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KH:358/2 Days Manga

*Spoiler Free

I’ve been collecting a lot of KH manga recently, and I finally managed to get the last book I needed for the 358/2 Days series.  As an avid lover of the game, I am aware of its many weaknesses.  It is very stagnant, drawn out, and lonely.  A lot of what you do is busy work, which makes sense in context but it makes for a very boring game.  So I’m always eager to find alternate ways to tell this game’s amazing, beautiful story.

In 2013, when KH 1.5 was released, I was more excited for the 358 movie than anything else.  Though the HD cutscenes were gorgeous, it really fell short in terms of storytelling.  Boss fights were alluded to at best.  Scenes were strung together with on-screen text blocks.  Side-characters were practically nonexistent (no pun intended!).  It took my favorite thing about the game and trivialized it.  A recent patch in KH 1.5+2.5 on PS4 added a more elaborate scene with the final boss, so that the final moments of the movie have context.  But I still don’t think the 358/2 Days movie is a good medium for the emotion and impact of the game.  It just isn’t… right.  It’s just not all there.

So I went into the five-book manga with skepticism.  I had already read the KH1 and Chain of Memories manga, so I knew what to expect; they are silly and over the top. I came out of them thinking: “These were fun to read, but they definitely don’t replace the games.” They were supplemental.  And with how dramatic and desperate the 358 game is compared to the upbeat optimism of KH1 and CoM, I didn’t think it would translate well to manga.

But wow.  I was wrong.

These books were great.  They were impactful and suspenseful and dramatic, but they were also silly and funny and they had the cutest non-canon art on the opening page!  It addresses things you didn’t even know you wanted.  And I know that it’s technically not canon, but it fills in gaps in the series in such casual, unobtrusive ways.  For example, one of the end-of-book comics is about a dusk that cleans up the castle, and… ugh, it’s just great.

My first point of comparison is the Disney worlds.  As a member of the Organization, you aren’t supposed to be seen or influence the worlds.  In the game, they handle this by dropping you in a Disney world with an objective that doesn’t really culminate in anything.  A means to an end.  In the manga, you spend a few chapters in each world only once.  Roxas always has another Organization member with him and their interactions help shape Roxas’s beliefs and identity.  It’s a much better way of handling the “can’t impact the Disney worlds” trope.

Next is the characters.  One of the things I really loved about the game was how it fleshed out all the Organization members through small interactions and missions.  It made them side-characters instead of background noise.  The movie really failed at highlighting this, but the manga took it above and beyond. Each organization member had quirks and personality, from Xaldin’s interest in nutritional health to Saïx’s irritation when people know words he doesn’t.  Demyx is my favorite!  And though these traits aren’t exactly “canon”, they fill in the characters in interesting and believable ways.  Like in Chain of Memories manga, we learned that Lexaeus likes to solve puzzles.  In the game, we don’t learn anything about him or Zexion at all!  It’s nice to be able to imagine these characters as real people, and the manga nails that perfectly.

My biggest worry that the manga would be too silly to address serious issues, and I wasn’t completely wrong.  The manga is very silly.  But they had this weird way of interweaving silly happy scenes with a panel of a character’s expression that really brings gravity and tone to the moment.  There are a lot of “secrets” being kept and you can plainly see the weight of those secrets.  But even more surprisingly, I found that the silly moments made me enjoy this story even more!  358 has always been about friendship and belonging, but in the game most of what you see is eating ice cream and some nice gestures.  In the manga, the characters joke around.  They do stupid stuff together.  Their friendship is so much richer because of the silly stuff.  You know what’s at risk.  You know how important it is.

The end was very impactful.  I couldn’t put the fifth book down.  I knew what was going to happen and I had to keep reading anyway.  There is very little humor in that last volume.  They sort of “simplify” the final battle the same way the CoM manga did, but I didn’t mind it as much in this.  It really changes the tone of the fight.  In the game, the final battle is about survival, but in the manga it’s almost… a plea.  Begging.  I don’t know which version I like more, but I definitely appreciate the manga’s portrayal.  I can’t even explain this in words.

