alternative black female


The app I used made the quality of the pics ass but its still good enough to post so. Anyways here’s my casual Jinx!

It was a really warm day today. The sun was shining over our little city, and people was more than happy to put on their smallest rags. And run around town, wearing sunglasses with an iced coffee in their hands. Exposing their skin to as much radiation as possible, since skin cancer sadly is very popular still.
While I myself try my hardest to find the nearest shadow, while doing some necessary shopping. Haha.
I really like summer, or rather I like the idea of summer. But when the sun finally comes, out I kinda regret wishing for it. The heat is almost unbearable. It’s sweaty and uncomfortable, and you just wish you were back in your dark, cold, cozy cave.
I had a pretty pleasant day none the less.
Miss ma boyfriend. But hopefully I’ll get to see him next weekend. ^^