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Cleaning beaches with blockchain.

Almost 8 billion tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year. To help fight it, The Plastic Bank began offering people in developing countries incentives like basic necessities and mobile phone charging in exchange for recycling plastic. As the program grew in popularity, they needed a way to scale their incentive system in an accessible and economically-friendly way. That’s when they turned to IBM Blockchain. Learn how we worked together to help turn plastic into a currency for change.

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One Small Kiss w/ Hoseok

Anonymous said: Hoseok and ‘one small kiss, pulling away for an instant, then devouring each other’

As Hoseok hands you the dice and his fingers brush against the palm of your hand, the spark of nerves within the pit of your stomach notifies you that tonight you were feeling something for him. Something strong. Perhaps it was the beer that you’d been offered floating through your blood, or perhaps it was the way that he kept flicking his freshly darkened hair in your direction. Maybe it was the generous rips in his jeans allowing you an easy view of the creamy flesh of his thighs that bulged through the tears in the material, or maybe it was the low hanging hem of his black t-shirt exposing the calming curves of his distinct collarbones. Whatever it was, it had you feeling something. Something strong.

He edges closer to you once more, thick leg bumping softly against the exposed skin of your knee, your skirt not reaching far enough to conceal the flesh. Your teeth bite cautiously at the bottom left corner of your lip, chewing at it anxiously as you catch him from the corner of your eye. He flashes you an easy smile, his teeth peeking easily through the expanse of his lips.

‘Yah…,’ He pouts suddenly, the length of his fingers reaching towards your lip to tug it gently from behind your teeth. ‘Stop that… it will ruin your skin.’ Instantly, you shy away from him, a strong blush spidering across your cheeks as you lean backwards to avoid his touch.

His hand retreats, a flash of understanding shooting through his eyes as he notices the intimacy of his contact with you. Throughout the entire night, he’d edged his way subconsciously closer to you just like now, eventually winding up so close his thighs brushed against your own with every subtle shift in his weight. Why, you couldn’t tell. But you hand an inkling.

‘Hoseok, give the girl some space…,’ Jin’s distinct voice scolds from across the circle, brow furrowing in disapproval as he takes in the scene. ‘You’re practically sitting on her…’ Your gaze flicks to Jin quickly, your embarrassment flushing your cheeks an even darker shade of pink as he glares at Hoseok, carefully watching to ensure he has shifted an appropriate amount from you. Your eyes dart between the others sitting in the circle to gauge their reaction - firstly to Yoongi, then on to Namjoon, before reconnecting with Jin.

‘Roll a six, and you end up in jail again…’ Yoongi mentions as his eyes scan the monopoly board layed out in front of the group, small smile toying across the corners of his lips. Games night with the hyungs, something you wouldn’t miss for the world… 

‘What?,’ His comment causes you to look down , head mentally calculating the squares between your position on the board, and the doom of jail a perfect 6 squares away. ‘How is that fair? I’ve been in jail four times already…’ You complain listlessly. If there was one thing you took seriously, it was your ability to win board games. That was the whole reason you’d come over tonight, to hold onto your reigning Monopoly championship title.

‘That’s just how the game goes…’ Yoongi responds cooly, no sympathy expressed for your predicament. You don’t doubt he was still bitter from the last time, when you’d wiped the board clean and managed to bankrupt every property he’d managed to obtain. 

‘Just roll… The probability of you getting a six are low anyway…’ Namjoon offers you as motivation, his eyes scanning the board quietly as if predicting how the game was going to play out, identifying a possible strategy he could use to take control of the situation. ‘It’s only about 16 percent.’

‘Okay… here goes…,’ You cup your hands around the dice, beginning to roll it between your palms.

‘Wait!,’ Hoseok’s hand grips your wrist, stopping you briefly. ‘Here….’ He carefully pries your palms apart, plucking the dice between this thumb and forefinger before offering it to you.

‘What?’ You question quizzically, confusion causing your brow to furrow as he shifts towards you once more, bring the dice closer to your lips.

‘You’ve got to kiss it…,’ He hovers it lightly in front of your mouth, wiggling it temptingly. ‘For good luck.’

‘Jesus, Hoseok…,’ Yoongi groans, his words flushed in an annoyed tone. ‘She’s going to loose anyway.’

