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Here’s my entry for @bionic-buckyb‘s AU Writing Challenge! (Sorry it’s so late. I’m the worst.)

PROMPT: Roommates
CHARACTERS: Female reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Bucky’s parents (mentioned), Sam Wilson (mentioned), Peggy Carter (mentioned)

TAGS: This is my first time writing Marvel, so I don’t know who to tag! @mamapeterson, I know you like some Marvel stuff. 

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You stood at the side of the bed, a bowl of Frosted Flakes in one hand, a spoon in the other. You were slowly taking bites, taking your time chewing, savoring the crunch of the cereal. You tilted your head to one side, then rolled your eyes, loudly clearing your throat.

The blonde in the bed blinked open mascara-smeared eyes, pulling the covers up around her naked body, but not before you got a shot of her clearly surgically-enhanced chest.

Naturally, you thought.

She closed one eye, squinting the other, then lifted the hand not currently holding the blanket to rub at that eye. She shook her head, then spoke, voice raspy and hoarse.

“Who are you?”

You smiled around the bite you had in your mouth, chewing and swallowing before you spoke.

 “Bucky’s wife. Who are you?”

Her eyes widened, shock evident in her features. She sat bolt upright in the bed, clutching the blanket in both hands. She started shaking her head, eyes still wide and scared, and you couldn’t hold back anymore. You snorted, letting the spoon fall back into the bowl. After laughing to yourself, you shook your head, meeting her eyes.

“I’m just kidding. But you should totally see your face right now.”

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anonymous asked:

language barrier au with woozi? :) thank you!

AU #18 (Order on this list)

Thx for suggestion! I feel like this AU takes into consideration the international fans. Suggest members/AU’s! AGH I wasn’t really happy with this when I first wrote it, so sorry for the wait…heh. Imma combine this with the soulmate AU, where the first thing your soulmate says to you is on your arm/wrist. Also “y/n” can only speak English

  • You knew from the day you knew what “Hangul” was that your soulmate would be hard to find

  • Your whole life, you had foreign symbols on your wrist, “괜찮아”, and you had no idea what they meant

  • After you stumbled across similar symbols online, you realized the symbols were Hangul

  • So great, your soulmate would say something to you in Korean

  • Or maybe text you? Bc maybe it works that way

  • So desperate to meet your soulmate, you found out those words meant basically “you ok?”

  • But sadly you didn’t really know how to say it properly (Jisoos Christ)

  • Your parents didn’t have a lot of money, so you couldn’t just go to Korea

  • (Going to Korea wouldn’t help anyways, because almost everyone speaks Korean anyway)

  • But after you graduated high school, for your birthday your parents had enough money to buy you a ticket to a kpop concert that your friends really wanted you to go to

  • It was a Seventeen concert, and you kind of wanted to go anyways bc their songs are good

  • Also you had a chance of meeting your soulmate

  • So you guys are there at the concert, and Seventeen does really well

  • You’re about to leave the event when some person just trips you

  • You’re lying on the ground and your arm hurts bc it broke your fall

  • Then you hear “Gwaenchanh-a?!?”

  • And you look up and Woozi is just looking down at you and extending his hand to help a hurt fan up

  • And you’re just kind of like

  • Excuse me, what?

  • But you take his hand anyway

  • And then Joshua rushes to you two just like WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY

  • “Uh…I said ‘excuse me what’?“

  • And Joshua just pulls you and Woozi away

  • Cue Woozi getting kind of aggressive bc Joshua just dragged him by the collar

  • You get pulled and locked into an empty room with Woozi and Joshua

  • “Joshua? Why are we here?”

  • Joshua pulls up Woozi’s sleeve

  • Plainly written in English is “excuse me what

  • There’s impatient knocking on the door and Vernon’s voice says something in Korean

  • Joshua tells you (in English) what Woozi said, and tells Woozi what you said

  • Woozi understood what you said anyway but ANYWAY

  • Joshua leaving abruptly

  • You and Woozi just staring at each other silently and take a seat next to each other on an empty sofa

  • Woozi says something in Korean to break the awkward silence

  • *blank stare*

  • Woozi sighs and “I do not speak…good English…”

  • “Hey, that was pretty good!”

