Alternative ways to charge sigils when you’re out of energy

Sigil usage 101 tells us that in order to successfully use and activate sigils we have to charge them first. Here are some of the methods that you can use when you are too tired for usual way of charging (using your own energy).


~ Draw the sigil on a piece of paper. Put it near the speakers. Blast some energetic music (or whichever music you like, depends on what your sigil is for). Activate the sigil.


~  Take a small candle. Carve the sigil in the bottom of the candle. Light the candle and the sigil will be charged til the flame reaches bottom and burns it, which will simultaneously activate it. 


~ Draw the sigil on a piece of paper. Dip it in full moon water and let it stay in it for as long as you feel it needs to be. When you feel the sigil is charged, activate it using your favourite method. 


~ Draw the sigil on a piece of paper. Put it in moonlight/sunlight and let it charge. Activate it.


~ Pick a few small rocks in the nature, wash them and cleanse them. Draw the sigil on a small rock and put it in a flower/plant pot / garden / near a tree / basically close to any plant so the sigil can charge on the plant’s energy. Activate it. 


If anybody has any other ideas, feel free to add! 

So a couple of days ago I had this dream where I was on a game show where you were given a question and two answers and you had to pick which one was the right one… Anyway the question was ‘Which has more time and effort put into it?’ and the answers were ‘research for find alternative sources of energy’ or 'UsUk fanfiction’ and you’ll never guess which one was correct.
Trump’s budget would cut funding for Appalachia — and his allies in coal country are livid
A top House Republican from Kentucky calls the cuts "draconian, careless and counterproductive."
By Brad Plumer

Look, at some level I don’t blame people from Appalachia for voting Trump. Coal industry is tied to the identity of the area, and that industry is dying. And when identities are threatened people get desperate.

Of course its dying because of the massive shifts in the economy over decades as alternative energy sources such as natural gas, solar, wind, etc. made coal more expensive energy source. That, and the introduction of less labor intensive things like strip mining. Heck, some pointed out, Trump’s desire to get all those pipelines going technically hurt coal even more.

So point is, Trump wasn’t going to keep the promise anyway because it was an impossible promise to keep. This is just being cruel, and Democrats wanting to win in this area have got to hit him hard and point out “Hey, we’re the party that actually tried to invest in this region”.

Aquarius Midheaven Careers

Anything in the social field. Social justice, social work, politician, activitst, fighting for equality and the rights of people. Progressive science - astronomy, astrology, engineering, alternative energy sources, environmental sciences. New age guru. Modern forms of art like photography, graphic design and film making that spread a message to the general public. Having influence on society in a progressive, future-oriented way.
Abbott government extends renewable energy investment ban to solar power
Clean Energy Finance Corporation banned from investing in small-scale solar projects in move industry claims is ‘revenge politics’ that will strangle the sector
By Shalailah Medhora

If the Government stops letting any alternate energy sources be manufactured we will have to rely on coal. This in turn will continue to keep as many of our coal mines open as possible.

Shitty news for the environment, shitty news for all present and future generations who’ll have to live with the ruined environment, shitty news for our economy since no effort is being made to investigate ANY other options to keep our economy strong while the rest of the world leaves coal behind.

This attempt to put our renewable energy sector in a strangle hold is more selfish, out of date, short term thinking that we’ve come to expect from the Government.