Shortfall of 4,000-6,000MW calls for using alternate energy sources: Senate chairman

Shortfall of 4,000-6,000MW calls for using alternate energy sources: Senate chairman

ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari has said that solar energy can bring about a revolution in the energy sector which will help bridge the demand and supply gap.

However, he said that it would require better policies at the government level to expedite progress in the area of solar energy. Senate chairman earlier met representatives of Yingli Solar, a Chinese solar energy…

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i never understood why fandom calls humans starting to replace mako with oil in advent children a fall and a mistake.

because really, for years people were depending on mako (and even areas that used other sources, like coal in corel, were starting to accept it). to suddenly strip people away from it would bring chaos.

so another source is needed to replace it and fast, and oil seems like the next best choice. remember, the population in gaia never depended on oil, meaning that they’re ignorant as to how it would damage the planet. (and seriously, between liquefied spirits and oil, i’d pick oil).  

besides, only two years had passed since the og and as ac showed us, the world is working to recover. maybe they’ll learn with time, and maybe they’ll slowly search for better alternative energy sources. all we know is that 500 years later, mako is definitely not in use anymore, and the planet is still intact. (maybe in a better state than it ever was before shinra’s reign).

When the bots arrive on Earth they’re like “um we need an alternate energy source” and so their medic does their thing and creates a way for them to consume human food and Miles is the first one to volunteer to use said method. Because Miles is always quick to act. But anyway so Miles ends up overindulging half the time because there’s a lot of human food that they really like. Medic gets fussy because you’re not supposed to go over capacity because it causes bloating and pain. Robots aren’t even supposed to bloat wth. 

People Can Draw Energy From Other People The Same Way Plants Do

by Michael Forrester for Clear Mind, a creation of the mind

A biological research team at Bielefeld University has made a groundbreaking discovery showing that plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. This finding could also have a major impact on the future of bioenergy eventually providing the evidence to show that people draw energy from others in much the same way.

Members of Professor Dr. Olaf Kruse’s biological research team have confirmed for the first time that a plant, the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, not only engages in photosynthesis, but also has an alternative source of energy: it can draw it from other plants. The research findings were released this week in the online journal Nature Communications published by the renowned journal Nature.

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How Can I Start Using Green Energy?

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How Can I Start Using Green Energy?

Many people want to be green, but don’t know how to start. There are so many ways that renewable and alternative energy sources can protect the environment. This article will help you by presenting you some great advice on how you can take advantage of green energy right away. Cutting back…

Gemini, May 16-22

The 18th New Moon couples with Mercury retrograde to clean up a part of your psyche that in its current state holds you back. But it’s not about holding on too tight or dissociating so much as it is loosing interest in whatever nonsense prevails. The good news is Mars is now in your sign, giving you an alternative energy source, well able to turn any difficult situation around with finesse.

Reframe positive

Ensuring a universal standard of living, making sure that people of color are given equal voting rights, dismantling the prison industrial complex, granting free higher education, reducing defense spending by at least half, eliminating the production of American products in overseas sweatshops, capping the power of corporations and banks, creating accountability in police departments, investing in faster safer cheaper and more efficient railways, implementing alternative energy sources, and giving everyone free wifi are what I personally demand the legacy of the Millennial generation becomes.

Here’s to it, lol.

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India: every day, 650 students eat lunch at the Ramakrishna Mission’s Students’ Home in Chennai, a residential school taking in orphaned and destitute boys - rice is served using an innovative solar steam cooking system.

As part of our partnership with India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, we helped this 109-year-old charitable institution invest in a solar heating system that could fuel its kitchens, replacing fossil fuel with a clean, alternative source of energy captured from the sun. With this technology, the Ramakrishna Mission’s Students’ Home has been able to halve consumption of liquefied petroleum gas, reducing expenditure by about US$ 8,000 every year.

We help promote and develop a viable and strong market for solar concentrators in the country, in order to reduce or replace the use of conventional fuels that degrade the environment for a brighter, more sustainable future! // ©UNDP India/@PrashanthVishwanathan

I used the above feature image for a reason. Pam Grier, now 65, was a regular visitor (and I dare say near permanent resident) of my teenage masturbatory fantasies. Or, as I just informed a couple of fellow MHRAs in one of our Skype sessions, I did not see her movies as “blaxploitation” films. They were just two hours out of my life where the large bucket of popcorn sitting in my lap served two purposes.

