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I love cinematography, so I wanted to analyze the parallels between camera angles of these 2 scenes and theorize what they mean for Jon and Daenerys. 

In the throne room, as Dany steps off her throne and slowly walks towards Jon, she descends down a staircase with the camera strategically placed in a low angle shot, suggesting dominance and power on her end as she gives her speech about self empowerment. Jon, on the other hand, sits comfortably in an eye level shot whenever the camera has him framed in a medium shot, since he is neither in control of the situation nor under her thumb. They both have endured an endless amount of hardships, and her words are in a way falling on deaf ears since Jon has been brought to hell and back like she has. He has made exponential achievements through adversity as she has. If he was placed in a high angle shot instead, with the camera above his eyes, it would suggest that her words are having a powerful effect over him and that he feels small and insignificant in her presence, but in this case, he does not. The audience knows that he is being level-headed in the scenario, given what he knows and what he has seen, and the camera angle is able to convey that feeling. 

The camera switches to a wider shot as Dany comes face to face with Jon, placed at an eye level shot. Daenerys has stepped down from her high horse a bit and is now on a more even playing field with Jon; King vs. Queen. Davos steps in and begins rattling off Jon’s achievements for him (which is significant for Jon’s character, showing that he has more humility than Dany does). The camera still has Dany in a low angle shot while Jon is still at an eye-level shot as it switches back and forth between the two of them framed in medium shots, signifying that Daenerys is relying on her birthright, power, and intimidation to persuade Jon to bend the knee, while Jon is remaining neutral in the situation and is still unwilling to submit to her. He has made no threats or tried to intimidate her, but has only tried to convince her of an imposing threat that she refuses to believe, since she is too busy focusing on the iron throne. 

A few scenes later, Jon steps into the frame and is positioned at the top of the staircase outside. Daenerys looks out into the ocean after Tyrion suggests backing off Jon and giving him some room to breathe about forming an alliance and submitting to her. It’s not really in her nature to embrace defeat and admit that she was wrong in her methods, and the cameras do a good job of conveying it. The setting is also important to note; they are alone, they have no advisers breathing down their necks, the sun is bright and the ocean is sparkling. This is almost completely contrasting the dark and cold throne room they were previously in, with barely any light shining through while being blocked in by cold gray walls. Subconsciously, we as the audience are able to tell that this conversation is more likely to have a positive outcome. 

As Jon steps closer to her, the camera places Dany in a high angle shot and Jon in a low angle shot, suggesting that he now has the upper hand in the scenario. Instead of Dany forcing Jon to prove his allegiance to her, now it’s about what she can do for Jon to prove that she’s not as imposing as she came across in their first meeting, which will hopefully result in an alliance between them later on in the season. Dany makes no threats or power plays towards Jon, but instead willfully allows him to have what he came to Dragonstone for, despite that it is not what she wants from him. In a way, she is submitting to him and his requests in order to gain his trust- something that she has rarely done in the past, but does with disdain whenever she has to. When they are both in the frame, with Jon facing the ocean and Dany’s back turned to the camera, she is in a position of vulnerability, hiding her true emotions from Jon and from the audience. Does she feel resentment towards him since she is giving him what he wants and not vice versa? Or does she secretly admire Jon’s tenacity that resembles her own? The scene carries on and the camera is still alternating between Dany’s high angle shots and Jon’s low angle shots. As opposed to their earlier scene when Jon was looking like the reasonable one while Dany was full of threats and demands, now they are more balanced (yin and yang, fire and ice, opposites attract, etc.). In order for Dany to get what she wants, she has to relinquish some of her control and allow Jon to have what he wants. She can’t win over alliances through intimidation in Westeros if she plans on ruling it. Compromise is the key, and I don’t doubt that Jon will return the favor in episodes to come.


Thank you for your lovely comments, darlings!!! I hope you like what I did with your prompts!! Enjoy!!! <3

Warning: Hot make-outs, smutty mentions, cute Bughead galore and just me fawning over the bae that is Cole Sprouse. 

“We have to go.” Kiss

“Hmm, in a second.” Kiss

“One day – kiss – we’ll get caught – kiss – and they’ll definitely expel us.” Hard Kiss.

“Oh, I’d love to see you, Betty Cooper – kiss – getting expelled over a steamy make out.” Bite.

Betty just let a breathless laugh, alternating the angle of her head and dropped her arms to his shoulders, crossing them by the wrists behind his head. Jughead’s smile grew more in delight against her lips and he dove in again, pecking her lips hard. They were in one of the dusty storage rooms of their high school, the smallest one and the one with no windows, exploring this new-found feeling of being in love and being a couple, mist old broken chairs and random school supplies. Betty was perched up on an unused desk that lay against the wall, dressed for her cheerleading practice in her usual white and yellow t-shirt and dark blue shorts, while her boyfriend was standing deliciously between her gorgeous legs, school bag, denim jacket and beanie abandoned somewhere on the floor, kissing her like there was no tomorrow for God knows how long now.

That was basically they daily routine. Ever since the two of them overcame their irrational fears of rejection and possible heartbreak and talked with each other about that kiss that held all of Jughead’s suppressed emotions all those years, they couldn’t overlook their mutual feeling of desiring to be together. Three weeks had passed since that day and, despite of the new challenges they were faced with every day, regarding their unconventional families and the amorality that seemed to emerge every once in a while of the core of their small town, the two teens were basking in the afterglow of their romance with affectionate gestures and heated make outs. The only cloud shading their Romeo and Juliet fairytale was that everything was being done in shadows, like a good, concealed secret.

