Team Galactic, Or, How I Learned To Stop Feeling And Love Nothing

Like many people, Pokémon represents a big chunk of my childhood. I was hooked from the moment I placed Pokémon Blue into my Gameboy, and to this day I still hold the franchise very close to my heart.

I’ve played at least one mainline game in every generation, and there are very few of them I’d ever call “bad” (some better than others, sure, but none ever dipping below the “good enough” line!).

The 7th Generation of Pokémon games was an interesting experiment, with Sun and Moon taking a much more character-driven focus to its story, as opposed to simply having a wafer-thin plot to fill in the gaps between Gym Leaders.

I can only speak for myself, of course, but I actually rather enjoyed SM for this. Lillie’s story was very interesting to me, and many were the times were I found myself very curious to see where it was headed. That’s not to say there weren’t flaws, obviously (a cutscene skip option would have been nice), and the story wasn’t exactly to the level of the majority of RPGs out there, but for what it was, I found it rather enjoyable.

This was, in no small part, due to its main villain Lusamine, who I’ve seen quite some fans call her the most complex Pokémon villain to date. And while I wouldn’t take away the fact Lusamine is a very interesting villain in her own right, I feel she has strong competition in terms of villainy in the Pokémon world.

Whoever your favorite villain in the entire series is, obviously, down to personal preference. This is just me gushing about a team and villain that I find to be remarkably fascinating for a Pokémon game, and who I believe to be one that gets somewhat misunderstood among the community.

So, with that (way too long) introduction out of the way, let’s talk about Team Galactic!

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Creating a Servitor

Hello again! This is the next installment in my thoughtform tutorials. You can find the first one, where the objective is to make a sentient thoughtform (sometimes called a tulpa) here! In this post, I’m gonna be giving you a guide on making a non-sentient thoughtform, known as a servitor. 

What’s the Difference?

Thoughtforms range on a broad spectrum from completely sentient and independent of their creator, to basically a machine or metaphysical computer program. Some servitors are literally just that: an object created outside of the mind and fueled by an energy source to run. Sometimes there is an ethical gray area on how personified your servitor is. 


I’m not going to sit here and say that my personal moral and ethical codes are the gold standard. This is different for everyone. But since this is my little guide, I’ll go with what I personally believe. I am not here to make slaves to do my bidding. That is not the goal. Every servitor I make runs like a computer would, but has fail-safes in case of developed sentience. Some witches prefer to dismantle the servitor if this happens. I go the “let them be a sentient thoughtform” route and let them live their lives by treating the situation like I explained in the previous post. I just think it’s weird to give something sentience and life and then take it away. If your servitor becomes a sentient thoughtform buddy, do not force them to do the job they were programmed for and make sure they understand they can do whatever they want. Educate them on their opportunities! Help them develop and grow! :)


Creating a servitor is usually pretty safe. But, like with any machine, things can go wrong. If your servitor goes off the rails and does its job in a way that is not planned, you need to develop a fail-safe of shutting it down. In the situation of developed sentience, some servitors might be pissed and come after you. The fail-safe in that situation is giving them an independent energy source, banishing them from your area, and working to ensure they develop in a healthy way from then forward. (unless you don’t care and just wanna dismantle them for safety purposes anyway… to each their own? yikes lol) In case of it just going off the rails completely, like a run-away forklift or something, and sentience is not the issue, it is necessary to either dismantle or temporarily shut down the servitor. You need to have a system in place to do that quickly. With that being said, it is safe to say that servitor creation is not for beginners. 

Step One: Purpose

Servitors are meant to automate your metaphysical life. To begin making one, you should start with figuring out the job you are programming the servitor do to! Tired of cleansing your crystals and other tools all the time? Your purpose will be to cleanse. Want to remember your dreams better? A servitor can make them more vivid. Just find a problem in life that you could fix with a manual spell and a servitor can do it for you on a regular basis! Common purposes are security and protection mechanisms, ward renewal, etc.