‘No way. I’m going to win!’ You shoot defensively at Yoongi before pursing your lips, puckering them quickly against the dice. You were sure that you’d hit Hoseok’s fingers in your haste, the corners of your mouth dusting warmly against the fleshy pads of his fingertips, and his hand quickly withdraws in surprise.

‘Here…’ He offers meekly, dropping the dice back into your waiting palms. Without hesitation, you roll the dice across the board, cautiously following it’s movements. It wobbles slightly before drawing to a halt, falling with six red dots facing upwards.

The group immediately falls into applause, the loudest coming from Yoongi, the glee on his face evident as his hands clap together and his laugh echos.

‘That’s really unlucky…,’ Namjoon pouts, his head tilting to the side as his eyes take in the dice. ‘You only had a 16% chance of that happening…’

‘This is so unfair!’ You complain as you move to pick up the cool metal of your token, fingers plucking to shift it six spaces.

‘Wait!,’ Hoseok’s hand reaches down to halt your movement, his delicately long fingers gripping around your wrist. You feel the beat of your heart quicken slightly at the contact, his tight clasp surprising you with it’s strength. ‘I’ve got a get out of jail free card… I’ll let you use it.’

‘No!,’ Jin’s loud complaint echos across the room in disbelief. He tosses his hands in the air, brow furrowing as his voice drops an octave in anger. ‘What kind of anarchy is this? You can’t just give her the card… She has to buy it!’

‘Yeah… that doesn’t seem fair.’ Namjoon nods in agreement, his own eyes narrowing as he shifts his gaze between you and Hoseok.

‘How am I meant to pay for it?,’ The exasperation in your voice is evident as you stare forcefully at Jin. Hoseok’s palm is still gripping you, your thoughts lost in a way to escape the situation. ‘I’ve got no money and I’ve already bankrupted four of my properties…’

‘That’s not my fault…’ Jin shrugs, his face twisting in an egotistical grin.

‘Come on, guys… ,’ Hoseok glaces at you to study your face before motioning down to the board with his free hand, eyes wide in a puppydog beg. ‘Just be nice… She’s had bad luck.’

‘Okay, listen…,’ Yoongi’s tone is authoritative, his black sleeve clad arms swinging in a decisive line over the board to halt the argument. ‘As the banker, I agree it’s not fair for the card to be accepted free of charge…’

‘But…’ Yoongi cuts your interruption short with a rueful look and a single twist of his hand in your direction to silence you.

‘However, I am willing to make an exception and offer an alternative currency to be used…,’ His words cause Seokjin to whine, a gabbled mumble of complaint bubbling from his lips too quickly for you to catch what it was. ‘Kisses. If you want the card, you’ve got to pay in a kiss.’

‘She’s not kissing you!’ Hoseok’s body rises in protest as he draws himself upwards, coming to a kneeling position to tower protectively over your body.

‘Sit down, Hoseok… Of course she’s not… I don’t own the stupid card.,’ Yoongi waves his hands absently in his direction. ‘She’s kissing you.’ Hoseok’s face falters, eyebrows rounding as his eyes widen and mouth hangs open slightly in surprise. Your own heart quickens as you glance downwards, too embarrassed to look at any of others.

Jin’s laugh rips through the silence, the sharp hacks chorusing together with the clap of glee Namjoon’s hands make. You’re not sure whether it’s the alcohol or the prospect of beating you by such a large margin, but both seemed ecstatic at Yoongi’s suggestion. The only one who seemed partially unsure was the one who’s hand was still clutching your own. 

‘Hyung…’ Hoseok’s voice falters slightly, the surprise so clear it masked any clues as to whether he wanted this to happen or not.

‘Okay.,’ You agree, your voice steadier than you thought it would be. ‘I’ll do it…’ Your response has Hoseok’s disbelieving face turning towards you.

‘I mean… if you’re okay with it, Hoseok…,’ You add quickly, shoulders shrugging towards him in question. ‘I’ve got to get out of jail as soon as possible if I’m going to make a comeback.’

‘In front of everyone?’ Hoseok asks, eyes scanning your face quickly to search for any hint you were uncomfortable with the thought.

‘Well we aren’t going to know if she’s paid up otherwise…’ Namjoon answers.