  • “I…understand you, I just can’t speak English…”

  • You’re both smiling silently, but inside you sort of have a heartbreak bc you can’t understand your soulmate

  • So you two just sit silently

  • You take a piece of paper from your bag and scribble your phone number onto it and hand it to Woozi

  • Then you dash out the room because OH MY GOSH what do I do?!?

  • And so later you text Woozi while opening Google Translate to translate his texts

  • So this goes on for a while, where you and Woozi text each other in your own language and use whatever app to understand

  • He invites you to another one of their concerts so you guys can talk afterward

  • So you go to that concert, enjoy it as usual, and meet up with Woozi backstage

  • You guys sit on a couch again, alone in a room, and Woozi starts to try and teach you Korean

  • Cue you guys bonding over music and the fact kpop kind of taught you Korean🎶

  • You slowly learning Korean for your soulmate bc he can’t really put English words in a sentence even if he understands them

  • After a while, you finally begin to understand each other a little without help, so Woozi and you are finally able to talk to each other less awkwardly

  • Cue Woozi asking you out (!!!) (TBH probably bc Seventeen pressured him)

  • So you and Jihoon decide on your first date to actually just play some instruments after walking around a store and getting bored

  • You’re basically bilingual after a year; sadly your boyfriend is still…struggling, lol (also wow the improvement)

  • Then, at one point you were given a proper introduction to SVT and Jihoon says you’ve been dating; but in fluent English and even holds up a conversation fluently for a little bit!

“Guys, Y/N and I have been dating for a while” “Wow my god Jihoon you speak English? Unbelievable!”

everscreentobeseen  asked:

Hey, My world is set in an alternate universe where America was never found and African Colonization became my world's American Colonization.1, What wouldn't exist if America was never found. 2, What could exist if America was never found.


Honestly, the answer to your question is: whatever fits your story. 

First, you’ll need to define what “never found” means. Did Columbus never land in South America? Did Europeans never colonize? What about all of the people who came here before then? Did people never immigrate from across the Bering Strait? 

Then you’ll need to figure out what your time period is. Because even if Europeans didn’t “discover” the Americas in the 1400s, as technology advanced and we traveled farther and faster, invented radar and satellites, etc…eventually the Americas would have been found. That’s a whole lot of land that people wouldn’t have been able to ignore for long. If you try to pretend that it’s the 1900s and over 16 million square miles of land (28.3% of the world’s landmass) haven’t been noticed, then you will likely shatter your readers’ suspension of disbelief pretty early on. There would need to be some kind of solid logic behind people’s inability to notice it.

Aside from that, there is little that entirely unique to the Americas. I mean, there would be species of dinosaurs that paleontologists wouldn’t have discovered because they only lived there (but even that would only be relevant to more recent history; if your story is set several hundred years ago, it’s irrelevant). We wouldn’t know about Mayan history or Native Americans…if they even existed in your world. Africa and Brazil traded during ancient times, so that wouldn’t have happened…maybe…if your world didn’t have people living in the Americas in the Bronze Age.

But if colonization and social evolution followed the same basic path, just on another continent, then the amount of difference in your world will simply be up to you. I can’t write your world for you. 

Most of the things that make the Americas what they are (especially the US) are all rooted in ideas from other places. Inventions by American inventors could have totally be invented by someone else somewhere else. American art and literature is really the only things you would miss out on. And depending on the time period of your story, that might not matter anyway.

There will, of course, be nuances of difference, but even those are up to you and the kind of world you are creating. Anything could originate from anywhere in an alternate world. It just depends on where your timeline split from history and how far off course it veered. 

Happy building!

The mage rebells the les mis-fandom (doesn't) need...