Step Two: Forming the Servitor 

You need to give your servitor a mental shape. A form. Giving it a humanoid form can be risky, because your subconscious might give it sentience. Imagining machines is usually the best course of action unless you are well practiced in servitor creation, or don’t care if it eventually turns into a sentient thoughtform friend. So, lets say I was making a cleanser. I would imagine a shower head built into my wall above the altar. This will be the servitor! You can get as fancy or simple as you want with it. I like to either draw the servitor or make a sigil to serve as a physical placeholder to keep on the altar. 

Step Three: Energy Sources

You need to determine energy sources for your servitor. You could make your own energy the source, but what is the point of making an automated metaphysical machine you’re still technically doing the work? I like to use energy tethers to the Sun, Moon, and Earth as sources. This way, day or night, the servitor always has something to run off of. If you’re making a servitor that is meant to suck up negative energy, make negative energy the energy source. But what if it sucks up all available negative vibes? Give it an alternate energy source like the Sun to keep it running :).

Step Four: Safety and Maintenance  

Like I discussed before, you need to work in safety measures. Design an alarm system to let you know if things go wrong. The moment you pick up on sentience, you need to have a plan in place. The moment a servitor goes haywire, you need to have a plan in place. Most of the time, servitors are fine and just need a little maintenance. You can check things over and spruce things up on the New Moon or the Full Moon if you follow moon cycles. Or just make a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly alarm to check things over. Either way, you need to do some upkeep. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!

Bad End Friends Masterpost!

liCollection of Ideas that were added to this AU! Which was original Bipper, IceFinn and Beast! Wirt, but now it seems that it has gotten bigger! New additions are being separated to make it easier and find the fandoms they originally came from! 

Gravity Falls

☻ Birthday Girl Mabel - Mabel can’t wait for her birthday and invites everyone she knows, and obviously her brother has to show up. But when no one comes, she is all alone and sooner or later she starts loosing her sanity and throws her own “Pity Party” And after hearing that Dipper isn’t going to show up, she goes ballistic and trashes the house, setting it aflame and deprives herself of sleep, not wanting the party to end. 

☻ Pacifica Northwood - Idea by @tigerlizii - Lumberjack ghost spares her life unlike the other Northwest’s, but he curses her into becoming wood creature/tree nymph

Star vs the Forces of Evil

 Monster Marco - Marco takes Toffee’s place including his clothing style, personality and rarely seen alternate creepy facade. Probably the most sane out of all the other Bad Enders but can get surprising really quickly. Mostly seen as a leader figure is very apathetic towards everyone, with the exception of Star and sometimes Tom.

 Mewberty Star - Mewberty strikes again but in a really unnerving way, making Star lose her senses and turns into a full love-crazed “yandere” and even becomes cannibalistic. She has a dark sense of humor that includes legit hearts.

 Pyromaniac Tom - Tom’s title as a demon and his own ignition powers aren’t enough to satisfy his sudden pyromania, so he finds more ways to set flames by burning everything in his path even if it kills someone. He uses this as a threat to other’s in the group, but of course most of them are unfazed, mainly with Mabel, Bipper and Marco. Marco finds his threatening amusing while Mabel shares the interest and Bipper just mocks him. However IceFinn and Wirt become very defensive. 

☻ Siren Jackie - A smaller addition to the group and shows up rarely,, luring in others with her majestic singing. Beautiful but extremely dangerous, at least she’s rare.

Adventure Time

 Feral Vampire Marceline - Simon never found her, so she was left on her own and grew up in the most wild of states, so she attacked anyone or anything in her way and it became an entertaining habit to her.

 Sugar Crashed Bubblegum - Bonnie is in the state where her mind consumes what she is and uses that as an alternate energy source. A “Sugar Crash” happens when someone consumes to much glucose and has fatigue, but since Bubblegum is entirely made of sugar, she is ultimately and constantly hyperactive. 

 Lich Jake - Must I say more?

Steven Universe

Steven Diamond/Polar Opposite - Instead of being the half-gem son of Rose Quartz, he is the son of Yellow Diamond and was raised by her instead. As said, Steven as his polar opposite.