Grier wasn’t just hot. She was smoldering, with enough natural heat to produce an alternative energy source for, say, the planet.

It causes me to wonder, though, just where Social Justice Worriers (spelling intentional), include among many of their ill-conceived and utterly moronic ideas the notion that some mysterious “male beauty standard” is out their poisoning the minds of women, causing destruction to their otherwise intact sense of self-esteem and even driving some to starve themselves to death trying to get skinny enough to feel attractive.

That standard, say many of the professional, toothless Worriers, is used to drive women to purchase clothing, cosmetics and even surgery that they really don’t want. And of course we know the average woman had no investment at all in her physical attractiveness until COSMO and Redbook started publishing.

The men behind the curtain at those publications and others like it told all women they needed to look like Twiggy, and of course, women, being the mindless, servile creatures that they are, obeyed. Well, except for the huge number of women who are now more obese than at any time in human history.

Hint. Either go on a diet or start shopping for clothes at Omar the Tentmaker.

That is not a digression from the topic, as we now see popularized use in the Social Justice Worrier lexicon of terms like “fat shaming,” and “fat acceptance.” That is shorthand for learn to love coronary artery disease, diabetes and sexual rejection. Such trends — and the statisitics — still stand in contrast to the assumption that we are shaming and manipulating women into becoming human stick figures.

Of course, the feminist solution is to take stupidly conceived problems and respond to them with even stupider proposed solutions, like “fat acceptance.”

I won’t bore you with an unneeded rehash on the science of human physical attraction (waist-to-hip ratio). For those interested, you can read a decent enough summary here:

Save the science for later, as it is scarcely useful in addressing feminist ideas, being just another artifact of patriarchal oppression.

For now, let’s stick with anecdotal reality. It is not any more useful to Feminist Worriers, since “anecdotal reality” still contains the word reality, but at least it can be demonstrated pictorially, which gives them a fighting chance at understanding. Please take note of the following images:

This is just a small handful of some of the most famous sex bombs in media history. As always, there will be some complaints from the peanut gallery. Why did you leave out Kate Upton? What about Selma Hayek? And where, for Pete’s sake, is Apollonia?

Sorry, but write your own article. While all these non-imaged women score high on the scorch meter, I had the pleasure of personal choice here, even if some of my choices were bona fide femtard throwaways, e.g. Beyoncé. Even stupid can be hot, and some would be even hotter if they were too stupid to talk.

Now, that actually was a digression. Allow me to put the rails back on the track.

The point here is that throughout history, bigger, meatier more buxom and Rubenesque women have always captured the libidos of a majority of men. As long as the proportions were even close to correct, and as long as the brain did not come addled with too much stupid, they resulted in perfectly acceptable sexual specimens.

Let’s revert back to imagery for feminist readers:

Now, to the core of the issue, and will full disclosure. I am not fat shaming here. Truth is, I am 50 (probably closer to 60) pounds overweight myself. Fortunately I have learned how not to crawl under the bed and cry hysterically whenever someone mentions that I would be healthier if I lost weight.

First, even if I tried, I would not fit under the bed. Too damned fat for that. Second, it is a stupid, emotionally feeble response to hearing facts, thus the special tools provided in this article for feminists.

I type with my laptop, in my, uh, lap. I figure when I can no longer see the keyboard I will cut back on the linguini. Till then, I accept my extra weight, and don’t give a flying tosh what the rest of the world thinks about it.

I am here, however, to do some stupid shaming. Like stupid to the level that people reach when they decide that what you are sexually attracted to is a political choice, not a biological one. These are people who think there is something wrong with you if cellulite and triple chins don’t give you a boner.

“Nice body!” said Joseph Goebbels

No matter how hard you try, you can’t push people in that kind of direction. Take the once super, super, SUPER model Twiggy as an example.

She was becoming huge (in terms of popularity) about the time I started figuring out what to do with a hardon in the bathroom, but I never rubbed one out thinking about her.

