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You’re Really Here

Summary: You expected many things from your twin sister’s wedding. Meeting your soulmate wasn’t actually one of them.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Counting:1.2k
Warnings: Wedding Fluff, Background Sam x OFC, Fluff, Soulmates AU. Sam is a lawyer, Dean is a mechanic.

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There’s something about being a twin that fewer people realise. It’s not the fact you have to share a birthday, or that you grew up trying to overcome one another and never having anything truly and fully yours or the complicity, or anything like that.


It was something you named as ‘the second twin effect’. You were the second twin.

Y/T/N was born before you and held before you. She had better grades, better looks and better luck with boys. In addition, of course, she was the first one to meet her soulmate and marry them.

So there you were now, wearing a dress you didn’t know the colour yet, holding her bouquet, and divided between being extremely happy for her, and sad that you would be lonely for now long. It’s not that your sister planned to abandon you, but you were always taught that soulmates could only be away from each other for so long.

“Are you sure I look good?” she turned around, nervous.

The dress hugged Y/T/N’s curves naturally and had a thin layer of lace and pearls. The bouquet, which you had just given her, was composed of roses. You wish you could see those roses’ colour.

“You look like a princess,” you smiled.

Your sister smiled, reaching out and holding your hand.

“Thank you for doing this for,” she said, her eyes sparkling. “I wouldn’t be able to have a wedding half as beautiful if it wasn’t for you.”

You smiled.

You were the one responsible for Y/T/N’s wedding, and you’ve made your sister’s wedding the closest possible thing to perfect.

“Come on,” you whispered. “Let’s get you to that aisle.”

She smiled and you two walked to the outside silently. The music started playing and, you two – together – stepped on the yellow brick way you’ve left ready for her. You were the one walking her to the island. You only had each other, it couldn’t be any different.

The band started playing and you stared at the man standing in front of you for a moment.

Sam Winchester, the famous – tall, gorgeous – lawyer.

Who would guess she was that lucky?

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