 Crystal Clusters - The crystal gems eventually being mutated into gem clusters and it’s a literal painful thing to go through and is terrifying to them. 

 Or Rose Quartz being the one leading the invasion to Earth as well- @squidspookies :> Everything is Evil here man the poor Earth holy crap

 These ideas were inspired by the original AU and also came from these two as well!!

@sir-o-lantern @eldritch-bill-cipher I’m pretty sure there were a couple more but memory sucks :p

Oh yeah and the theme song!

Main: “Mad Hatter” by Melanie Martinez 

More from Melanie and Halsey match with this so much! Which is why we picked it, but Mad Hatter just sums up the entire concept! There you go! Share if you like to help this fandom grow! #Bad End Friends


AU Credit and the addition of Bipper, IceFinn and Wirt

anonymous asked:

I love hearing you talk about climate change so Im gonna ask a fe questions: alternative energy sources like wind and solar are always written off as unsustainable and/or too expensive to implement, is that true? also do you have ideas on how to increase the amt of people who believe in climate change? (also did you cronch pills?)

they’re actually not unsustainable or too expensive, the economist had a great article on this:

if you’ve reached your limit of the economist articles you can read without subscribing, there’s another summary of the article which includes socialism:

as for getting people to believe in climate change, that’s more complicated. as of now the people in control of our government and economy in general deny climate change and spread false info about it. there are a ton of think tanks backed by oil oligarchs dedicated to this.

spreading information is important. we need an organized left movement.

Day 1 (flowers) + Day 2 (passion)

The Epherea Flower emits aer/eleth and is found on the deepest part of every dungeon ever made, so our beloved genius mage duo traverse the world to study how to grow this flowers everywhere as an alternative energy source and find love in each other’s passion towards magic.And i shall call this story “Tales of Sustainia”! (Lame)

Anyways, what better way to publish a crack pairing than announcing it on a fandom wide event? Lol ;p

windiskywalker  asked:

Jesus the Heartland Institute thing sounds so awful now that I think about it. If it becomes legal to sue other industries for not producing enough CO2, they could successfully crush competitors that rely on alternative energy sources and essentially allow fossil fuel to become the unopposed standard of all energy resources. These people are evil as fuck.

I know they are really throwing exxon out of the water with that one
Linda Moulton Howe Earthfiles UPARS LA

For the hardcore UFOlogists

Published on 29 Jun 2017

In this 2-hour long speech at UPARS Los Angeles on June 20th, 2017, Linda Moulton Howe from Earthfiles synthesizes a wide range of topics in UFOlogy.

Linda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Communication. She has devoted her documentary film, television and radio career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment.

Ms. Howe has received local, national and international awards, including three regional Emmys and a national Emmy nomination. Those films have included Poison in the Wind and A Sun Kissed Poison which compared smog pollution in Los Angeles and Denver; Fire In The Water about hydrogen as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels; A Radioactive Water about uranium contamination of public drinking water in a Denver suburb; and A Strange Harvest which explored the worldwide animal mutilation mystery which has haunted the United States and other countries from the mid-20th century to date.

“Symbols & Binary Code in High Strangeness Phenomena”

Since the original Roswell UFO incident early July 1947, the U.S government has been continually making classified attempts at reverse-engineering and utilizing alien technologies in order to facilitate possible hyper speed travel or even defense systems in preparation for future possible alien attacks. Elements of the U.S government that have come out to talk to Linda have acknowledged that we have been visited both by friendly and malicious alien races who have generated high-strangeness phenomena such as abductions and crop circles most likely to advance their own alien agendas.

Hundreds of years before the advent of modern technology, numerous reports show signs of past alien encounters. Various symbols from some of these reports have occurred multiple times throughout history whether it be from the Roswell crash itself or from more modern encounters; these symbols along with binary code implanted in certain individuals’ minds either indirectly or from abductions seem to have meaning to them. These alien species seem to be trying to do more than interfere with human evolution, they are trying to communicate with us.

From bloodless animal mutilations to direct abductions and communications with us humans, alien species seem to have taken an express interest in our planet of Earth. Whether this interest is to achieve malicious or benign ends remains to be seen.

