alternative black chick

I am a fragile and sensitive being… I would like to take care of my human so I can continue to have experiences… 🙏 Days started with meditation and seeking fresh clean air on mountain tops keep my mind clear and my blood oxygenated 🌿 …i will also need to drink water from a waterfall… and sit in the forest talking to Goddess about magik 💖✨🌺 #OM #manakees #stretchedears

Hey guys

I wasn´t here for a long time because l live in Germany now …everything is new for me :)

I spent last 2 days at Thronefest in Belgium it was really great festival!

I can´t wait for summer and PartySan

How are you?

Thaks for all your kind words which you sent to me,I really appreciate it !

I was tagged by @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross to upload a photo of my face. Hasn’t changed much, but the hair and the shirt have ;) 

Ill tag @nojenkins @unchainedandstillunfree @annihilation-your-masturbation @happy-fucking-camper @disposable-spleen @queenkhalifah @nicotineqveen and @frozenfussay