retail au

paladins work in store

- it’s like walmart

-store is called Castle of Altea

-Allura is there to great people

“have a nice day I fcking hate working here!”

-Keith works in customer service

-he’s not doing his job right

customer: hey can u help me with this?

keith: ya sure!

keith: walks away and faces the wall

customer: sir?

keith: mhm Ill be there with u in a minute

-lance works at the register most of the time

-hunk is lead cashier

he’s ok with that, u always see him in lane one

lots of people at lane one

-Pidge is a stock clerk

-she seems to be a bit young to work here but no one really questions anything..

-she’s not doing her job at all

“clean up in aisle 8”

Hunk: hey Pidge can u get that?

pidge: I think the fck not

-shiro is sales manager

“what’s that lump on the floor?”

“Oh that’s just shiro not doing his fcking job”

-keith on register duty:

Lance slowly sliding in on the conveyor belt: gonna check me out ;)

keith: slams reverse button

- rival store is galra hair salon

- lance glaring at Lotor through the window across the street

- lotor doing the same

- Allura walking past lance also joins in on the glaring

- hunk does too

- soon both stores are glaring at each other just as much as their reviews are going down

- when in doubt u blame zarkon

- don’t question why u just do



More X-Men AU no one asked for?

Doing a few more Mtmte characters and some idw characters in general. Next post will be TFP. Also, feel free to ask me about other characters!

First Aid: He has a much simpler ability than you’d think. Also known as Keys(a ‘clever’ joke from Pharma) he can tell you exactly where something is as long as he’s seen it before. He never loses a damn thing and it’s aggravating when this little kid looking fucker knows exactly where your shit is. “where’s my water bottle?” “Cabinet by the fridge in the break room” “motherfucker”

Drift: Better known as Fast Cat(thank you Rodimus) his ability is quite noticeable. Taking on a more beast like look, deep golden eyes with slit pupils, thick fur, fangs, claws, and dog like hind legs, he’s been curse to look like a predator for the rest of his life. He has keen sight, above average speed, super human endurance, and super human agility. He used to be a top rank Decepticon mutant until he found a friend and mentor in Wing. Has taken up Wiccan.

Brainstorm: He can travel through time, though only a week or so, his powers are not yet controlled. If he were to gain control it’s possible he could go thousands of years either way. It can also come with a huge cost, both to him and the things around him. Does not use his power unless it may safe lives.

Tarn: Known as Faces before he became Tarn, it’s a name he gets furious about. His ability is shape shifting. He can change his voice to match anyone’s and his body right along with it. He’s quite a manipulative man, he’s been known to get people killed simply by pretending to be them. The leader of a small group of mutants affiliated under the Decepticons. Before he was Tarn, when he was called Faces, he had no real control over his power and would shape shift into people in front of their eyes or cause problems by taking on another person’s voice. He was white hated.

Tesarus: No other name, his ability is through physical touch alone. He can cause people to just explode. It’s quite messy, quite disgusting, and one of his favorite things. He quite enjoys watching hi victims explode. He has no control over his power and never has, he has to keep every inch of his skin covered unless about to use his ability, obviously. He thinks it’s a drag.

Helex: No other name, his ability is through physical touch alone. He can melt a person from the inside out as long as he’s touching them. His favorite way to do such is by grabbing either side of their head and looking them in the eyes. Before he had no control and would often kill people on accident, he has much better control of it now and uses it to his pleasure.

Adding on to Kaon, The Pet is actually a human experiment gone quite terribly. The Pet was once a mutant known as Dominus (or to some as Lobo due to his Mexican heritage and ability). He could physically shape shift into a wolf. When it was found out the government began a serious of harsh tests on him (not the DJD). Eventually his bodies ability shut down, leaving him as little more than a dog. He was found that way when the DJD attacked the 'pharmacy’ and was then adopted by Kaon. They are aware of The Pets previous position and the fact that he is stuck this way, it was found in his papers.

Windblade: Her ability is quite adorable as well as beautiful. She has thin membrane wings, like a pixie, and can shrink down to sit comfortably in another person’s hand. She’s been called many things, but her favorite was Angel and Pixie. Her ability comes in handy when you need to be a fly on the wall. She’s great at intelligence.

Starscream: Also known as Harpy (he hates it) he was born with his ability, being wings across his back. His parents tried to cut them off, but they simply grew back. He has much lighter bones and a thinner frame than normal human being. He also needs to eat much more than the average person. He ran away with his brothers, fearing his parents would kill them all, and came to be under Megatron along the way.

Thundercracker: Born with the same ability as his brother along with a shriek so powerful it will bust windows, cause deafness, and can even go so far as to cause blindness in victims. He is better known as Screech or Screech owl his ability is quite the hardship. He’s completely deaf in his right ear and most likely going to get there soon in his left. He was already deaf in his right ear when he ran away from home. He uses his ability much less now, due to the fear of going completely deaf or hurting his hearing dog, Buster’s, ears.