‘Here.,’ You pat the spot next to you, shifting your body to come to your knees. Hoseok’s final look at your face must have found no evidence, his nod of consent is slow and hair flopping slightly against his brow bone as he takes his position as requested. He sits on his calves, feet tucked neatly under his weight as his hands rest awkwardly on his thigh muscles. ‘Just a peck, right?’ You catch Yoongi nodding in response from the corner of your eye.

Quickly, swiftly, your body weight moves you forward, your face angling itself close to Hoseok’s. Your hands grip his forearms for stability as you purse your lips, the sound of your brief contact echoing in the now silent room. His lips are sweet, despite the bitter stout of the beer he’d consumed, like the artificial taste of mango you’d find in a lip balm designed for young girls. Their softness leaves a humming tingle against your own despite the millisecond of contact you’d hand with him.

The contact breaks as you shift your weight slightly backwards, only now coming to realise your eyes had been closed the whole time. Drawing up the courage to open them, your vision is immediately filled with the sight of Hoseok drawing towards you once more, lips parted and slightly wet from the sheen of your first kiss.

He presses his pout against yours, tongue slipping from behind his teeth to lick lightly against your bottom lip as a request for entrance. You allow him, parting slightly to give him access as he licks along your tongue, the full impact of his kiss causing a surge of heat to form between your legs.

The pressure of his mouth eases against yours, the feeling of his lips curling into a bright smile serving as encouragement for you to press harder into him. You respond by rolling your tongue against his, the hand placed on his forearm moving upwards to cup against his chin. Your thumb strokes gently against his flesh, happily devouring his mouth as he reciprocates. 

Eventually, you pull apart, breathing heavy and eyes glued to each other.

‘Well shit…,’ Yoongi’s shaky voice breaks the heavy silence that has fallen over the other boys in the circle. ‘I wasn’t expecting that.’ 

‘Card, please.,’ You request, hand held out in offering to Hoseok. ‘I think I’ve paid enough for it.’


Pia Camil
A Pot for Latch, 2016
Participatory installation at the New Museum

For A Pot for a Latch, Camil presents a participatory sculptural installation produced specifically commissioned for the Lobby Gallery of the New Museum. Inspired by the modular display systems typically used by vendors, Camil has constructed a succession of gridwall panels of her own design, complete with built-in hooks, shelves, and other fixtures for displaying items. Composed of grids, lines, and geometric shapes, the structures form a volumetric drawing within the space of the gallery, referencing cheap commercial constructions as well as the serial patterning of paintings and sculptures made by Minimalist artists such as Sol LeWitt and Agnes Martin.

The title of the exhibition refers to the potlatch, a ceremonial gift-giving festival practiced by the Native-American peoples of the Pacific Northwest coast, for whom it continues to be a system of wealth redistribution. Camil invites the public to participate in the ongoing creation of her piece on designated days, during which visitors are encouraged to exchange their own unique items for others in the installation. The composition on the gridwall panels is thereby in flux and is repeatedly altered throughout the course of the exhibition. With A Pot for a Latch, Camil transforms the gallery space into a shop of sorts, in which the monetary value of an object is supplanted by its personal history and significance.

Visitors are invited to exchange items for those in the installation during a series of six public events.

CONCEPT: Re: Gem Apples?

Why not? 

Let’s include an alternate currency. No, you don’t pay me a dime, put that money away. In this world, much unlike Dream Kingdom, Gem Apples in the Dynamic Curse are much more rare and aren’t used as normal currency. However, a particular shoppe owner is lookin’ for these rare treasures anyway and needs Kirby’s help. They are limited in number and there is a small list of boons and services he will provide Kirby and his Helper party. 

That being said, there is only a set number of Gem Apples that can be found on each Stage and the stuff you can buy with them are only able to be purchased once per save file. I will make sure there are enough collectible Gem Apples to be able to purchase every special item in that shoppe once.

Digital Currency Looks To Charge Up Solar Electricity Production

by Morgen E. Peck

A new project called SolarCoin seeks to make investments in solar energy just a little bit more attractive for anyone who may be on the fence. It’s a brand new digital currency of the Bitcoin ilk whose creators are offering to disburse to anyone who can prove that they’ve generated solar electricity. Right now, each megawatt-hour of electricity that your solar panels pump into the grid will get you one SolarCoin.

