alternate titles include:

10 Alternative Titles for The Picture of Dorian Gray:

• 101 Times Lord Henry Should Have Shut His Cynical Whore Mouth
• I Kissed a Boy, and More Embarrassingly, My Own Portrait, and I Liked It
• I’m a Murderer, but Everything is Perspective
• Although I’m a Complete Wanker, I Am Infact a Victim of Suggestion Under the Influence of Another Complete Wanker
• Narcissism and Consequences
• If You’re Not Young and Pretty You May as Well Just Die
• Personalities Don’t Seem So Ugly When Surrounded With Beautiful Things
• Selling Your Soul for a Picture Probably Isn’t Worth It
• Being Philosophical and Being Intelligent are Not Always the Same Things
• It’s Okay to be Gay As Long As You Get Rid of the Body

Alternate Titles for Kingdom Hearts

-Plot Twist: The Series

-Oprah’s Keyblade Giveaway

-Goddammit Sora


-Riku Tries to Angst but Sora Ruins it by Being an Adorable Little Shit

-Nomura Hates Us All

-The Game of FEELS

-Nomura You Asshole Stop Tormenting Us

-Nope Done Can’t Handle It

-How Many Norts Can YOU Find?

-Get Ready to Cry Forever


#OT3: you’ve been a little naughty



Okay so this part is admittedly slightly filler, but since we were all about Hiro last part, it makes sense to focus on her brother for part 3?

I have many alternative titles for this part, including “Fandom Treats Tadashi Too Nice and Forgets He Did a Really Stupid Thing So Let’s Rub It In,” “How the F*** Do You Draw Chris Pratt,” “OOH LOOK RAPTORS I LOVE RAPTORS,” and “I Can’t Draw Chris Pratt.”

Also, there was this marvelous scene in the Jurassic World deleted scenes in the DVD that was released Oct. 1st. Mind you, I had this mostly drawn and finished in June/July. It was kind of amazing how well it fit with this scene. I’ll put screenshots (with my camera b/c iTunes won’t let me take actual screenshots *sigh*) behind a cut at the end of this, but look at this marvelousness that is Owen, Claire, and Pile o’ Dino Poo:


And reminder, I will not be answering questions about the content of this AU until after all 6 parts have been posted. Please look forward to the other parts! (´▽`) And if things click into place faster for you, don’t spoil it for others~!

                        <<PART 1>>       <<PART 2>>       <<PART 4>>

More on this AU and other links will be added to the MASTERPOST found here.

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Now click behind the cut to see images from the actual Jurassic World deleted scene of Owen, Claire, and Poo:

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When things (didn't) work out - flower_tier - Be More Chill [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Be More Chill
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell
Characters: Jeremy Heere, Michael Mell
Additional Tags: it’s gay and that’s all you need to know, There’s also crying haha

This is. Essentially dedicated to @zymple on Tumblr. Thanks for bein’ the first to reply to my post!
Alternative titles include: Jeremy Cries and Michael’s Almost Heart Attack

Based off of Zymple’s suggestion of “Video games and feelings jam”

That’s the definition of a soulmate, isn’t it? One soul, two halves, split between two separate forms. Alike in every respect.

In a world where people are born with a coloured marking somewhere on their body, your soulmate is supposed to be the one who carries the exact same mark. Kurosaki Ichigo has never put much stock in these things — and the fact that his black sun mark and Rukia’s white crescent moon is as different as night and day has nothing to do with it. Ichiruki soulmates AU- or is it?

Chapter 2 of my IRBB fic, Collision Course. Alternative titles for chapter 2 include ‘Ishida Uryuu fails to catch a break’, ‘Universe declares Ishida Uryuu as Public Enemy Number 1′, or ‘That time that Good Luck Broke Up With Ishida Uryuu And Wrote a T-Swift-Esque Song About It’ (the last one courtesy of @mizulily ).

Don’t forget that jellyribbons did some wonderful art for this fic, found here! 

Collision Course

by hashtagartistlife


Accretion Disc (pt 1)




Ichigo remembers the days following his mother’s death with a reluctant clarity. For someone who had been in a near catatonia for months, the memories seem burned into his neural circuits, and he can recall the most insignificant detail pertaining to that time period with painful precision. The cold air of the house, suddenly devoid of warmth. The quiet sobbing of his sisters, still too young to fully grasp the situation. The grim downward curve of his father’s lips. And the rain, always the rain, the sound of it on their tiled roof, the clammy feel of it trickling down his neck, the smell of it on the upturned dirt of his mother’s grave. Unending and relentless, bleaching the world a muted gray.

