alternate titles include:

10 Alternative Titles for The Picture of Dorian Gray:

• 101 Times Lord Henry Should Have Shut His Cynical Whore Mouth
• I Kissed a Boy, and More Embarrassingly, My Own Portrait, and I Liked It
• I’m a Murderer, but Everything is Perspective
• Although I’m a Complete Wanker, I Am Infact a Victim of Suggestion Under the Influence of Another Complete Wanker
• Narcissism and Consequences
• If You’re Not Young and Pretty You May as Well Just Die
• Personalities Don’t Seem So Ugly When Surrounded With Beautiful Things
• Selling Your Soul for a Picture Probably Isn’t Worth It
• Being Philosophical and Being Intelligent are Not Always the Same Things
• It’s Okay to be Gay As Long As You Get Rid of the Body


Strike meme - cinematography
⤷→ The Cuckoo’s Calling + high camera angle

Alternate Titles for Kingdom Hearts

-Plot Twist: The Series

-Oprah’s Keyblade Giveaway

-Goddammit Sora


-Riku Tries to Angst but Sora Ruins it by Being an Adorable Little Shit

-Nomura Hates Us All

-The Game of FEELS

-Nomura You Asshole Stop Tormenting Us

-Nope Done Can’t Handle It

-How Many Norts Can YOU Find?

-Get Ready to Cry Forever


#OT3: you’ve been a little naughty



Okay so this part is admittedly slightly filler, but since we were all about Hiro last part, it makes sense to focus on her brother for part 3?

I have many alternative titles for this part, including “Fandom Treats Tadashi Too Nice and Forgets He Did a Really Stupid Thing So Let’s Rub It In,” “How the F*** Do You Draw Chris Pratt,” “OOH LOOK RAPTORS I LOVE RAPTORS,” and “I Can’t Draw Chris Pratt.”

Also, there was this marvelous scene in the Jurassic World deleted scenes in the DVD that was released Oct. 1st. Mind you, I had this mostly drawn and finished in June/July. It was kind of amazing how well it fit with this scene. I’ll put screenshots (with my camera b/c iTunes won’t let me take actual screenshots *sigh*) behind a cut at the end of this, but look at this marvelousness that is Owen, Claire, and Pile o’ Dino Poo:


And reminder, I will not be answering questions about the content of this AU until after all 6 parts have been posted. Please look forward to the other parts! (´▽`) And if things click into place faster for you, don’t spoil it for others~!

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Now click behind the cut to see images from the actual Jurassic World deleted scene of Owen, Claire, and Poo:

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Hamilton song titles if Burr had named them all
  • Alexander Hamilton: meet this great guy. Oh btw, I'm the fool who shot him.
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: why won't anyone take my advice to talk less and smile more
  • My Shot: dude can you shut up for like just one minute
  • The Story of Tonight: Alex and his buddies hang out. Why am I never included? Oh wait I purposely don't want to get involved in the revolution nvm you guys go have fun without me.
  • The Schuyler Sisters: I disgust them, but that just means they've discussed me
  • Farmer Refuted: yeah I think that guy's an idiot too, Alex, but I don't go around yelling at every single person I disagree with. Like seriously, have you ever heard of shutting up?
  • You'll Be Back: King George III is a jerk.
  • Right Hand Man: why won't senpai notice me
  • A Winter's Ball: we're reliable with the LAAAADIES!
  • Helpless: romance or something stupid like that. ugh.
  • Satisfied: now you know how it feels, Angelica.
  • The Story of Tonight (Reprise): yeah, the girl I'm seeing is married to a British officer. Stop questioning my life choices.
  • Wait for it: unlike SOME PEOPLE *cough cough* Hamilton *cough cough*, I actually have patience
  • Stay Alive: who thought it was a good idea to put Charles Lee in charge? Are you feeling okay, Washington?
  • The Ten Duel Commandments: Alex, chill. Duels are stupid and you don't need to have your friend attack Lee.
  • Meet Me Inside: see, I told you this was a bad idea.
  • That Would Be Enough: if you won't take my advice, can you at least listen to your wife and you know, try to be a decent husband?
  • History Has Its Eyes On You: people will remember what you do for a loooong time. I certainly know that.
  • Yorktown (the World Turned Upside Down): We won!
  • What Comes Next?: King George thinks we can't handle ourselves as a new nation, ha! actually, he might be kinda right...
  • Dear Theodosia: my child, you are too good for this world, so I vow to make the world better for you.
  • Non-Stop: Alex is successful because he has no chill. But seriously dude, can you calm down for like just one minute?
  • What'd I miss: oh yeah I forgot about Jefferson. He's back.
  • Cabinet Battle #1: sounds like a pretty sick rap battle in there. I wouldn't know because I'm never included in things.
  • Take a Break: lol guys, you're never going to draw Alex away from his work.
  • Say No To This: Alex, can't you tell this is a really bad idea? You're going to regret it.
  • The Room Where It Happens: why am I never included in things
  • Schuyler Defeated: finally I get included in something. Alex, don't be mad at me, I'm just pursuing my own desires at your father-in-law's expense.
  • Cabinet Battle #2: ...aaaaand something else I'm not included in. It sounds pretty good, though.
  • Washington On Your Side: stop listening to Hamilton and notice me, senpai. No? Then it's time to destroy Hamilton.
  • One Last Time: woah, Washington's actually stepping down? What happens now?
  • I Know Him: nobody cares about your opinion, King George.
  • The Adams Administration: watch things start to go downhill for Hamilton. This is great.
  • We Know: well that is not the scandal I was expecting but hey, whatever works.
  • Hurricane: Alex prepares to destroy his reputation. I'm down for that.
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: did you really think this was a good idea? Like, as self-burns go, this is really big. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being ok and 10 being "YOU MUST BE OUT OF YOUR MIND", this is a 20 at least.
  • Burn: I don't blame you, Eliza. Alexander really messed up.
  • Blow Us All Away: when are you guys going to learn that dueling is a bad idea?
  • Stay Alive (Reprise): I may not like you, Alex, but I am sorry for your loss.
  • It's Quiet Uptown: can I just skip this? This is too much sadness for me.
  • The Election of 1800: and I would have won, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
  • Your Obedient Servant: fight me, Alexander.
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: okay that was sweet, now can we get back to the action?
  • The World Was Wide Enough: well, that was the biggest mistake of my life.
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: guys I know history makes me look like a villain but I'm not 100% evil. Also, Eliza is amazing. Can I get her to write my history, too? Oh wait, I shot her husband. Probably not then.
Alternate Titles for X-Men: Days of Future Past
  • Thank God They Didn’t Fuck Up the Sentinels
  • Hey Winter Soldier! How’d You Get In This Movie?
  • Oh No Wait That’s Warpath My Bad
  • Shadowcat: Still Owning After All These Years
  • Hugh Jackman’s Glorious Ass
  • Wolverine Manages to Not Take Over the Entire Movie For Once
  • Let’s All Save the Guy From Game of Thrones
  • Get Your Shit Together Charles
  • I DO WHAT I WANT: The Mystique Story
  • Everyone Loves Quicksilver
  • I Want to Give Beast a Big Blue Hairy Hug
  • Magneto Where Are You Going With That Baseball Stadium