Auradon Improvement Initiative Explained! (Part 2): “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Beep Boop”: Magitech in Auradon

From a writer’s standpoint, Auradon’s Magic Ban is incredibly lazy and stupid.

Majority of the states of Auradon have heavily relied on magic, both for the incredible circumstances that led to their nobility taking power, and as an important everyday part of their lives, a means for improving and sustaining their standard of living.

Banning such a powerful tool is the stuff of dictatorships or abusive totalitarian states, akin to China’s completely shutting down the Internet to try and quell the unrest happening within its citizens.

It also feels dangerously hypocritical, as royals like Aladdin only managed to rise up to power with Genie’s magic, and to suddenly ban that and prevent anyone from ever benefiting from the thing that permanently changed his (and all of Agarbah’s) lives for the better for the sake of “fairness” is awful.

It is in essence the “I’ve got mine, now fuck off!” philosophy I hate so much.

This would be a good move if Auradon was meant to be portrayed and understood as the incredible sunny, smiling dystopia it is, but unfortunately, the canon and the intention of the writers is to portray it as someplace you’d actually want to live in, than a cautionary tale about the abuse of power and deifying your government officials, and why the people need to be checks on their leaders than blind followers.

“But it’s dangerous!” you might say, and they were right to ban it because it caused incredible amounts of suffering alongside the benefits.

But so do cars.

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meowdoglover  asked:

May I ask how the axis would react to a bird flying through the open window at a world meeting, lands on their head, and then poops on their notes?

This needs to happen in canon, that would be hilarious

Originally posted by gaiasnavel

//cries because there’s no gifs of Gilbird

Italy/ Feliciano Vargas

Germany would be proud of him, Italy is taking pretty careful notes. At the moment, the topic is global warming, and what are the alternative energy sources that they can use. Germany been talking about this for weeks now, can’t he move on from that? Italy takes a second to look at his notes. Sure they’re a little disorganized, but at least he can understand them. Unfortunately for Italy, a bird flew in and landed on his head. He didn’t mind, the bird wasn’t doing anything. Well, that’s until the bird flew off…and pooped on his notes. Only Romano saw this, and quietly snickered. Italy, meanwhile, is pretty upset by this and would quietly excuse himself while going to find that bird.

Germany/Ludwig Beilshmdit / Japan/Kiku Honda

America was talking about whatever is happening at his place, politics or something. Germany and Japan are looking over notes from previous topics. Should they take notes on this? Nah, America doesn’t really talk over important things. They don’t notice the bird that’s in front of them. But when they do, they wonder how it got in. That didn’t last long though, the bird took off and pooped on their notes. Germany sighs, that’s one set of notes ruined. He luckily has another notebook with the same exact notes. Japan is internally crying

South Italy/Lovino Vargas

He doesn’t even need to be here, gosh darn this. Romano is only here because his brother insisted…for some reason. Potato bastard has the floor, talking about whatever potato bastards talk about. He’s so bored that he’s just doodling, really. A bird suddenly flew very close to his face. When he tried to wave it off, it just pooped on his notes. Cue all that Italian rage

Prussia/Gilbert Beilshmdit

“Hoe don’t do it”

Gilbird didn’t listen and pooped on his sketch

Plants Are Far More Intelligent Than We Ever Assumed

Like higher organisms, plants appear able to make complex decisions. A new study shows that plants may be able to initiate a survival mechanism by aborting their own seeds to prevent parasite infestation.

Plants have previously been shown to draw alternative sources of energy from other plants. Plants influence each other in many ways and they communicate through “nanomechanical oscillations” vibrations on the tiniest atomic or molecular scale or as close as you can get to telepathic communication.

Plants exhibit intelligence with an intrinsic ability to process information from several type of stimuli that allows optimal decisions about future activities in a given environment.

Stefano Mancuso from the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology at the University of Florence, Italy, and his colleagues are starting to apply rigorous standards to study plant hearing (Trends in Plant Sciences, vol17, p323). Their preliminary results indicate that corn roots grow towards specific frequencies of vibrations. What is even more surprising is their finding that roots themselves may also be emitting sound waves. For now, though, we have no idea how a plant might produce sound signals let alone how they might detect them.