It’s different this time (and why the hell would he make the comparison anyway?, he thinks angrily, It’s not like anyone’s died— yet). The sky is offensively blue. The clouds are unashamedly white. And the day passes in a sort of haze, where nothing seems quite real to him. He doesn’t remember how he got home, doesn’t remember the excuse he gave to his father and sisters. Couldn’t tell you if Maths came before History that day, or vice versa. The only thing he sees in his mind are Rukia’s eyes, hot then cold then full of tears, all because of him.

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Friends With Fox(es) - a friends with benefits AU
[video: jackieisboring | music: Portions for Foxes by Rilo Kiley]

For @somekindofseizure who asked for a video to this song ages ago.

Young Volcanoes (groupfic) - MistressIndie

Indie A/N: Welcome to this beautiful superhero queen mess! We were going to title this Just Ass League, but then decided to be like mildly more serious for reasons.

Mistress A/N: This is gonna feel great. And not hurt your soul at all *grins evilly*. Other alternative titles included Her-HOES (like heroes) AvengHERS and Friendship is Magic (that one was never NOT a joke)

Summary: in a world where drag is it’s own superpower, many queens have been bestowed with superhuman gifts. Precognition, super strength, empathy, the ability to travel through time and space itself??!! These and more are the gifts of a few select queens. It’s all drinking games and interpersonal drama until a messenger shows up with grave inspiration.

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I WANNA BE THE ONE TO WALK IN THE SUN/ an anachronistic pop playlist for Philippe Duc d’Orléans (youtube)

alternative titles include: If Versailles was soundtracked exclusively in the spirit of the “I Want Candy” scene from Marie Antoinette (2006), or Can I start and end a playlist with two separate covers of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun/Starfucker//Shampain/Marina and the Diamonds//I Wanna Boi/PWR BTTM//Crash/Against Me!//Chandelier/Vitamin String Quartet//Boy Problems/Carly Rae Jepsen//Primadonna Girl+Viva La Vida (remix)//Marina and the Diamonds+Coldplay//FUCKMYLIFE666//Against Me!//Run Away With Me/Carly Rae Jepsen//Miracle Aligner/The Last Shadow Puppets//Our Last Summer/A*Teens//All the Boys/PWR BTTM//Swimming/Florence and The Machine//Rebel Rebel/David Bowie//Girls And Boys/Blur//Celebrity Skin/Hole//Ugly Cherries/PWR BTTM//Hit and Run/Hayley Kiyoko//Wrecking Ball/Mother Mother//All the Rage/Allie X//Show Your Colors/Genvieve//Girls Just Wanna Have Fun//Emilie Autunm

sith!Obi Wan/Anakin | a thing that swallows you

Plot: Sith Lord Obi Wan Kenobi seduces Jedi Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side in the most literal way possible, Anakin’s life choices are as terrible as ever, and lots of people wind up dead (poor Mace can never catch a break).

Alternate titles include, “Don’t bring home random men, they may be Sith Lords” and “Mark Me Down As Scared and Horny: The Anakin Skywalker Story”

runnerzero  asked:

Draw the squad: Simon, Five, and Sara all in their respective numbers (3, 5, 8)

“Hi, I’ll be auditioning for the part of Abel Township’s Runner 5 and I’ll be doing an interpretive dance entitled “What Do I Do With All These Sports Bras.”

Ereri Multichapter Masterlist


A Tenuous Third Space: In which Attack on Titan is the MMORPG they all play, and Eren meets Levi online.

These Weren’t Memories: Eren Jaeger had spent the last two weeks tending and nursing a huge fucking crush, and Levi had been the one stupid enough to plant the seed in whatever hormonal abscess passed for a teenaged heart.

Blame It on the Weather: Eren is about to begin his freshman year of college. One day he trips into the arms of a handsome stranger, which would be par for the course if he was the star of a romantic comedy. But he’s not.

The Misanthrope: The story is set in an AU world where Eren was only a child when the humanity won against Titans. When he’s fifteen, he meets Levi, humanity’s introverted hero, who is not exactly the kind of person people believe he is.

The 6th Ward: A comedy about being dead.

Levi is finally returning to work as a nurse after recovering from a car crash that nearly killed him. Nothing says “welcome back” like realizing he’s lost his marbles and can see the disembodied spirits of the comatose patients in the 6th ward. He begrudgingly helps them learn how to be dead. Eren, the newest coma patient in the 6th ward, has six months to learn how to be dead. Good luck, kid.


