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Hello! I am 17, f, and 5'9! I have brown eyes and short wavy hair. I love alternative music, and I take a dance class(waltz, hip hop, salsa, batchata and more). If we went on a date, I would take you to the beach or we could spend a day at an art museum and get a drink at a local cafe.

you can dance??? a aaa I’m endlessly jealous of people who can dance :’)) also u sound rly cute !

no more please!


Amine - “Caroline”

The Neighbourhood // Jealou$y (feat. Casey Veggies & 100s) // #000000 & #FFFFFF

This is the shit that your baby loves too.
Promise that’ll make a baby with you,
Make a momma of you,
Ain’t no drama with you;
My baby brings heat like a momma does too.

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