Scientists from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) and the University of Gottingen have now shown from their investigations on Barberry (Berberis vulgaris), that it is is able to abort its own seeds to prevent parasite infestation.

The results, as reported in a news release, are the first ecological evidence of complex behavior in plants. They indicate that this species has a structural memory, is able to differentiate between inner and outer conditions as well as anticipate future risks, scientists write in the renowned journal American Naturalist — the premier peer-reviewed American journal for theoretical ecology.

The European barberry or simply Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) is a species of shrub distributed throughout Europe. It is related to the Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium) that is native to North America and that has been spreading through Europe for years. Scientists compared both species to find a marked difference in parasite infestation: “a highly specialized species of tephritid fruit fly, whose larvae actually feed on the seeds of the native Barberry, was found to have a tenfold higher population density on its new host plant, the Oregon grape”, reports Dr. Harald Auge, a biologist at the UFZ.

This led scientists to examine the seeds of the Barberry more closely. Approximately 2000 berries were collected from different regions of Germany, examined for signs of piercing and then cut open to examine any infestation by the larvae of the tephritid fruit fly (Rhagoletis meigenii). This parasite punctures the berries in order to lay its eggs inside them. If the larva is able to develop, it will often feed on all of the seeds in the berry. A special characteristic of the Barberry is that each berry usually has two seeds and that the plant is able to stop the development of its seeds in order to save its resources. This mechanism is also employed to defend it from the tephritid fruit fly. If a seed is infested with the parasite, later on the developing larva will feed on both seeds. If however the plant aborts the infested seed, then the parasite in that seed will also die and the second seed in the berry is saved.

When analyzing the seeds, the scientists came across a surprising discovery: “the seeds of the infested fruits are not always aborted, but rather it depends on how many seeds there are in the berries”, explains Dr. Katrin M. Meyer, who analyzed the data at the UFZ and currently works at the University of Goettingen. If the infested fruit contains two seeds, then in 75 per cent of cases, the plants will abort the infested seeds, in order to save the second intact seed. If however the infested fruit only contains one seed, then the plant will only abort the infested seed in 5 per cent of cases. The data from fieldwork were put into a computer model which resulted in a conclusive picture. Using computer model calculations, scientists were able to demonstrate how those plants subjected to stress from parasite infestation reacted very differently from those without stress. “If the Barberry aborts a fruit with only one infested seed, then the entire fruit would be lost. Instead it appears to ‘speculate’ that the larva could die naturally, which is a possibility. Slight chances are better than none at all”, explains Dr. Hans-Hermann Thulke from the UFZ. “This anticipative behavior, whereby anticipated losses and outer conditions are weighed up, very much surprised us. The message of our study is therefore that plant intelligence is entering the realms of ecological possibility.”

But how does the Barberry know what is in store for it after the tephritid fruit fly has punctured a berry? It is still unclear as to how the plant processes information and how this complex behavior was able to develop over the course of its evolution. The Oregon grape that is closely related to the Barberry has been living in Europe for some 200 years with the risk of being infested by the tephritid fruit fly and yet it has not developed any such comparable defense strategy. These new insights shed some light on the underestimated abilities of plants, while at the same time bringing up many new questions.

By: April McCarthy

You Don't Know Sh*! About Natural Gas. Read This.

Let’s talk about gas. No no, not the gas that comes out of your ass but rather the gas that comes out of the earth and fuels your stoves, homes and generates electricity that powers your life and gadgets! Everyone who recycles and eats “locally sourced” lettuce thinks they know a thing or two about what it means to being green, but when we bring up natural gas as one of the great heroes of the clean energy movement, everyone goes blank.

Here’s just how much you don’t know about natural gas.