There were a couple non-canon things that I loved.  Oathkeeper happening was amazing.  The Moogle shop was great!  Roxas going to “level up” was funny.  They really play into it being a video game and I like that.  Chain of Memories did the same thing with the vending machine at the end.  I’m also glad that the manga not only used the “memorable quotes” from 358, but kept them mostly word for word.

One big difference between the manga and the game: the manga really focuses on Axel’s perspective.  You learn things a lot earlier than you do in the game.  I thought this sort of ruined the suspense and mystery, but at the same time I like that they tell you this big “secret” even before the main characters learn about it.  It builds a lot of tension and you really appreciate Axel in a way that you don’t in the game.

There was one omission from the manga that I thought was very important: what Xigbar sees.  This is a lead in for a later game.  The cutscene is in Day 353 and can be watched here.

As I’ve said in my Beginner’s Guide, I wholeheartedly recommend this manga.  Actually, it’s the only manga I consider a suitable replacement for the game.  It isn’t entirely canon - especially the more silly parts - but it covers everything important that you need to know (with one exception).  If the game is too much for you, please consider the KH:358/2 Days manga required reading for the series.

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YOI Flora and Fauna AU [Victuuri-centered] 

Floras are the peacemakers of the mythical world. They have the ability to rejuvenate and control nature, and they can heal those who are in physical pain. They might be fragile beings, but when angered, their power can be destructive. The royal Flora family is protected by only the chosen mighty Faunas.

Faunas have anthropomorphic bodies, and they used to serve under the Flora kingdom as their guardians. Most of them have gone to live a free wandering life, but some chose to stay with the Floras. When they reach their absolute form, their strength increases tenfold. 

In this AU, Viktor and Yuuri were raised in the world of the mortals. And one point in the story, they go back together to where they originally came from to resolve the conflicts of their kingdom.

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He’s, doing his best , 

Republicans had 7 years and 1 day to find an alternative to “Obamacare” and all they have to show for it is a failed, rushed bill that they pulled last minute.

It’s almost as if this wasn’t about Healthcare and more about … their vitriol towards the first black president having a legislative victory


in which I edit beautiful black sails caps (part I)

“Civilization is coming, and it means to exterminate us.”

A Woman's Personality

(Check your Venus Sign)

The Urban Sophisticate: LEO, SAGITTARIUS

Her strengths: This woman is funny, hot, and spontaneous. When you walk into a room with her, everyone stares at you in envy. Neil Strauss, the author of the best-selling dating memoir The Game, puts it simply, “This is the kind of girl everyone wants, and it makes you feel awesome when you’re the one who has her.“ 

Her weaknesses: "You need enormous confidence to date a woman like this,” Strauss says. “She gets off on attention, but you can’t get jealous.” If you’re independent, you’ll dig her ambition, but make sure she wants you–and not just the ego boost you provide. 

The Arty Hipster: PISCES, GEMINI

Her strengths: She knows where all the dive bars are and all the art shows with free wine. She’s exciting and stylish, but not as untouchable as the urban sophisticate. “She actually likes nerds and intellectuals,” says Ian Coburn, author of God Is a Woman: Dating Disasters. And she actually cares about culture. “She can be great for a guy who wants to learn more about art and music,” says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., a relationship therapist and the author of She Comes First. 

Her weaknesses: Do you keep going after her because you hope her cool will rub off on you? If your interests don’t match, don’t expect to just coast along on her taste. “Girls like this have opinions,” Kerner says. “And they want you to know the difference between Jonathan Adler and Jonathan Richman.”

The Vegan Yoga Gal: AQUARIUS, LIBRA

Her strengths: She’s got great skin and a long neck, and she gives you long back rubs with wacky oils. All that deep breathing means she rarely flies off the handle, and you value this perhaps even more than you value her amazing, high, tight rear, which is saying a lot. Strauss says, “This is a woman who really wants to make a deep connection with life, and a man who wants the same could be really into her.” Fisher says that independent, analytical, or creative guys could find her alternative view fascinating. 