Skywarp: The only one out of the triplets born without wings, however he can teleport to any location, on the same planet, as long as he’s seen it before. Physically or through a picture, neither matters. It’s possible he could learn to teleport anywhere without the visual aid, one day. When they ran away together it was only possible thanks to his ability, it was the first time he’d teleported anyone other than himself. He cried and it hurt all three of them.

Optimus Prime: Never had an ability at all, his mutant Gene was forcefully activated and caused him to develop one. He is telepathic and was taught control over it by Senator Shockwave. He regularly gets painful migraines and often becomes overwhelmed with the voices he can hear. Simply called Orion by most.

Senator Shockwave: think of him as Professor X. He had no ability of his own, unless being in the wrong place at the wrong time and hot headed counts, but he saw these children suffering and used his status to give them a home. Took Optimus Prime as his protege and, when he was capture for crimes he did not commit, gave him the leadership roll.

AU where Dean is actually a cowboy


Castiel was ushered into the bar by his already pre-drunk older brother. Country music blaring from the overhead let him know they had definitely arrived at the right place. He wasn’t exactly sure how Gabe convinced him to go to the western themed bar in the first place, never mind get him in a pair of cowboy boots, which he’d admit, were actually pretty sweet. He had put on the plaid too, but the hat is where he drew the line. Cas wasn’t looking to mislead anyone…he’d never even been on a horse.

Gabe however had no problem at all playing the part, right down to the obnoxious red cowboy hat he bought for the occasion. “Howdy, girls” he drawled, passing by a few ladies sat at one of the tables, which were made for standing at opposed to sitting.

Cas shot an apologetic glance towards them before glaring at Gabriel, pulling him off to the one of the empty tables. “Dude, cool it with the act.”

A raised eyebrow was found on the other’s face, shaking his head as he patted Cas’ shoulder, “Calm down, kid. Relax, enjoy the atmosphere. Just cause your thirty doesn’t mean you have to be a grumpy old man.” With that, he winked and disappeared into the crowd of people to find someone who’d put up with his shameless flirting.

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Tfp Autobot X-Men AU!

Optimus Prime: Mostly known only as Prime to strangers and Optimus to his friends his ability is powerful telepathy. He’d be a liar if he said he didn’t rely heavily on his ability to better his leadership and understanding of his teammates. However, he respects when someone tells him to stop or not do it without permission.

Ratchet: His ability is strange yet for a doctor to have, also known as Techs(Bumblebee’s nickname) his ability is control of technology. He doesn’t have to be touching it to control it’s mechanisms, such as switching channels or going to a webpage, however if he wants to get to sensitive information he must be touching it. He doesn’t much care for his ability, he’s not in the field enough for it to be useful.

Bumblebee: His ability robbed him of his voice when he was very young after he busted in voice box. Ratchet has been working hard to repair the damage. Known by know other name Bumblebee was born with antennae atop his head and bigger fang like teeth that are similar looking to Pinchers, but not quite. He also has thin wings and can shrink down in size. However, the first time he did so tore him up and left him mute, slightly deaf, and with a very weak stomach. Ratcher has, so far, only been able to repair his stomach damage.

Bulkhead: Mostly known only as Bulk, his ability is super strength. For a long time he had such little control he would cause himself and others physical harm (think Shizuo). He’s got much better control over it now and has not caused anyone harm, but occasionally pushes himself just a little too hard. Much to Ratchet’s chagrin.

Arcee: Known by no other name super speed, above average agility, and keen sight are her abilities. She developed her abilities at a younger age and taught herself how to control them. She’s done a good job and needs little improvement.

Wheeljack: Known only by Wheeljack his ability is shape shifting, but is limited to animals and his original human body only. His favored shift is a Harpy Eagle. Due to his shape shifting, he has lighter bones and above average agility. He uses both of these things to his advantage.

Smokescreen: Known only as smokescreen his ability is to phase through matter of any kind. He’s still learning and so, has gotten himself stuck in a couple walls. There’s more to his ability than just phasing through walls, but that has yet to be discovered.

Ultra Magnus: Mostly known as Magnus his ability is telepathy and telekinesis. He was under the guidance of Optimus Prime and has learned great control over his ability. Doesn’t use telepathy near as much as he uses telekinesis because he uses it to ‘fly’.

Sanrion Modern Christmas AU

Tyrion had forgotten that for some people, Christmas was a big thing. It was always a tense and boring affair at the Lannister household, and was rather surprised when Sansa said she wanted him to come to her Christmas family dinner. He accepted the invitation, of course, how was he supposed to refuse his beloved girlfriend? It didn’t mean he was looking forward to being under the scrutinizing glare of Eddard and Catelyn Stark.

Fortunately, Sansa was not the only one bringing her lover to meet the family: Robb Stark had the Highgarden rose with him and Jon Snow had the Targaryen girl beside him. Tyrion was terribly uncomfortable at first, taking every question as a trap, but slowly, with Sansa’s hand on his, and the laugh and the children antics, he slowly relaxed.

“So,” his beautiful auburn haired lady asked once the meal came to an end, “Was it so frightening, being surrounded by wolves?”