When you hear the words “climate change” being spoken, you think about the sad polar bear standing on his 1 cubic square inch of ice almost drowning to death in the middle of the North Pole. And the world coming to an end. And the fact that you could be riding your bike more. You definitely don’t think about all the things we could be doing to lower CO2 emission rates, and how we can maintain our standard of living whilst being conscience of our carbon footprint. Natural gas is a great remedy to our emissions issues. It is the least carbon-intensive major energy source, emitting up to 60% less CO2 than coal when used for electricity generation.

When you think about oil, you think “evil liquid killing the earth that also fuels my lovely Prius named Penelope”… But did you know that coal is a huge culprit of CO2 emissions as well? Well now you know. You’re welcome.

When you see solar panels, you wish you were soaking up the sun, too or you think “ugh, too expensive for me”. You definitely don’t think about how much solar panels are saving us from ultimate world doom and saving you dollars on your energy bill.

“You know what fracking is, right??” “Fracking… Oh, let me just google that right quick. I used to know… Umm, my internet is down. Can you just remind me again?” “It’s this thing…”

When you think about climate change and these types of issues, you get overwhelmed because quite frankly, who cares about the environment when you don’t even have a job and you have all these bills to pay? Forget the polar bears, save the US economy first!

When you think of oil companies, you don’t think about the other “good stuff” they’re doing to save the environment such as renewable energy and natural gas exploration. You just think “big evil oil company killing all the polar bears… and fueling my car” because after all, that’s the way the media and all your friends tell you to think, right?

Staying informed is the key to curing ignorance… But remember, not all news sites are created equal.

Let’s talk about something dirty… Voting! Everyone does it, but no one wants to talk about it. Just kidding! It’s more like: no one does it, but everyone talks about it. It’s like our complicated relationship with cross-fit and veganism.

When you think about the things that matter to the US, you think of job creation, more organic food for everyone, and stricter gun laws. One of the most understated issues is alternative, clean sources of energy. We all love our iPhones, computers, the lights in our homes, and the gas in our stoves, but we rarely think about what powers our world (literally!). Without energy, you wouldn’t be able to read this article right now!

Think about the next question carefully… Your iPhone, iPad, computer, cat, mom, and the mac-n-cheese on your stove depend on it.

Forming opinions and perspectives can be healthy when it comes to understanding complex issues such as climate change and natural gases. However, remember that being flexible about your views can make you even smarter and more enlightened.

So knowing what you know now… Why don’t you think more people know about natural gas?! When you figure out the answer, please tell us (in the poll below).

Digital Currency Looks To Charge Up Solar Electricity Production

by Morgen E. Peck

A new project called SolarCoin seeks to make investments in solar energy just a little bit more attractive for anyone who may be on the fence. It’s a brand new digital currency of the Bitcoin ilk whose creators are offering to disburse to anyone who can prove that they’ve generated solar electricity. Right now, each megawatt-hour of electricity that your solar panels pump into the grid will get you one SolarCoin.

The goal, they say, is very simple. “SolarCoin will help make more solar energy,” currency founder Nick Gogerty tells Txchnologist. “In economics, whatever has more money flowing through it generally gets amplified. Throwing SolarCoin at solar electricity producers is the goal.”

To that end, SolarCoin Foundation volunteers began verifying electricity production claims in a pilot program this January. A third party reads each applicant’s meter to determine the amount of coins granted. The coins are then disbursed from a reservoir of “pre-mined” coins that the foundation has on hand.

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anonymous asked:

I workout 3 times a week,eat good,i've also cut ot all sugary,snacks,fizzy drinks,coffee,meat,basically just cut out crap food but i'm not losing any weight! i have muscles already as i worked out alot when i was younger,jsut had a break for acouple of years due to some issues, but the fat is covering it. i dont know what im doing wrong!

Well this is a very complex question there could be various reasons underlying why you are struggling to lose weight.

My theory is that instead of burning fat as fuel your body is scavenging your muscles and this is probably due to your overly restrictive [die]t, which seems to be lacking in proteins (a BIG NO NO when trying to lose weight/fat). Unless you are an overly obese individual or vegetarian I don’t see the need to cut off meat out of your diet since protein are vital elements when trying to lose weight/fat.

