I Dare You To Love Me

Title: I Dare You to Love Me
Author: howellsprincess
Artist: philslesters (prepare to cry omfg *click HERE and HERE for the amazing fic art*)
Beta: ilovebooks-foreverphilslesters, and thatsmistertoyou (big big thank yous to alex and michelle for stepping to help me <3)
Word Count: 28,573
Rating: PG-13 for lanaguage and mild sexual content.
Warnings: unrequited love, a bit of a sexuality crisis, infidelity, a tad bit of angst, and a really awkward porn watching scene (mild smut).
Summary: AU! Dan owns a popular flower shop and has more of a passion for flowers than he does for people. That is, until Phil stumbles into his shop - and consequently into his life as the two develop a fast friendship and Dan finds himself all but infatuated with him. But there’s a problem: Phil’s engaged and Dan is the florist for his wedding. And even more complications arise when Phil begins questioning everything he’s ever known about love - and himself - when he realizes that the path to true love isn’t always… straight. 
Author’s Notes: inspired by the film, “Imagine Me & You”. features some Phil/OFC. ~disclaimer~ i’m not claiming that all of the ‘definitions’ in this fic are 100% accurate, i’m just going by what i’ve found online :) 

this is too olddd please pleaaseee ignore Rachel/Raven I killed her

but i’m reading AU fanfics again and then I remembered this. It makes me so happy! 

I have played a lot with their normal teenager sides since I discovered their true identities years ago. It’s funny and so easy to identify with. It’s like… i can feel these precious characters so much closer, and of course it makes my heart so warm and fuzzy because of the memories of the thousand fics i have written. 

(I have been always too scared to write about the Titans themselves. I’m not consider myself capable of handle their personalities and keeping their essence perfectly. So everytime I wanted to write a fic was an AU where I could take some liberties and have fun with the most random stuff)

Not sure how to name Mas y Menos though. Any suggestions? 

i think i’m going to draw a new thing now 

anonymous asked:

Hello! :D Are there any AU fanfics where Magnus is a fashion designer??

I’ll make a list below! Also, the last fic in this list is one where Magnus is studying fashion design and not exactly a fashion designer, but I put it in anyways. Hope this helped!

Magnus Bane, fashion designer and owner of the most wanted fashion magazine is looking for a new photographer. Alec Lightwood, internet sensation for his photography blog is looking to take his work to another level. What happens when both worlds collide? can they make it work and reach what they want? All Human.

Sequel to ‘Prestigious’. One-Shot. Four years have gone by for the photographer Alexander Lightwood. Now the time has come to take another step with certain fashion designer and magazine owner.

*EARLY SUBMISSION FOR MALEC WEEK ON TUMBLR* Day Three: Isabelle gets sick and can’t make an interview that could be the turning point for her fashion career. Alec offers to go in her place, to meet the famous fashion designer Magnus Bane at Java Jones and put forward the questions given to him by Isabelle. Alec knows nothing about fashion but can Magnus change his mind?

“He reminds me of a cat, almost.” Isabelle raised her eyebrows at this.

“A feline?” She smirks.

“Please don’t.”

“So what’s he like, then?” She asked impatiently. Alec thought back to his first encounter with the strange man, how he felt as if intimidation and fascination to him combined to a new level and made him a little weak at the knees.

Mail Keeps Coming to the Wrong Address AU Contains fashion designer! Magnus and university student! Alec.

Human AU . Alec works two jobs, lives in a crappy apartment and is a disappointment to everyone around him. Magnus is the hottest fashion designer in New York who can’t seem to forget the blue eyes sales man. Yes its cheesy and cliche and full of fluff 

This is based after the characters from The Mortal Instruments have finished High School, Alec is a English teacher at the local High School. Magnus is a fashion designer and runs a magazine named ‘Glitter and Glamor’. Alec has a huge crush on Magnus but Magnus never takes much notice of Alec, can Alec get Magnus to see him or will they never be together? I DON’T OWN TMI!

Magnus has always relied on his instinct, but picking up pretty hitchhikers is just asking for trouble.
Part 1 of Maybe We’re A Love Story

AU. Magnus is a successful fashion designer and he has it all. The fame, fortune, talent, beauty. What could go wrong? Oh, that sexy yet so average blue-eyed boy working at a coffee shop. Alec doesn’t have the best life, he was raised in a violent orphanage and is now re-contemplating suicide. How will Magnus handle this? More importantly, how will Alec?

