alternate title known as

Alternative title #16

“Thor: Ragnorok”, or better known as…

“Loki sends father to a nursing home because he craves attention”

“Thor learns to live without his dick”

“Bros being bros”

“Loki is only half an asshole”

“Loki finally gets to get over getting his ass beat like a ragdoll”

“Goth chick’s ruin everything”

“Benedict Cumberbatch is here for no reason other than to put him on screen with Tom Hiddleston”

and last but not least…

“Marvel finally stops taking themselves so damn seriously.”


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Frank Herbert’s Dune: (or, affectionately known for it’s alternate title, Oh God, This Game, Dear God, Why)

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*whispers:* I needed a little pick-me-up, so I wrote this. Have a little Han-Leia fluff on your dash, I hope it makes you smile.

Title: Rewards

Summary: Han does a little laundry and thinks back on the best bad decision he’s ever made.

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