First and foremost, as I always say to people when getting these types of questions you have to understand the difference between fat loss and weight loss. Do you want to lose weight OR fat?

People often say they want to lose weight. This is sort of a moronic statement, because “weight” can be a few different things. For example, water, glycogen, muscle or fat. Hell, you can cut off a leg and you’ll lose “weight” just fine. In reality however, what most of us want to lose is fat, NOT muscle.

  • What’s the difference between weight loss & fat loss? People seem to use both terms interchangeably. After reading hopefully you’ll understand the difference between weight loss & fat loss, but also which one you should aim for and how. Let’s start by defining weight loss & fat loss so you know what I mean here. If you want to lose weight, it’s most likely because you carry too much fat. There are people who must lose weight, like athletes before a competition, but most want fat loss. So stop weighting yourself. 

Sure, you might want your body to just burn body fat and not muscle, but your body doesn’t really give a crap about what you want. It just knows that in order for it to survive and function under the current conditions, it will need to pull stored energy from somewhere. And that can mean fat, muscle or a combination of both. 

Now, despite some of the crazy things you may have heard before about how to lose fat, the truth is that there is just one major requirement… a caloric deficit; a caloric deficit is what happens when you consume less calories than your body needs to burn for energy performing all of the tasks it needs to perform over the course of the day (move, breathe, pump blood, digest food, etc.). When that caloric deficit is present, your body is forced to find some alternative source of energy on your body to burn instead. Ideally, this would ONLY be your ugly stored body fat. However, it can also be your pretty lean muscle tissue. Hence, see the importance of having proteins as a part of your diet.


Now, you’re probably wondering how to lose body fat without losing valuable muscle. Here are a few tips:

  1. Eat Enough Protein
    I can’t stress this enough! Protein and BCAAs are life! Fat is emergency storage for your body, so when you get on low calorie diets your body will burn muscle first. The first and best way of preventing this is by getting a sufficient daily protein intake; the single most important dietary requirement for maintaining muscle. It’s not meal timing, or supplements, or the exact size of your caloric deficit, or the quality of the foods you eat (more on that nonsense later), or anything else

    Nutritionally speaking, losing fat without losing muscle is all about eating enough protein every day. Even in the absence of a proper weight training routine, more of the weight you lose will be body fat rather than muscle mass just as a result of an increased protein intake. So, the first step of any muscle-preserving diet is always getting your ideal amount of protein for the day. What is “ideal?” Well, the good old “1-gram of protein per pound of body weight” recommendation still remains a perfectly fine starting point for most people with this goal in mind. Since your focus is on fat loss I would recommend consuming foods that are low in calories and high in protein such as egg whites, Greek yogurt, lean meats such as chicken breast, tuna, etc.

  2. Get Pre & Post Workout Nutrition Right…
    Losing weight is more than just exercising regularly or practically starving yourself. It’s important to note what you are eating before, during, and after your workout in order to get the maximum benefit from your efforts. The entire concept of pre and post workout nutrition is practically built around improving every aspect of training and recovery. For your body to be able to train properly, it needs to be fuel properly. As I always say your body is like a car it you fuel it with junk it will perform like junk. If your body doesn’t receive the appropriate nutrients it might not recover from your workouts.

  3. Don’t Reduce Calories By TOO Much and Avoid Overly restrictive [die]ts 

 As you hopefully understand by now, in order to lose any amount of body fat, you need to create a caloric deficit. And that means you’re going to need to reduce your calorie intake below maintenance level so stored body fat can be burned for energy instead. However, you should NEVER starve yourself or skip meal, never. I will not go beyond all the science behind the why since it would be too long, below I inserted an extract of a post from my blog I wrote about 2 yrs. go which sums up and explains very well why.

Personally, I disagree with the whole counting, cutting, reducing your calories intake (by TOO much) concept, so I always suggest to people to eat BETTER instead of less. Food is fuel - You won’t starve your car of fuel and expect it to run efficiently, would you? Successful weight/fat loss is not about starving, it’s about fuelling your body with the healthy, low calorie food it needs to help you lose weight

Not eating at all or eating too little actually slows down the metabolism, slow metabolism = NO weight loss! The body thinks it’s starving, so it will go on the “survival” mode which means it will literally slow down its calorie-burning capacity in order to “survive”.  In other words, by not eating at all or drastically reducing your calories intake the body will senses that it is in “trouble”, it will try to conserve the few amount of energy it has left as much as possible, which will result in a slower metabolism! 