Magnus Bane is the top fashion designer in all of the United States, but despite all of this, he still doesn’t know his photographer until barging into his office one day. He’s struck immediatly to the bone with this blue eyed, black haired man and sets off to win his affection. But when a rival company tries to unseat Magnus’s fame, they target his blue eyed weak point. M for Yaoi

Alexander Lightwood is newly retired from his service in Afghanistan after being impaired by a roadside bomb. Also recently out of the closet, Alec struggles to come to terms with his “new” self, both mentally and physically. Then comes Magnus Bane; loud, out and proud, covered with glitter from head to toe and just happens to be the owner of the prestigious store chain “MB”, and a photographer as well. After Magnus is asked to do a photo shoot to raise money and awareness for those living with prosthetics, their two worlds come crashing together. Alexander finds himself accidentally catching the attention of Magnus Bane…
Not that he’s complaining.

Alec Lightwood is ready to spend the rest of his life teaching and living at a hidden boarding school. Magnus Bane, world famous fashion designer, once had all he needed; a dream career, someone to love, a happy family… but then came the loss… a loss he hopes to fill with model Camille Belcourt. But what happens when two worlds collide? Malec AU with the Blackthorn kids 

Malec fic. Alec is a freshman with a music scholarship. Magnus is a sophomore majoring in fashion design. And they seem to keep bumping into each other. Apparently, they are meant to be together. But will the secrets of Alecs past threaten everything? M rated for later chapters.
nearly wizards

title: Nearly Wizards (chaptered)
author: ohphil
artist: the lovely mary aka vulpeslester (link to their artwork here, here, and here)
beta: the wonderful anna aka waterberry-strawmelon
word count: 32.2k
rating: M-17
warnings: lots of swearing, smut, possibly offensive british curses, rivalry, some injuries (so blood mention, injury mentions)
summary: When Dan Howell arrives at Hogwarts, the school of his dreams, he hardly expected any trouble. But if a fight is what Phil Lester wants, then a fight is exactly what he’s about to get.
author’s notes: wow um where do i even start?? first off, this is the very first phanfic that i’ve ever wrote. and by that, i mean the first one that i’ve started, stuck with, saw through to the end, and finished. is it conceited of me to say that i’m extremely proud of myself? i never thought i would be able to do it. i thought i would give up, like i usually do. i thought i would get bored and drop out, only to regret it later. but i didn’t!! and i’m so!! happy!! i love how this turned out. i did the best that i could, and i’m proud. i would also very much like to thank my beta, anna, who dealt with my terrible chapter submission consistency. i’m sorry i made you wait so much in between each chapter. you’re such a great person, and i’m glad i got to work with you on such a big project of mine. and to my artist mary, you are so incredibly talented. i am so so lucky to have gotten an artist with so much talent and who could make my story come to life a bit. thank you both for everything!!that’s enough of my odd rambling. i hope you all enjoy this story very very much, as i definitely enjoyed writing it. peaceskies!! <3

I wonder how their story will be if it was in the school world…Here you have Gajeel and Levy wearing Ryuuji and Taiga’s uniform. 

The characters belong to Hiro Mashima.

Hey everyone. I just want to share my art with you and ask a little favor. I really want to see this colored. I will do it if I was good at it. Pretty pleaaaseee!

Btw. I hope you like it.
words mean more at night
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: insomniaks (effervescently)
Pairing: Malec
Rating: T
Word Count: 957 words
Summary: Set in the Mortal Instruments universe. Everything is the same except soul mates exist. Their first words to you appear on your wrist on your 18th birthday.

promise me forever

Pairings: Kyungsoo/Jongin

Rating: NC-17

Length: 11.1k

Genre: Romance, Fluff, CEO!AU, Assistant!AU

In which Kim Jongin is one of the most brilliant (and arrogant) CEOs in Seoul and yet he’s too stupid  to even notice how his assistant feels about him.

Signs and Soulmarks

Author: Someone aka Me
Pairing: Malec
Rating: K
Word Count: 2,874 words
Summary: Alec has never spoken a word. He can’t. In a world where soulmates are connected by Soulmarks that show the first words the other will say to them, he wonders what this means for his soulmate. Malec.

nonstop earthquake dreams of you by lumineres

pairings: louis/harry, zayn/liam

wordcount: 37,265

summary: And there’s heat behind it, blazing, plasmatic, like stars crashing together, like an explosion in space, like a supernova, like a black hole–everything else sucked out of existence. There’s no bed and there’s no pillow and they’re not lying down, just floating somewhere, somehow, and there’s no room and there’s no X Factor house and there’s no Niall snuffling or Liam’s deep, even breathing and there’s no wind or traffic outside and there’s no hum of the heating unit and it’s all just Louis. All encompassingly Louis.

or, harry falls hard and finds louis already at the bottom