The goal, they say, is very simple. “SolarCoin will help make more solar energy,” currency founder Nick Gogerty tells Txchnologist. “In economics, whatever has more money flowing through it generally gets amplified. Throwing SolarCoin at solar electricity producers is the goal.”

To that end, SolarCoin Foundation volunteers began verifying electricity production claims in a pilot program this January. A third party reads each applicant’s meter to determine the amount of coins granted. The coins are then disbursed from a reservoir of “pre-mined” coins that the foundation has on hand.

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Y’all have to help me blease I can’t keep all these hatchlings. Find them here.

M Coatl - Honeydew/Blue/Iris - 30kt (Lore parents/sib!)

M Coatl - Peridot/Grape/Shadow - 30kt  (Lore parents/sib!)

M Guardian- Umber/Chocolate/Flaxen - 20kt (Lore parents!)

F Fae - Silver/Flint/Flint - 15kt (Lore parents/sib!)

F Fae - Blackberry/Pink/Pink 10g (breeding project reject)

F Fae - Mulberry/Pink/Pink 10g (breeding project reject)

F Pearlcatcher- Shadow/Pink/Pink 10g (dad clone, reject)

Will accept alternate currency at 1g:800t, just send a cr to glitterdusted #260152

Eclipse Phase Campaign Intro


And you might be thinking to yourself “That’s a pretty sweet earth!” WRONG. 

It’s somewhere around the 22nd century and things have really gone to shit. Massive climate change and pollution, erosion of civil rights, increased wealth disparity and a planet that is positively overflowing with violence. 

This violence comes to a head in a span of complete global conflict. Insurgencies, rebellions, corporate wars and and national wars are turning Earth into an even-more-unstable bloodbath. 

Once humanity was good and softened, the TITANS launched their attack. Incredible Self-Improving AIs developed as a definitely-not-skynet tactical network, they promptly engaged in a horrific campaign of bizarre violence against humanity. 

Self-replicating, self-improving nanoswarms, horrendous mutations, plagues, memetic pathogens, hijacked WMD strikes and all sorts of other unsavory shit made an appearance. We responded to this rising threat in a calm and level manner.

Just kidding, we nuked the FUCK out of them! and eachother for good measure! Unfortuntely, the TITANS had evolved so far past us that trying to ineffectually nuke them was probably part of their game plan. 

Earth was proper hosed, with similar but smaller scale attacks on Mars and Luna also occurring. The TITANS killed a massive amount of the population and abducted untold thousands, either by ripping their Egos right out of their cortical stacks by various means, or employing flying buzz-saw robots that literally just lopped your head off and flew away with it. 

Then, for reasons that remain unclear, the TITANS decided to fuck off through recently discovered devices called the Pandora Gates, vanishing elsewhere into the galaxy with their collection of shattered lives and severed heads. 

After the Fall, transhumanity is split up into a couple of broad categories. 

From the Sun to Mars (except the Earth, which practically nobody wants to touch with a ten parsec pole BEFORE you take the autonomous murder satellites into consideration) you have the Planetary Consortium. This is basically a conglomeration of ruthless 80′s cyberpunk hypercorporate douche-hammers. There are dissidents and anarchists on every planet, but the the inner system is pretty solidly ruled by the hypercorps. 

Past Mars, you have the Jovian Republic, which is basically the last bastion of Red Blooded Conservatism™, Catholicism, and general screaming about how fire is scary and Thomas Edison was a witch. While having some pretty solid points about how reckless technological advancement put the human race in a major stranglehold, they also largely refuse to use technologies such as resleeving, body modification and nanofabrication, which makes life a lot shittier for them. They make up for this disadvantage with a very large standing military and the general willingness to use it to extort taxes and protection money from people using Jupiter’s gravity well or nearby resources. 

Starting in the Jupiter Trojans and out further rimwards, you have the anarchists. These come in just about every flavor of anarchists you can think of, and they live with varying levels of success. They are remarkably organized and more than willing to posse up and paste both the Jovian Republic and the Planetary consortium right in the chops if sufficiently provoked. This has has happened more than once in the ten years since the fall. 

Among them you will find scientists, activists, experimental governments and 100% free market capitalists. They mostly get along okay, but there is a predictable amount of infighting. 