Why? Because Twiggy was not a woman. She was a coat hanger who occasionally had a piece of lettuce and a sip of water. They put millions into pushing her image. She was still less sexy than a number two pencil and far less useful.

The point here is that no one, not even with the help of attraction theory research, can dictate what anyone will be attracted to. Ask any cab driver trying to date a female surgeon, even one that looks like Jacklyn Friedman.

Some men really are turned on by very large women. Some are indeed turned on by women who look like they spent the summer in a concentration camp. To each his own, as they say, and there is not a person on earth who can rightfully judge it.

Just as true is the fact that no matter what you do, you can’t make someone attracted to things that repulse them. If you don’t like your body, then change it. If you weigh “too much” lose weight. If you don’t weigh “enough” put some on. For for the freaking love of god quit trying to infect the world with the infantile idea that you have a right to turn them on. You don’t. The entire planet has a right to throw up in thier mouth a little at the very sight of you.

Deal with it.

Time to end the fatuous shaming I used the above feature image for a reason. Pam Grier, now 65, was a regular visitor (and I dare say near permanent resident) of my teenage masturbatory fantasies.
Insight Into Indian Sustainability

Stuart Turvey, Workday Director for TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd.), participated in a UK collop with SKM Enviros and the Carbon Trust. Together the panel presented their experiences from the UK with-it the adoption relative to efficacy efficient practices and the benefits of interval determination technic in managing energy consumption, costs and emissions.

TEAM recently represented ESTA by India, participating access a €Workshop on Incentivising Improved Energy Technical mastery Through the Use of Reformed\Smart Metering Technologies and Saprophytic Management Tools’. Held in All the thing Delhi in conjunction with the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), the workshop was the commencement of its kind in bringing together large industrial energy consumers and government management makers until begin to tackle challenges emerging from Indias increasing appetite as long as energy.

The function in point of the beauty shop was to support code Indian industrial players entranceway building a success in re the new energy ingeniousness mercantile scheme: the Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) scheme.

Indeed Robustness Managers and Sustainability Managers have not been common place in Caucasian organisational structures the way they are at home in the UK. Local politicians and business owners are keen to follow a correlative path in their UK counterparts to come among their PAT obligations.

The APT scheme is a flagship Government in point of India (GOI) business life insurance, intended in drive energy efficiency improvement cross-grained 8 energy intensive sectors, including power, iron and steel and cement. It will prepare India till deliver on its domestic endurance hope agenda and its Copenhagen pledge of a 20-25% reduction in carbon intensity by 2020 athwart 2005 levels.

The PAT scheme was rolled out in April 2011 for high energy consuming industries in India. The aspire to of the scheme is on route to subscribe the industrial sector so that put vigor efficiency measures in dwelling place, and to comply inclusive of potentiality consumption targets which are scenery by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

The effect of implementation of the MASS scheme on Indian businesses will encourage companies in transit to indent their energy costs and consider metaphor energy sources. Themselves self-will also require organisations in consideration of consider their options considering monitoring & targeting energy use and trading energy credits.

Elevated interest was shown in TEAMs Energy Hegemony tools at local trade fairs and exhibitions attended. M&T software, Renewable Technologies, and as with every overseas visit, TEAM cylinder press dashboards stole the show regardless of cost their ability unto clearly and easily communicate energy guidance.


Chloranemia India
The PAT scheme is a global first, due towards the analytical balance respecting this nationwide policy, the success of the scheme could soft-soap India to the window dressing as spheriform leader inward-bound energy effectual policy and provides an immediate authorship relating to unwarranted demand for force efficiency expertise. The impact on the UK and global businesses finding chain, from raw materials to exhaustion, can contributory support UK CSR policies and more brand efficient buying practices when trading wherewithal Honky partners. Inasmuch as among other things low carbon joint resolution is mandated across the globe, an organisation’s international operations john increasingly contribute on route to dulling their global carbon footprint.

Stuart is in support of a Spanish Baritone Carbon event favorable regard Madrid at the beginning of Round before astronautics to Vancouver, Canada, unto share in in a UK big business mission to showcase UK products and innovations in the power structure efficiency arena at Chorography 2012.