Grantaire’s heart was racing and his hands were shaking. Every shadow was a templar lurking in the dark, every flash of metall was a reflection of a blade. He was terrified beyond clear thinking, just stumbled forwards. He knew the punishment for leaving the tower and it was his fourth time breaking out. He would be made a tranquil, a complete extraction of his magic abilities, along with every feeling he ever felt and would have felt.
Maybe it would make everything easier. But no, he made a promise. He promised his mother he would care for himself and although he struggled daily with this promise, this once he wanted to keep it.
His clothing was still leaving a track of dripping water from his swim through the lake and he was so very cold. Maker, he longed after fire dancing on his fingertips, warming and bright, even though the elements never were his strengths. Whatever, it wasn’t possible. His only chance was to be quiet und to cross the city unnoticed. With a shudder, Grantaire pressed his back to a brick wall. A shady-looking man walked by, the look in his eyes far too interested in his situation.
Grantaire walked faster through the little alley, when suddenly a hand closed around the sleeve of his robe. “Follow me if you want to live“, a voice hissed. Grantaire only saw a hint of blond locks, before he was pulled between two houses and into a backdoor. Shock was paralysing his body, he couldn’t even remember a single spell out of everything he learned (and frankly, it wasn’t very much.)
But well, one could say that his instincts still worked pretty well. As the blond man turned towards him, Grantaire’s fist connected with his nose, before he could stop himself. A nasty cracking noise was heard, blondie gave an undignified yelp and some blood trickled through his fingers. “What in the Maker’s name are you doing?“,snapped the man a little stuffed, his eyes were now glowing from underneath his hood which partly slipped from his golden head. And… Andrastes’ tits, those were flames dancing along his fingertips and on his hair! Bright flames moving wildly. Grantaire found his tounge suddenly able to move again.
“You…you’re a mage?“, he asked puzzled. And a handsome one as it was. His hair looked, like it was part of the fire crowning him, shimmering in its light and his eyes had a concentrated and momentarily a little angry quality to them. Maker, he had weak knees and almost missed the next words of his new companion. “Of course I’m a mage! Why else would I try to help you?“
Now he tried to stop the blood with his white sleeves, not a good idea. They so in were coloured in a dark red.
“How should I have known that was the reason you dragged me in here?“, Grantaire retorted. His heart was shifting between running and stumbling now. Brillant, just brillant. Free for like almost an hour and then caught by the worst kind of prison: Attraction. He barely knew the guy for the Maker’s sake!
Blondie didn’t answer and knocked a complicated rhythm on the second door of the narrow floor they were standing in. Didn’t he know a good answer or was he being annoyed? Whatever, Grantaire was distracted by the slightly raspy voice from the other side of the door that was asking: “Who’s there?“
Blond saviour bowed his head close to the door and whispered: “Mage revolution!“ A revolution? Oh damn, what had he gotten himself into again?
“Well, not exactly what I planned“, Grantaire murmered to himself, but Blondie seemed instantly irritated. He wachted Grantaire with narrowed eyes and huffed: “Don’t be ridiculous!“
The door was opened by a broad-shouldered man at least twice their age with serious eyes who winked them through. “Quick, boys. Good to see you.“ “Thanks, Valjean“, Enjolras replied kindly. He hadn’t used such a friendly tone with Grantaire yet. A bad sign? Very likely. The man called Valjean eyed him from underneath bushy eyebrows, not friendly but neither unkind, before he gave a short nod. “New member?“, he asked shortly. Blondie shrugged. “Maybe.“
“Yes“, Grantaire’s mouth formed the word before he really thought about it. Oh well, he always had been one for trouble. Saviour boy looked surprised, but again didn’t comment on it. Valjean nodded again. “Good luck, boys.“
He made room for them to pass and they crossed a living room where a girl with bright locks waved and winked at them, then they took a ladder into a cellar. Grantaire shuddered, it was suddenly colder again and his clothes were still slightly wet, and kept his eyes fixed on the little ball of fire blondie was nursing in his hand to get them through the clammy dark. They stayed silent, Grantaire felt the tiredness creep up on him, he hadn’t felt this save since he jumped out of that tower window. Weird. Saviour guy fumbled in the dark, till his fingers found the end of another ladder and they climbed up to a trapdoor that was opened, as soon as he initiated their knocking ritual again.
“There you are, we were worried“, a man with kind dark eyes said and gripped blondie’s hand to pull him up into some kind of backyard. Grantaire was stunned by his smooth, dark skin. Once, he had been eating something called chocolat that had had exactly the same colour. Unfortunatly, it hadn’t been a long-lasting experience, because the templars had chosen this exact moment to find him and drag him back into the circle tower.
“Who’s that?“ Chocolat-man asked and eyed Grantaire like door-man before. These guys seemed more and more like an exclusive society.
“I don’t know, I found him dripping wet in those mage robes. Who are you?“ Blondie arched an eyebrow at him as if it was his fault he didn’t get the chance to introduce himself. “Grantaire“, he replied anyway. “Grantaire“, informed blondie his friend and squeezed past him towards some other people lurking around the yard and talking. They straightened up a little as soon as saviour guy joined their conversations. He had to be some kind of leader then.
“So, Grantaire“, chocolat-man interrupted his assumptions and Grantaire’s head snapped back caught red-handed. “My name is Combeferre. I’m not a mage myself, but I know a lot about magic. What are your strengths? Many of us live here as save as possible, but we all help as a payment. If you want to stay, you ’ll have to contribute something.“ Combeferre didn’t really sound severe, just as if he liked to have things in a neat order and kind of trust-worthy.
Still, what on earth should Grantaire be able to contribute. He had never really been a good student concerning his mage, he didn’t cope well with working under pressure.
“I’m alright with force spells and spirits“, he told hesitantly. Combeferre nodded and gave the hint of a smile. “You ’ll work well with Jehan, he’s a necromancer and maybe with Joly, he heals with spirits. Maybe you can teach each other some things, you should find them near the hospital room, I think Bossuet froze his own toe again…“ He pointed in a general direction, while Grantaire was still processing his words. Necromancy, a tevine ability! Seemed like these people weren’t just apostates, but also very dangerous! Well, what did blondie say? Mage revolution!
Grantaire watched his saviour who was talking and gesticulating wildly, then smiling in the most honest way he had ever seen before. How bad could it be here if a man like that was the leader of this group? “What’s his name?“, Grantaire asked and nodded in blondie’s direction. Combeferre looked a little amused. “Enjolras. I’ve got a feeling you will get to know each other really fast. Courf? Will you show our new man the way to Joly and Jehan?“ A curly-haired, energetic youth gripped his arm and soon, a river of words was emptying itself over Grantaire’s head.
He didn’t mind, but might have missed a few sentences, as he watched Enjolras in passing-by and blue eyes locked with his. Was that a ghost of a smile crinkling his eyes?
Grantaire’s heart skipped a beat and a small magic impulse was racing over his skin. ‘Courf’ arched both of his eyebrows, as it hit him with little force, but embarassingly hot-natured, although he luckily didn’t comment on it. Grantaire let his breath flow out of his lungs, as Curly continued chatting. That would be a very interesting time.