They wanted to tell people; and they would do it. They weren’t afraid or ashamed, both emotions equally unfair to the wonderful union that it was them. They just wanted to do it in their own terms, without excited friends or controlling parents getting in their way, without having to explain themselves or put labels and boundaries in something that came and kept growing natural to them. So, janitor’s closets and storage rooms it was.

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Fly With Me (Fallen Angel AU)

AU #3 (Order on this list)
Ft.Jeonghan (duh who else?)

SUGGEST MEMBERS AND GROUPS! Anyways here you go lol

  • Minding your own business and walking home from high school

  • You’re about to walk of campus but when you’re about to pass this giant fountain in the middle of the front-


  • Some person just randomly FALLS OUT OF THE SKY

  • You don’t care if someone just fell out of the sky-


  • Then this really handsome beautiful boy poking his head out of the fountain and just deadpanning

  • “Dang it I’m not supposed to be here”


  • “Your guardian angel,” he says trying to be enthusiastic and sarcastic at the same time. “Or just call me Jeonghan”

  • And you’re just like wtf is happening why does this boi have wings

  • WHy tHe hECk DoEs hE loOK sO bEaUTIFUL

  • So u don’t really know what to do but believe this dude and bring him home so at least he doesn’t get sick

  • He kind of just followed you anyway

  • Turns out he really is an angel and his wing is broken so he fell down to earth

  • Apparently guardian angels are similar to soul mates in a way you are connected for life

  • You guys actually are soulmates but anyway

  • That means only you can heal him by finding some way to “share the pain”

  • Basically you have to stay within literal 5 feet of each other for a year to share the same life source

  • Your mom stumbles in the room when Jeonghan’s wings are exposed but she’s really chill about it for some reason?

  • Cue y/n and Jeonghan going to school together pretending he’s a close friend who’s a transfer student who must stay by ur side at all times

  • It works until the second half of the year where he’s forced to take different classes bc problems w/ bullies

  • So dang it, you only ever see each other when you get home, that’s not enough time to “share the pain” so he has to stay for another year

  • You guys constantly laughing at Jeonghan, scared to go into bathrooms bc he’s made of pure light

  • Basically he’s a vampire; he can’t see his reflection

  • So you kind of just make sure he looks good before you guys leave the house

  • Jeonghan forcing you to join singing clubs because he wants to do them

  • Jeonghan actually becoming part of a club by himself called Seventeen (they’re only a club in this AU)

  • Second year living together is senior year and Jeonghan and Seventeen have made a good name for themselves and even wrote a song about him

  • Cough Adore U


  • Dang prom was amazing bc you had a literal angel next to you who basically glowed bc he reflects light a little

  • You and Jeonghan growing closer bc of prom and you start to actually love him a little

  • I mean, the way he looks at you, how he laughs so warmly, and how he always looks over your shoulder when you’re writing is just adorable!

  • And then right as graduation rolls around Jeonghan doesn’t show up to the ceremony so you get kind of concerned

  • And then turns out he’s DYING OUTSIDE BC HIS WINGS AREN’T HEALED (he tried flying bc he was running late) (why else)

  • So the second you are allowed, you sprint outside while wearing boots bc your low-key boyfriend is literally dying

  • And then he’s lying on his side and his wings snap off and disintegrate into gold  (or something idk)

  • “Hey y/n?”

  • “What? Don’t tell me you’re going to die because I swear-”

  • “No, better. I think I remember who I am”


  • And your mom knows about angels bc your DAD WHO DIED WAS A FREAKING ANGEL TOO


  • So yeah both moms are completely cool with you and Jeonghan together, even tho he’s technically not an angel anymore

  • And duh Jeonghan asks you out tho you were probably already dating like 6 months ago

  • Once in awhile he doesn’t see his hand in the mirror so he freaks out and calls you immediately


I didn’t really have a main storyline for this so I’ll probably write it with a different kpop group…but lol this was fun

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Blender Cycles is a PAIN to work with but THESE RENDERS ARE COMPLETE! What’s going on here? Idk, Hawke just got home and instead of changing out of that armor, he starts talking it up with the boyfriend. Probably just told one of his bad jokes too

More or less an experiment in scene composition, posing, lighting, alternate angles, and rendering since this is the first extensive thing I’ve done, but I’m proud of it

Bonus render of a better view of a very good and big boy:

The best thing in the morning

Movie: none

Couple: TBS x reader

Rating: Smut-ish

A/N: Oh god, I can’t believe I actually wrote this and I’m really uploading it rn. Waaaah. Okay, so. First time writing smut, since I kinda felt like it when I woke up today. English isn’t my native language, so please forgive any mistakes :3 Hope, you’ll enjoy ;)

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This show stays faithful to the books in the most round about ways. It’s so weird. Most books to shows just give up trying after a while.

The Magicians though, jeez, they took the alternate universe angle the time loops provided them and truly made the idea their own.

There are literally dozens of parallels that call back to the books, or use the books, or are applied differently from the books. Rewatching each episode is a treasure trove of Easter eggs for book readers.