Tyrion kissed her hand.

“How should a small lion as me be scared when he has the bravest she-wolf by his side?”

Sansa laughed, and it sounded like music to his ears.

“I think the title of bravest she-wolf should go to Arya. But your compliment is more than appreciated.”

They kissed, and Tyrion couldn’t remember a sweeter Christmas than this one.

(He also had a good laugh when he read a text from Jaime informing him he had ditched the Lannister Christmas dinner to spend the evening with ‘his wench’)
While you we're sleeping - Chapter 1 - Asian_shipper - Riverdale (TV 2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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A woman named Josie McCoy who can see unfortunate events in her dreams meets a prosecutor named Reggie Mantle who develops the same premonitions as her and does everything he can to prevent her dreams from happening.


Taz Swap. Au where the good guys are bad and the bad guys are good. Beacuse the taz villians are too amazing like damn.

I still imagine them having a lot of their old personality traits (like magic brian is still goofy despite taking th directors place and Barry is still smart despite being a rough gang leader and so on and so forth.) 

This was a blast to draw and I really want to build on this idea so if you have any question send ‘em to me and I’ll draw a response!

The voltron crew on a reality tv show where they’re all stuck in a house together

  •  First off all, the confessionals would be gold
  •  Allura constantly shit talks everyone in the house. Nobody is safe. 
  • She and Hunk will often be caught gossiping on camera, which leads to some very interesting stories. 
  • By now, they all know everything about everyone. 
  • Pidge is constantly caught up at 3am eating dry cereal, usually straight out of the box.
    • Matt: what the fuck are you doing up at 3am? 
    • Pidge: what the fuck are you doing up at 3am? 
    • Matt: Touché
  • Keith and Lance maintain a secret relationship for a while before everyone finds out.
    • Lance, in the confessional: Oh yeah, Keith? I hate that guy. cuts to them flirting He annoys the shit out of me. cuts to them holding hands and gazing lovingly at each other I don’t think we’ll ever get along. cuts to them kissing
  • Of course, everyone else already at least knew they had a thing for each other, but they officially found out after Matt walked in on them kissing in the laundry room. 
  • He, of course, yelled as loud as he could and soon enough everyone came by to see a very flustered Keith and a “I’m trying to keep my cool but I’m definitely not cool” Lance. 
  • Shiro is seen handing Pidge ten dollars in the background. 
  • Coran is definitely the camera man/host. 
  • Shiro does almost everything. He can’t help it, exactly. Something in him just forces him to do all the laundry and clean the entire house. 
  • But, he does force everyone else to do the dishes and eventually they have to make a chore chart so Shiro doesn’t overwork himself with household tasks. 
  • Lance is a master at avoiding the chores. He knows exactly when to slip out and hide and is exceptional at faking sickness. 
  • Lance absolutely loves the cameras and the show.
  • Though, the show does come with consequences for everyone. It’s hard to be serious and discuss things that are meant to be kept in private. Sometimes, they have to ask for the cameras to be turned off. 
  • On nights they aren’t filming or doing other work, everyone squishes onto the big couch, microwaves a ton of popcorn, and has a movie marathon. They all fall asleep together by the end of it (Lance on Keith’s shoulder, obviously). 
  • Sometimes Allura and Hunk’s girlfriend, Shay comes to visit and the entire house radiates sunshine. 
  • Slav does technical management for the show, but he’s often a part of it since he causes Shiro to blow up all the time. 
  • A normal conversation is happening and a sudden crash is heard from the other room. Cut to Shiro in a confessional, “It definitely wasn’t my fault, Slav was there." 
  • The "Who Broke It?” scene from Parks and Rec actually happens 
  • It was Shiro. Shiro broke it. 
  • Hunk’s confessionals are the pettiest. 
    • Hunk: I’m just saying, I don’t think we can trust this Rolo guy 
    • Hunk, minutes later: I WAS RIGHT HE’S SHADY AND TWISTED
  • Pidge is too short to reach most shelves and cabinets and is caught falling off of counters multiple times. 
  • There’s a really long sequence of footage with Keith just biting normal household objects. Why? Nobody knows. 
  • Housewide debate: Was Keith Kogane hatched from an egg? 
    • Hatched Side: Lance, Pidge, Matt, Allura 
    • Not Hatched Side: Shiro, Hunk
    • Keith is just…confused.
    • Keith: What in the world makes you think I was hatched from a damn egg?
    • Lance, shrugging: I dunno, eggboy.
  • Matt joins the house later than everyone else so they decide to prank him with a very cult-like fake initiation, led by Allura.
  • It succeeds in freaking him out and he doesn’t talk to anyone besides Pidge and Shiro for about two days afterwards.
  • April fools day is dangerous
    • Everyone avoids Pidge and Matt at all costs. The dynamic duo is a force to be reckoned with. 
  • Lance and Allura occasionally hold spa nights where they give everyone face masks and paint their nails. 
  • Hunk is a huge fan favorite, all the viewers love him.