sidotsy  asked:

Tell us how you met Trixie? Maybe you'll find a clue on why she has it out for you!

“Well, I don’t know much about Trixie… for someone who enjoys talking about herself so much, she’s really never revealed anything significant about who she truly is, or where she comes from, or her family… and, in perfect honesty, no one asks. 

“I met her for the first time right before the entrance exam, and I don’t think we passed two words in the hall, even on the way out. I had no way of knowing, at the time, that we’d end up bunkmates of all things! Or that she’d be so intent upon picking on me, from our very first class together… I don’t remember having said or done anything that would have upset her (I spoke as little as possible those first few months of school… even now that I’m in my third year, I’m not much of a talker). But she’s always saying derogatory things about my background, especially my family’s financial situation… she calls me Celestia’s “charity case” (a label which is completely inaccurate! My parents and I scraped the bottom of our bank account to send me to Celestia! Sure, I received a Scholarship my second year that has taken care of a good portion of tuition, but I earned that with hard work and consistently good grades… I’m nobody’s “charity case”). The worst is just feeling her glare from across the room, or hearing her turn over on her bed (she’s got the lower bunk) and knowing she’s scowling up at my mattress. I feel like I’ve tried everything: I’ve ignored her, I’ve talked back to her, I’ve even tried to be kind to her! Needless to say, she’s still the same old Trixie, three years later.

“I’ve been tempted to assume Trixie’s hatred for me could stem from the simple fact that… well, it’s no secret I’ve been at the top of our class for a while. But I can’t help but feel there’s more to it than that.”

-Wizard!Twilight Sparkle

So I guess this happened….

An alternate universe where pro genjis use fidget spinners? Also I’m more than open to any ideas or requests you have regarding overwatch! Feel free to hit me up ; u ;

Hamilton AU where instead of the war its a cook off

“Son, I am working with a third of what this recipe calls for!”

“I go to france for more bisque, I come back with with more whisks, and bowls, and now we’re in control”

“What did I miss? What did I miss? I followed the recipe step by step”

“Say no to this, i just gotta say no to this, ohmygod shes using lemon zest and her icings saying hell yes”

“In every dish Of endless fish And when you made quiche
I hoped it would burn”