The Strange and the Usual: When Eren finds himself stuck in what is essentially a halfway house for supernaturally inclined misfits, there’s no stopping the veritable shopping list of events that leave him pushed closer and closer to ex-exorcist, Levi. But when is it ever that simple?

Snow and Silence: When reclusive Eren Yeager finds a half-frozen stranger on his front porch, he has no idea how much the encounter will come to change his life. And yet, even as his fascination grows, so do the mysteries around the enigmatic man. Who exactly is Levi, and can Eren trust him?

River’s End: Levi and Eren grew up together as brothers. They were in love. That was all there was to it.

It’s Funny Because Eren Can’t Read: In the Recon Corps, reading and comprehending paperwork is equally as crucial as it is beyond the realm of Eren’s capabilities. However, with his CO’s confidential tutelage, Eren is sure he’ll be able to catch up with his comrades in no time… if he can shake this unexpected suspicion that his fondness for humanity’s strongest soldier isn’t simple hero worship.

Hint: He cannot.

As the title suggests, this was originally intended to be a lot funnier than it is. It’s still funny, but only as a side effect of the tension between Eren’s crippling teenage confusion and Levi’s pervasive neurosis.

Words Cannot Describe: People had always said that Eren wasn’t right in the head. As a kid, it didn’t bother him. But hearing those words now stung in a way he could never have imagined.

The World Without Walls: The world without walls is a big, big place, as it turns out, and finding someone you never knew you were missing in it can be a hell of a thing.

Alternate character titles include: Erwin “Your Problems Amuse Me” Smith, Mikasa “Painfully Blunt” Ackerman, Armin “Sass Is The Best Solution” Arlert, Eren “More Persistent Than A Terminal Illness” Jaeger, and Levi “Why Are You Crying, Stop That Immediately” ???????. (Now Featuring: Hanji “This Is A Little Bit Illegal, Let’s Do It” Zoe and Sasha “There’s So Much Food And I Can Have All Of It, This Is The Best AU Ever” Braus.)

Critical: Alternate Universe - Levi moonlights as a sharp-tongued food critic, Eren is an aspiring chef. Shenanigans.

Fairy Tales: Eren is found discouraged and homeless, when he is offered a job as a maid by a stranger. He does the one thing he tells himself not to do; fall in love with the prince.

Spray Cans and Fire Escapes: Doodles in margins could never amount to much, or so says that brat downstairs who won’t turn down the goddamn music and crawls home, up the fire escape, battered and bruised more days than not.
At the same time, Eren can’t imagine who the street artist Corporal could be, behind the veils of winged paintings and tags. He also can’t help but be inspired by him.

It takes two to Tango: Eren Jaeger is a freshman is college in a big city away from home. Having finally settled into a routine of friends and classes, he is given the suggestion to try out for a dance group. Having been involved Eren takes the chance. This is story of Eren and Levi going through trials of love, heart ache, and friendship.

Special Interns Squad: Levi was content to go to work, do his job well, and maintain a fairly steady routine. Naturally, being placed in charge of a team of interns was not included in this list. It didn’t help that Erwin kept giving them ludicrous assignments that no intern should be doing. Or that Hanji uses the interns to torment him. Or that one of his new subordinates seemed to be getting more and more attractive by the day.

Sometimes Things Turn Out For The Best: Levi has been Armin’s literary editor for over a year when Eren suddenly realizes he harbors feelings for the other male. As it turns out, Levi reciprocates those feelings, but a completely clueless Eren and a socially challenged Levi result in one hell of an awkward courtship.

Cleanup Crude: They claimed to have won the war, but Levi knew that was bullshit. There was nothing satisfying, or even comforting, about what had happened after Trost.

So they were killing the titans more easily than they ever had before. So they’d pushed the titans out of Wall Maria. So they were finally pushing the titans back, reclaiming what was theirs by right.

None of that changed what Levi knew, and what Levi knew changed everything. He couldn’t fight, not like this, and he couldn’t retire, not like this.

So he cleaned.
Attack of the Terrible Mischaracterizations - Chapter 1 - Livvykitty - ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 | JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

I wrote crack that accidentally turned into a character study…. basically, there’s a stand that clones you, but all your clones are fanon clones and they’re also horribly OOC. Jotaro and Kakyoin have to deal with them.

(Alternate Titles include: “Kakyoin Punches Himself In The Face”, “Jotaro’s Quest To Finally Say A Good One Liner”, “Can The Author Make Any Fanon Versions of These Characters Likeable In Any Way, If Only Because They’re The Least Fanon of the Fanons and Aren’t Nearly As Bad As Say Clampyoin or Yandere Jotaro”)