Letters From Home

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by stareyednight

Snippets of letters from a soldier and her sweetheart.

Words: 1402, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Brooklyn Girls

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Imagine traveling through alternate universes and finding one where you are a super villain put up against a team of superheroes, much like Loki’s position against the Avengers. He identifies with your loneliness and longing for a friend, and decides to aid you in your endeavours to take over the world, ultimately falling in love with you.


I meant to finish this whole thing sooner but my computer decided to be a bitch and crashed, and I hadn’t saved my progress so I had to start over. Which I didn’t do before yesterday (or the day before).

A lil’ gift for @blamedorange (Lyredy Queen, I love her art so much), who created a Fairy Tail CA:CW AU, which I happened to stumble upon and, damn my Jerza soul, made me ship Bucky and Natasha aaaaaah I’m hopeless.

I loved Bucky so much gosh. He and Jellal are such a perfect match. Like fight me, they’re perfect. Both old friends of a main character, criminal, murderers, amnesiac bbs. 

At least there’s not 3 Buckies lol

Still experiencing with both anatomy, or people in general (what do you want, that’s the price for drawing ponies and ponies only during 2 whole years) and shading. Don’t give me a hard time haha.

Ride (Part Two)

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I’m so, so sorry this part took so long but a stupid fractured wrist is to blame for that! I really hope you like this part, there is a lot more Bucky/Reader interaction. The third and final, and dare I say, juiciest part will be up within the next week. As always, feedback is more than welcome so please don’t be shy and requests are open. 

Most of this part is loosely based off this song and video Into You- Ariana Grande.   and I made gifs to suit the story, which I placed just above the parts they correspond to.

The song reader sings at the party is this: Lovefool- Vintage Jazz Cardigans Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

Summary:  AU in which reader is part of Brock Rumlow’s STRIKE bike gang and whilst she is officially Brock’s girl, her heart is resolutely owned by the long haired, blue eyed newest edition to the gang, Bucky Barnes.

Warnings: Mentions slight drug use on Brock’s behalf. A threat of violence at the end. Some intimate moments between Bucky and Reader, not quite smut but halfway there.

Words: 3,266

Weeks passed and your bruises healed and Brock was back to treating you as though nothing had happened, which admittedly you were glad about, when he’d taken you out for breakfast the next morning he’d been as sweet as the last time, and usually your resolve would have melted and you would have pitied him, but now you just felt nothing towards him, except for the desire to get as far away from his as possible, but you bat your lashes and smiled and that had seemed to sate him enough to draw his attention away from you completely for a couple of days.

Meanwhile you and Bucky had continued to grow close, mostly you rode on the back of his bike and slept in his sleeping space, and snuck whatever time you could together alone but that was getting increasingly difficult. You were almost certain that Rollins suspected you and Bucky of being together, but if he did, he never said anything to Brock, and for that small act of kindness you would be eternally grateful.

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Three-and-a-Half Months

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by beetle

Wade and Peter get some … startling news. And they react. Written for this writing prompt ( “You’re lucky I’m tired because if I was fully awake I would have already shoved you off this roof.”

Words: 5112, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Home Fires

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by SashaMilk

An Avengers animagus fic in which Pepper Potts runs a day care center frequented by the rest of the crew.

Words: 1297, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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