Her weaknesses: Remember, Strauss notes, “These women are almost exclusively interested in men who are into the same stuff they are.” Love her, love her lifestyle.  

The Alpha Female: VIRGO, ARIES

Her strengths: She graduated from college in 3 years and went right to law school without taking a vacation. She’s hard to keep up with. Ironically, it’s not the alpha dog who should try dating her. “A scientist, artist, or teacher will do well with this woman,” says April Masini, author of Date Out of Your League. “If you’re not interested in power plays, she won’t fight you." 

Her weaknesses: She has a lot in common with alpha males, but these relationships are too intense. "They can’t make time for each other,” Fisher says. Coburn cautions that pushover types are often attracted to such women, and some alpha females – the sadistic ones – are attracted right back. “Obviously, if this is your dynamic, it isn’t good.”  

The Intimacy Junkie: CAPRICORN, SCORPIO

Her strengths: She goes to yoga, too, but it’s the easy kind that’s more about “connection to the self” than sculpting a smoking bod. So what if she’s a little in your face. The sex is amazing. Strauss likes women like this. “She is the best kisser in the world. Very intense, very into connecting.” Fisher says independent men will love such a deeply verbal gal, and Kerner thinks all men should date someone like this. “Most men need help learning to communicate, and she will help them." 

Her weaknesses: The intimacy junkie makes you feel great at first. She’s so into you and your feelings. Analytical men will find themselves easily ensnared in her macramé web. "He will be super into her at first, but there’s going to be a lot of talk about the ‘meaning’ of the relationship, which might cause it to implode,” Fisher says. 

The Happy Homemaker: CANCER, TAURUS

Her strengths: She’s no gold digger – all she wants is a Volvo wagon and a nice, cozy three-bedroom. She wants to have your kids, take care of them, and take care of you. “Some guys draw a great deal of ego satisfaction from providing for a family, and there is nothing wrong with that,” says Masini. A man who grew up in a very traditional household will love her, and, conversely, a guy who grew up with domestic chaos craves this woman for the stable home she provides. 

Her weaknesses: Remember that when she says she’s not going to work, she means it. Career-minded men could be happy with an arrangement that allows them to focus on their work while she manages his domestic life. But if the financial stress builds, you may not be able to convince her to get a job. 

Shinsou’s quirk

I know I talk a lot about Shinsou but hear me out

I’ve been thinking a lot about the improvements of the BNHA characters quirks.  For example

We know that, before, Kirishima quirk made his skin only a tiny bit harder. When you look at him now, capable of hardening himself to the point where he become unbreakable, you can easily see the improvement made. Same for Izuku.

When he got One For All, he couldn’t use it without broking his bones. But after his training, he found a way to use it properly without having to constantly hurt his body.

But what am I trying to say here exactly?

We know Shinsou’s quirk is Brainwashing, but it only works if his opponent respond to him verbally. 

So……. Could it be possible for Shinsou to improve his quirk, to the point where he doesn’t have to verbally exchange with someone to use it? I’m not saying that he could brainwash whoever he wants just like that, because then, his quirk would be too powerful for the sake of the story. But maybe find another alternative that isn’t as hard as getting his opponent to talk. 

I believe it’s possible. And I have one idea in head.

The first time I saw this panel, I didn’t think much of it. But I know I was a bit startled of how… Detailed it was. ( And because… geez Shinsou, you look like you’re about to murder someone.. ) I did some comics and doujinshis, so I know basic story boarding. And I know that this kind of panel is here to show something important. The close-up on his eyes must mean something. ( Or I’m looking too much into it.. )

Shinsou needs a verbal contact to use his quirk, so why not improve it to the point where he only needs eyes contact to do so?

If he only needed eyes contact to brainwash someone, wouldn’t that be so much more easier for him? 

This is only theoretical. I have absolutly no proof that this could happen. But I just think that, even though his Quirk can be very powerful and useful to avoid fights, it has one very big flaw. I know he’ll become one amazing hero in the end, whether his quirk improve or not. I just had that idea and thought I’d share it.. 