Remember fat is emergency storage for your body. Your body will burn muscle first if you get on low calorie diets, so the body is going to use muscles as fuel.

Moral of the story, you don’t have to eat less - you just have to eat BETTER!! In the above picture you can clearly see the sticking difference between 1575 calories of “junk” foods and healthy foods.

That being said, as mentioned in my previous reply I advocate for delicious food. Eating food for wellness should never sacrifice flavour-EVERI do not believe in [die]ting, but in lifestyle changes. In other words,I do not believe in food restriction; instead of restricting the foods you love from your nutrition you should maybe think about replacing them with healthy alternatives.  Eating more natural, whole, unprocessed raw vegan food is a gentle way of living in alignment with Mother Earth. Raw food is full of life, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, sun energy and love :) and we could all use more of those!! Raw food goes beyond boring salads! You can make garden tahini rolls, raw avocado soups, amazing raw pastas, and yummy cacao coconut desserts!

Having the willpower to stick to a structured nutritional plan is generally a plus, but pushing it too far can do you more harm than good. Psychologically, the fact that certain foods are prohibited from your diet can make you crave them even more! This is a big reason for “cheating” on a diet, and eventually giving up. Following an overly restrictive diet isn’t only difficult, but it’s often an unsuccessful approach to improving one’s health. What’s worse – you end up negatively affecting your overall quality of life by ignoring the health benefits of pleasure, relaxation, and social interaction. No bueno! You will do far better on a less restrictive, flexible approach that is tailored to your individual needs.

In short, let’s recapitulate these two main points here:

  • Eat More, Not Less
    Include some of your favorite nutrient-rich foods such as succulent grapes, fresh kiwi, or vitamin-packed bananas throughout the day for a healthy snack. They will provide the energy you need, and also keep you full until your next meal.

  • Switch To Lighter Version Of Your Favorite Foods
    Denying yourself your favorite foods repeatedly can be psychologically harmful to your overall outlook of achieving optimal health. No one wants to go without their favorite food. So why not swap your favorite foods to a low-cal version of the ones you crave the most? Try to incorporate low-fat ice cream for dessert or frozen yogurt, reduced-fat cheese on your homemade pizza. This may not sound like much, but over time, it will make a difference.

    Increase your fiber intake while cutting back on fat calories. You can easily add fiber to your pizza pie by mixing-in some green and red bell peppers to your toppings. Not only is this a healthy choice, it will allow you to feel fuller longer. 

Now that being said, as well you shouldn’t solely rely on the weight scale I always recommend taking pictures when following your fat loss progress. The weight scale can be misleading, pictures tend to be a bit more accurate.  The number on the scale could mean different things; your weight is constantly fluctuating during the day. This is a very interesting article that I would recommend you to read: What the Number on the Scale Really Means: A Primer on Weight Fluctuations.

In regards to proteins, if you do not want to incorporate meat into your diet there are several other sources where you can get your protein:

Finally, this post is based on what I am assuming I could be wrong, but if you’ve cut out proteins completely out of your diet it is possibly the reason why you are struggling to see results. Finishing on an encouraging note ENJOY life!! Live, your fitness journey is not meant to be miserable. While you’re on your fitness journey, don’t forget to check you’re still really living! Never fear to eat, what you consume should NEVER become an obsession—yes taking care of yourself and being cautious of the quality of the food you eat is important, but it should never become an obsession. Food is our friend, and when we enjoy how food is meant to be enjoyed—whole, pure and unadulterated—food is our best friend!

Hopefully this was helpful! BTW as I mentioned previously in one of my post I apologize for the late reply — I’ve been extremely busy during the past few week because of school.

Take care xoxo
Stephiie. M 😘

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