves Tolkein.
  • Nick Mallory is a self-absorbed irresponsible teenage boy who winds his parents round his little finger and plays role-playing games.
  • Zinka Feron is a magid (like Rupert) but even more powerful and spends her time drawing very naughty pictures of winged beasts.
  • There are loads of trans/crossdressing/queer characters even though it was written in the 80s
  • There’s a trans family with a baby.
  • There are middle-aged people who like sci-fi and fantasy.
  • There are chubby lesbians who run witchcraft classes
  • People have arguments over cosplay.
  • There are centaurs.
  • It makes the mundane exciting.
  • There is cleverly thought-out magic.
  • There are corrupt governments who are overthrown (yano - it’s like five worlds away but whatevs)
  • There is Dutch Case. You cannot fault him.
  • It’s amazing!
  • The characters get needlessly angry and scared like NORMAL FUCKING PEOPLE
  • People think things about themselves that are wrong.
  • There are characters with mental illness (albeit brought on by a spell but she battled her depression so well)
  • There are falling empires.
  • Did I mention centaurs and cosplay?
  • Two characters have a massive argument over one stealing a joke and putting it in their book. They literally scream swear words at each other and give one woman a nervous breakdown.

On Nov. 30, world leaders will gather in Paris for a pivotal United Nations conference on climate change.

Given its importance, I want to use the next couple months to explore some alternative perspectives on the unruly aggregate of topics lumped together as “climate change.”

There is an urgent demand for such alternative narratives and it rises, in part, from the ridiculous stalemate we find ourselves in today. But the endless faux “debate” about the state of climate science also obscures a deeper — and more profound — reality: We’ve become a species of enormous capacities with the power to change an entire planet. So, what exactly does this mean?

In service of answering this question and looking for perspectives on climate change beyond the usual focus on controversy, let’s begin by acknowledging a single fact that’s rarely discussed in the media: Climate science is a triumph of human civilization.

The Climate Story Nobody Talks About

Photo: NASA

also, in les mis news: I am becoming increasingly convinced that the actual main character of this book is, in fact, victor hugo

(and costarring victor hugo’s opinions)

I just realized something important. If Louis had asked for support at any point during the pregnancy, I would have respected the hell out of that. I would have believed the baby was real and protected Louis and the little one fiercely against false claims. If Louis had gone on social media or spoken up in an interview and said “While unexpected, I am very excited about the addition to my family and I would appreciate support during this incredible time” I would have believed that, no questions asked. However, he never did. He never even issued a rep statement. In fact, he has said approximately eleven words on the subject since babygate began, not including a few scarce and odd social media posts. 

Having a baby is never a mistake. There was no reason to ever treat a baby like a big, blacklisted mistake, and yet that’s the way it was handled. That’s why I looked into the alternate narrative, and ended up here.