Hanging around in this region but also bouncing around the inner system are the Scum, massive anarchist party barges living a nomadic, hedonistic lifestyle drifting among the the planets. Scum barges are where you score the good drugs and the REALLY interesting sex workers. 

Lastly, you have the brinkers, which vary from whack-job space cults, deep-cover military operations, experimental-governance habs, asteroid miners, and bonafide crazy assholes. There is literally a habitat made of frozen bacon out there, that’s how nutty these dipshits can get. 

Nuances of the World 

There’s a lot of goddamn setting lore, so we’ll just cover some of the more unique stuff for now. 

Cortical Stacks 

Little computers that store the Ego, i.e. what people consider to be the actual person, lodged in your brain stem. These guys are tougher than expired gas-station jerky and can be recovered in the (highly probable) event that somebody kills your ass. There are billions of people floating around as infomorphs, digital consciousnesses, after the Fall. 


Very limited AI helper programs that basic function as an extremely proactive version of Google Now. Can have their own distinct personalities, and some are fancier than others. 


In Eclipse Phase, your body is basically equipment that you can mod the shit of. It’s feasible to be a genetically enhanced human, a robot, an uplifted octopus (or wide variety of other animals) or a motherfucking space whale. Yes, Space Whales are a thing, just like the Bacon Habitat. 

Reputation and Economies 

There are, broadly, three economic states. The Old, Transitional, and New Economies. Old economies purely use money, while transitional ones use both money AND rep scores. New Economies are based entirely around rep. 

Reputation is kind of like a reddit karma score, if people could leave tags on you such as “Asshole driver,” “always smells like patchouli” and “was a polite houseguest but wound up killing and eating my grandmother.”

Rep is not an alternate currency, Rep is an alternative TO currency. It’s based on your actions and also your ability to do favors for people. it does not mean you get shit for free. Saving kittens from a TITAN-inflicted grease fire is all well and good, but it’s not going to automatically get you access to your neighbor’s space-porsche, particularly if you have a lot of dings on your rep for randomly crashing into shit while driving. 

This can be a useful tool for GM’s as it provides a much more concrete incentive PC’s not to be a bunch of antisocial murderous dickbags… because people everywhere will stop selling them guns if they do.

There are several different flavors of Rep to be had. Anarchists, Firewall, Scientists, Corporations, Criminal Networks, Media personalities and more are all viable circles to invest in. 

Depending on the culture you are in, you will need to be able to provide compensation through goods, services or information, be in a position to do an equal favor for that person later, demonstrate sufficient need and responsibility with the things in question, or be sufficiently pitiful and sad in order to get favors done for you.

In New and a decent amount of Transitional economies, most basic necessities are freely and easily available, such as food, clothing and basic weaponry. 

Living space for your meat sack, however, can be another matter. 

anonymous asked:

What's the difference between Anarcho-Communism and Anarchosyndicalism?

The difference of views between Anarcho-Communism and Anarcho-syndicalism lies on the “organizational dualism” (revolutionary dualism) theory proposed by anarchist communists and opposed by the anarcho-syndicalists. 

Anarcho-syndicalists look at the union not only as a mean but as a revolutionary end (the first aim of the revolution is class struggle). In order to obtain the liberation of the working class, the anarchist trade unionists agree in some cases with some Marxist unions or organizations.
The International Workers’ Association (IWA; Spanish: AIT; German: IAA) is the international federation of anarcho-syndicalist labor unions and initiatives.

Anarcho-communists split instead the incitement to revolution of the unions and workers groups (the mass organization) by the revolutionary action that should be done by a transversal organization of workers and dispossessed (the so called “specific anarchist organization”).

According to Anarchist Communists the revolutionary practice of organizational dualism is the way through which anarchism differs from Marxism that on the other hand looks at the working class (mainly industrial) to lead and win the revolution. The presence of unions (the mass movement) close by the specific organization would be an antibody to the authoritarian deviation and the dictatorship of the proletariat.

According to the Anarchist Communists this dualism would also allow a more cohesive revolutionary structure, and common shared objectives leading to the emancipation of the workers through autonomous social movements that would overcome the polarization of the union.

