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About Myself

I figured that having a witch blog and looking. For assistance and like-minded individuals probably means I should say a little about my background with magic and energy, and my experiences that go along with it, so I guess here we go!

To be quite frank, I’m new to the magic that I see here. I’ve never really looked into altars, or crystals, or deities, or any of that sort of magical relation things. I grew up a Christian actually, until about 10th grade, when I realized I never really was a Christian, but simply playing the part. This was a difficult time for me, being that I had fallen out of a religion that I centered my life around, while also coming to terms that I was gay. It was a confusing time, but alas, here I am.

Now for about a year or so, I struggled figuring out what I believed in. I believed that there was a higher power, but I didn’t feel it as a person, or deity. I simply knew that universal energy connected every living thing, but didn’t know what to do with it. I actually realized that my high school teacher (Now a highly respected friend) was attuned to Reiki and was telling me that I should look into it after I explained to her one day what I was feeling. After doing some research, I really felt connected to what it was saying, and definitely felt the Energy Healer vibe inside of myself, and was for sure interested in pursuing it.

So after this research and re discussing with my teacher, let’s call her Lilly, she told me she learned from an instructor about an hour away from where we are located, which was too far of a drive for me at the time. This was discouraging, but I continued nonetheless. M

I discovered that there was a local metaphysical shop in my area, which is surprising being that I live in a Bible Belt area of the south, so I decided to check it out! I go there and am fascinated by all the materials that they have for witches and practitioners of all kinds. It was amazing! I talked to the owners, who I knew from them coming into the restaurant I worked at, and they told me that she actually taught a Reiki class, so needless to say, I signed up.

This class was phenomenal. I’ve never meditated so clearly, and had been so in tune with myself before. We unblocked all of our chakras, and we’re able to pinpoint pain on someone with no contact, and it opened me to an entire new world. After this, reading and feeling energy (which I was able to do pretty well before) became so much easier and it got to the point of seeing auras and the energy people emitted just as clearly and seeing the text on this post. It was so effortless to do so and I picked it up so naturally. Definitely the universe guiding me. So once I had started seeing energy regularly and able to help a couple friends, I was able to help manipulate the energy to help people with conflict, as well as physically healing some. This was surprising being that I had only dabbled in it for a few months, and had already done some fairly advanced things, like energy transferring, including long distance, and manipulation of energy.

I found that in my experiences however, the one thing that I could never get down was grounding myself, even through meditation. It never clicked like everything else, so I was absorbing a lot of energies from a lot of people and it was overwhelming sometimes.

The one thing that knocked me out of energy work completely was the first guy I fell in love with. He had such a negative surrounding with himself I felt I could help charge with positive energy that I drained myself completely and his negative energy overwhelmed me and sent me into a deep depression, locking everything up. It messed me up for almost two years before I’m finally well again. I’m married to a budding witch, and we both want to get familiar with energy like before. I feel like if I wasn’t trying 100% before, and doing so much, what I could accomplish now with actually placing effort. It’s just getting back on track.

This is where I need your assistance Tumblr. I need inspiration, tips, advice, anything that will help me get back there. I need good energy sent my way. I need a support group. I need like energy to help recharge me. I need you all!

With much love and positive energy,
Ryann Ryan
Energy Healer in training