Happy 34th Birthday, Ninomiya Kazunari! ♥

anonymous asked:

What can college kids with limited resources do to help the environment?

The fact that you are asking this question makes me feel very hopeful as it shows you care. Helping the environment is not about the amount resources you have. I could give you a shopping list of behaviours you can change to decrease your impact on the planet, but what I want to tell you is find the environmental cause you are passionate about and get the best education you can so you can have voice and make a difference. Invest in your future through education. You will be able to make a difference.

There are lots of little ways we can all help the environment in our everyday lives. One of the easiest ways is becoming an informed consumer. Every time we spend a dollar we are casting a vote, from the products we buy, to the food we consume, and the transportation we use. The choices we make as a consumer can have far reaching influences, from across the globe to your friends and family. This became clear to me during my first trip to Borneo. I was confronted by vast, seemingly endless acres of oil palm plantations that were once dense primary forest. Those forests were once home to orangutans, elephants, and sun bears. It made me realized just how much palm oil I was consuming in the products I used every day. I began to eliminate those products from my home, and started writing letters to manufactures, urging them to find sustainable alternatives. Becoming an informed consumer really opens the door to understanding the influence, and impact we are having across the globe. Although it may sound cliché, it really does translate to acting locally and thinking globally.

Shaggy: “I can’t steer this crazy machine!”

*flying washing machine safely flies through multiple hallways and exits through a window*

*flying washing machine turns around, descends*

*flying washing machine does perfect sweep to accurately enter cave at proper height*

*flying washing machine levels out, progresses onward*

*flying washing machine enters small elevator, presumably presses button for correct floor*

*flying washing machine waits patiently inside elevator until it can exit on the appropriate level*

*flying washing machine expertly navigates more corridors and doors*

*flying washing machine finds alternate flight of stairs in order to reach bottom floor ahead of bad guys*

…so, don’t worry that you can’t control it, Shaggy.

The crime-solving flying washing machine had this under control all along.

The Depths of Hell… 

“Azkaban was originally home to a sorcerer who called himself Ekrizdis. 

Ekrizdis, who is believed to have been insane, was a practitioner of the worst kinds of Dark Arts. 

Alone in the middle of the ocean, he lured, tortured and killed Muggle sailors, apparently for pleasure, and only when he died, and the concealment charms he had cast faded away, did the Ministry of Magic realize that either island or building existed. 

Those who entered to investigate refused afterwards to talk of what they had found inside, but the least frightening part of it was that the place was infested with Dementors.

Sadistic by nature, Rowle, an authoritarian who had risen to power on an anti-Muggle agenda, insisted on using Azkaban as a prison. He claimed that the Dementors living there were an advantage: they could be harnessed as guards, saving the Ministry time, trouble and expense.

In spite of opposition from many wizards, Rowle carried out his plan and soon a steady trickle of prisoners had been placed there. None ever emerged.

By the time that Eldritch Diggory took over as Minister for Magic, the prison had been operating for fifteen years. There had been no breakouts and no breaches of security. The new prison seemed to be working well. 

It was only when Diggory went to visit that he realised exactly what conditions inside were like. Prisoners were mostly insane and a graveyard had been established to accommodate those that died of despair.

Diggory had been so horrified by what he had seen inside Azkaban that he pressed the committee to find alternatives. Experts explained to him that the only reason the Dementors were (mostly) confined to the island was that they were being provided with a constant supply of souls on which to feed. If deprived of prisoners, they were likely to abandon the prison and head for the mainland.

From that time until the advent of Kingsley Shacklebolt, no Minister ever seriously considered closing Azkaban. They turned a blind eye to the inhumane conditions inside the fortress.

Nearly three centuries passed before that record was broken. A young man was successfully smuggled out of the prison when his visiting mother exchanged places with him, something that the blind and loveless Dementors could not detect and would have never expected.

This escape was followed by another, still more ingenious and impressive, when Sirius Black managed to evade the Dementors… single-handed.

- Pottermore