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ID #45813

Name: bri
Age: 15
Country: usa

hello there! as you know, i’m bri and i’m 15 years old. i love rock, alternative, punk, metal, synthpop and darkwave. my favorite bands are type o negative, she wants revenge, t.s.o.l, asking alexandria, bring me the horizon and my chemical romance. of course i could carry on and on about all the emo bands i love, but those are my favorites. i love reading and writing everything from comic books to songs. i’m the lead singer of a band called Our Tragic Affair and i’d like to be a comi. book writer & illustrator as well as a tattoo artist when i graduate. i’m pansexual and androgynous (they/them). ♡ yeah so i’ll wrap this up so i’m not tooo boring, i’d love writing to someone through letters more than once a month and/or texting.

Preferences: i’ve been told that i’m mature for my age, so any ages are welcome! obviously no judgement of any kind! gender, sexuality, religion, etc. don’t matter to me at all! ❤

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ by Andrew Swainson


It’s “SuperZack”! 

From what little we can see about this alternate Black Ranger, his universe’s Power Rangers are more like the traditional old school comic book superheroes! He can fly like Superman and has a cape and a different set of gloves from the others. He also apparently has no need for weapons as his Ranger Powers give him super strength!