The International of Anarchist Federations (IAF; French: IFA) contains a large number of anarchist-communist federations and individuals. Founded in 1968 the IAF has since aimed to build and improve strong and active international anarchist’ structures. The federations associated with IAF believe that such an organization is necessary to co-ordinate their international work and efficiently co-operate towards their mutual aims. In order to further improve the quality of exchange and co-operation, IAF also keeps close contact with other anarchist organizations, such as the International Workers Association (IWA).

Anarcho-syndicalism primary purpose is class war: it seeks to abolish the wage system and private ownership of the means of production and its goal is workers’ self-management.
Anarcho-syndicalists militants have theorized different methods of class struggle: the general strike (considered the most effective means available to the working class to regain possession of the means of production), direct action (occupation, picket lines, etc.), the boycott and sabotage (refusal to produce certain goods and boycott by the proletariat of the products).
Anarcho-syndicalism focuses primarily on the labor movement, but it is also probably the one that has undergone a greater decline due to the disintegration of class consciousness.

Anarchist communism stresses egalitarianism and the abolition of social hierarchy and class distinctions that arise from unequal wealth distribution, the abolition of capitalism and money, and the collective production and distribution of wealth by means of voluntary associations.
In anarchist communism, the state and property would no longer exist. Each individual and group would be free to contribute to production and to satisfy their needs based on their own choice. Systems of production and distribution would be managed by their participants. The abolition of wage labor is central to anarchist communism. With distribution of wealth being based on self-determined needs, people would be free to engage in whatever activities they found most fulfilling and would no longer have to engage in work for which they have neither the temperament nor the aptitude.

Basically Anarchist communism is a larger movement, and regards the self-management of workers and class war as much as the liberation of all the oppressed.
Anarcho-syndicalism is a revolutionary strategy which struggles for the emancipation of the workers gathered in revolutionary unions, and takes as its goal the establishment of anarchist communism (or collectivism) through class war.
The two movements are then not really opposed but complementary and both necessary for the revolutionary approach.

History gives us some examples on the anarchist communist revolutionary praxis. In the Spanish Civil War, an anarchist social revolution would have been impossible without the help of revolutionary trade unions such as CNT (Confederación Nacional del Trabajo) and FAI (Federación Anarquista Ibérica).
For a long time, until the Spanish Revolution, the two organizations acted according to the principles of organizational dualism: CNT represented the mass organization (union) and FAI the revolutionary specific (across the board political organization).
FAI acted as a kind of ancillary of the CNT, which was also the armed and illegal faction (in addition to self-defense actions, were frequent robberies of self-financing).

During the social revolution within the Spanish Civil war, the agrarian and industrial collectives instituted immediately economic equality in accordance with the essential principle of communism, ‘From each according to his ability and to each according to his needs.’ They coordinated their efforts through free association in whole regions, created new wealth, increased production (especially in agriculture), built more schools, bettered public services and founded popular defense committees.

They instituted not bourgeois formal democracy but genuine grass roots functional libertarian democracy, where each individual participated directly in the revolutionary reorganization of social life. They replaced the war between men, ‘survival of the fittest,’ by the universal practice of mutual aid, and replaced rivalry by the principle of solidarity.

The workers and peasants collectivized land and industry in Aragón and Catalonia and set up councils based on direct democracy. Factories were run through worker committees, agrarian areas became collectivized and run as libertarian communes. Even places like hotels, barber shops, and restaurants were collectivized and managed by their workers. Moreover they instituted new types of exchanges based on mutualism, the gift economy or barter, and adopted alternative currencies that were worth only to quantify the goods in their possession.

“The difference between communist-anarchism and syndicalism, I would argue, is rooted in different perspectives on the nature and role of the labour movement within anarchism. Let me be clear that the communist-anarchist and the syndicalist agree on the importance of working class self-organisation and direct action. 

So rather than being anti-syndicalism as some historians have suggested, the communist-anarchist position is actually syndicalism-plus. Syndicalism is a tactic, an important one, but it is not the be-all and end-all of anarchist activity. So, in effect, communist-anarchists would suggest that syndicalists turn a means into an end and fail to acknowledge the importance of anarchist groups working within the unions to keep them radical.

In the historical development of the anarchist movement, the revolutionary organizational dualism was neglected in diverse countries in detriment to a position that said that “syndicalism/ trade unionism” (that accumulated set of social movements) was enough. Not for us. We believe that the duty of the specific anarchist organization, what Malatesta called the anarchist “party”, is to articulate the force of the anarchists around a common proposal and to stimulate the social movements that they advance more and more beyond their demands, being able to forge the basis of a revolutionary transformation.

It is important to emphasize that organizational dualism does not presuppose a relation of subordination or hierarchy between the two instances mentioned. In our understanding of anarchism the specific anarchist organization and the social movements are complimentary. The relation of the specific anarchist organization presupposes ethical and horizontal relations, that imply the absence of relations of hierarchy or domination over the instances that participate.

The role of the specific anarchist organization is to act as a catalyst of social struggles. We don’t believe that political organizations must guide or direct the struggles, as the Marxist-Leninist primer says. Bakunin’s conception of active minority is very useful for us in this regard. The active minority does not impose, dominate, establish hierarchical relations or control within the social movements.”

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Quick prompt! The long nights at MI6 means Q gets little sleep when there is an important mission. I would love to see a very sleepy Q giving Bond his equipment and forgetting for a moment where he is Q gives Bond a kiss goodbye like he does every morning. Basically outing their relationship to the entire Q branch. – anon

Teehee, I love writing fluff from time to time. Jen.

Q suppressed a yawn with difficulty, aware that Bond was less than impressed with his state - Bond always got cross when Q had stopped sleeping – and equally, was finding it very funny. The mix of amusement, exasperation and worry was very familiar.

“… so this is your gun, coded as normal, tickets and alternative passport, currency, and some special feature on the briefcase… this bit fires a tranquiliser dart, if you remove this bit you can store papers et cetera, I’ve already packed it, and I left the Le Carre in there for the train, fuck, sorry, plane. Happy?”

Bond rolled his eyes. “Yes, I’m happy. Thank you, Quartermaster.”

Q smiled at him. “Double-oh seven. Yes. Bring the equipment back in one piece, if you would?”

“I’ll do my best.”

“You’re a nightmare,” Q replied, mumbling slightly. “Off you go. There will be forfeits for missing equipment.”

Bond grinned widely and slightly scarily, and picked up the briefcase.

Fuck, I forgot to tell you about the buzz saw.”

Never, in all of Bond’s life, had he put down a briefcase so fast.

Q lifted it with worrying confidence, pressing it open and ducking to one side on instinct as the dart fired; it sank into R’s shoulder, and she managed a series of very imaginative curses before collapsing.

“… bugger,” Q muttered. “Heloise, can we get a clean up down here, R’s out. Just a tranq, but that’s the third time this week…”

Occasionally, the casualty level in Q-branch was truly extraordinary. They had attempted a proud “No Accidents In __ Days!”, and given that up fairly quickly after failing to get through two hours, let alone days.

“Max, could you take over on her prototype, I want it done for this evening.”

“It is evening,” Bond reminded Q, who looked rather surprised for a moment. “Q, you need to go get some sleep.”

Q nodded tiredly. “I’m aware. Buzz saw first.”

“Should you be handling a buzz saw when you’re this tired?”

Q shot him a look of unbridled vitriol. Bond shut up.

Buzz saw explained – and really, Bond wished it wasn’t there, given that he was reasonably fond of his fingers – and Q seemed to visibly calm, actually feeling the exhaustion that was visible in his entire being.

Another yawn. “Be safe, James,” he murmured, and pulled Bond towards him, kissing him gently and sighing contentedly as Bond’s arms slid around him.

Bond’s breath was hot in his ear: “I think that’s the cat officially out of the bag,” he told Q.

Q straightened, abruptly very aware that the entirety of his branch were watching. “… all of you, back to work,” he told them coldly, face an extraordinary colour of pink. “Now.”

They all busied themselves, but Q could hear the underrunning giggling, just audible – not to mention that Bond was shaking with suppressed laughter. “I hate you,” Q muttered at him, but smiled in spite of himself. “Well. There’s that.”

Bond leaned in, and kissed him. “There’s that, indeed.”

princess and the pauper is so important to me like

fleshed out female characters with interesting back stories??? check

singing your way out of prison??? check

the princess discovering an alternate source of currency and saving the economy of her kingdom?? check

awesome music?? check