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Horror/SciFi AUs

Send me a letter for an AU starter based on a horror or science fiction prompt.

A - Hunting for cryptids/paranormal investigator AU
B - Paranormal activity in our home AU
C - Lost in space AU
D - Necromancy AU
E - Mad scientist AU
F - Clairvoyant predicting disaster AU
G - Werewolf AU
H - Torture chamber AU
I - Alien invasion AU
J - Demonic possession AU
K - Post-apocalyptic wasteland AU
L - Lost in the woods with predators AU
M - Deadly merperson AU
N - Vampire AU
O - Serial killer and accomplice AU
P - Time travel AU
Q - Entering a parallel universe AU
R - Undead walking the earth AU
S - Stalker and victim AU
T - Coming into contact with a curse AU
U - Extreme natural disaster AU
V - Making deals with demons AU
W - Learning how to use dark magic AU
X - Vengeful ghost AU
Y - Spirit medium and desperate ghost AU
Z - Kidnapped and held hostage AU

Unique AU Settings for Your Consideration

- a really sketchy thrift shop that you can only access from the alleyway 

- a submarine (bonus points: a submarine that functions as a hotel)

- A Truck Stop in Georgia

- Flower shop that is actually a drug front, but, like, also has rlly good bouquets

- A print shop that smells like ink, strawberries and doughnuts

- A haunted mansion that has been converted into a new and used bookstore. The ghosts give good book recommendations

- An abandoned office supply store

- A cottage that was was given to you by a mysterious benefactor, cottage also comes with a baby goat named Earl

- a high school auditorium at night complete with a costume attic

- A lighthouse during the apocalypse 

- A pretentious tea shop with brews that no one can pronounce

- A butterfly sanctuary

Haikyuu!! Prince of Stride!AU

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The basics of it are: each of the teams are a Stride team(ofc), the setters are the relationers, and the captain is usually the anchor. 

I’ll put the rest of it under the cut, it gets kinda(very) long :D

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Zombie AU Starters
  • "There's a hoard outside!"
  • "Please don't tell me we're already out of food. I swear, I went on a run yesterday."
  • "I found this rifle. It'll be easier to shoot 'em down with this."
  • "Whoa, check it out! That one's practically a skeleton!"
  • "You can't just hide the whole time, ya know. You have to fight eventually."
  • "I...I think it bit me."
  • "That thing bit you!"
  • "Please, you can't die. You'll turn. And I couldn't...I couldn't ever shoot you."
  • "I can help you. We'll survive together."
  • "I can't do this anymore...I can't live like this."
  • "You can't let your guard down. Not ever."
  • "Stop saying that! If you die, I'll be here all alone!"
  • "You've killed too many of your friends. I know, it's hard to think about that. This world is just a shitty place now. But you have to live. For them."
  • "We gotta stop the bleeding! You'll bleed out...!"
  • "Damn, you're a good shot."
  • "I'll always protect you."
  • "Don't be stupid! You'll die!"
  • "Shit, we're surrounded."
  • "This is the only time murder will ever be helpful. Just kill him/her already."
  • "Help! My foot's caught, I can't get away!"
  • "This is it. I'm done. I can't do this anymore."
  • "I broke something in my leg while trying to run...those damn zombies."

First Look: The New Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The new S-Class celebrates its world premiere with extensive innovations at the Auto Shanghai. Among the highlights is an all-new and highly efficient engine range with a series of new technologies for electrification of the powertrain. Intelligent Drive takes another step towards autonomous driving. And the undisputed leader in the premium segment with regard to comfort and wellness sets new standards in the interior. The market launch of the new S-Class starts in the European markets in July of 2017.

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When the bodies of your muses died, someone froze their brains and 1000 years later implanted them into robots.


Our muses are mermaids and live in opposing deep sea castles, where one is kept as a slave and the other is a prince.


Our muses are elemental creatures of opposing elements. Yet they find a way to get close to each other.


One day our muses discover they both have the rare skill of transforming into certain animals.


Both of our muses are the leaders/presidents of two different countries or big multi group concerns.

‘The Princess Bride’ sentence meme


Send one to my muse for their reaction

  • “Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”
  • “You’re trying to kidnap what I’ve rightfully stolen.”
  • “While you’re at it, why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?”
  • “They’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”
  • “I can cope with torture.”
  • “Get used to disappointment.”
  • “You’ve made your decision then?”
  • “Frankly, I think the odds are slightly in your favor at hand fighting.”
  • “I would sooner destroy a stained glass window than an artist like yourself.”
  • “Am I going mad, or did the word “think” escape your lips?”
  • “Your vote of confidence is overwhelming.”
  • “I admit it, you are better than I am.”
  • “You never said anything about killing anyone.”
  • “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
  • “You mock my pain!”
  • “Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.”
  • “Do you always begin conversations this way?”
  • “This is true love; you think this happens every day?”
  • “Australia is entirely peopled with criminals!”
  • “There’s not a lot of money in revenge.”
  • “You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept.”
  • “Anyone who says differently is selling something.”
  • “Anybody want a peanut?”
  • “I do not envy you the headache you will have when you awake. But for now, rest well and dream of large women.”
  • “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.”
  • “The battle of wits has begun.”
  • “I wasn’t nervous. Maybe I was a little bit concerned, but that’s not the same thing.”
  • “We’ll never succeed. We may as well die here.”
  • “Please understand I hold you in the highest respect.”
  • “Isn’t there any way you trust me?”
  • “You’re trying to trick me into giving away something. It won’t work.”
  • “I’ll explain, and I’ll use small words so that you’ll be sure to understand, you warthog faced buffoon.”
  • “I told you I would always come for you. Why didn’t you wait for me?”
  • “I’m not saying I’d like to build a summer home here, but the trees are actually quite lovely.”
  • “You can die slowly, cut into a thousand pieces.”
  • “What hideous sin have you committed lately?”
  • “Yes, you’re very smart. Shut up.”
  • “There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours.”
  • “That doesn’t leave much time for dilly-dallying.”
  • “Where I come from, there are penalties when a woman lies.”
  • “It would be absolutely, totally, and in all other ways inconceivable.”
  • “I challenge you to a battle of wits.”
  • “Look, I don’t mean to be rude but this is not as easy as it looks, so I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t distract me.”
  • “Do you hear that? That is the sound of ultimate suffering.”
  • “You be careful. People in masks cannot be trusted.”
  • “Please consider me as an alternative to suicide.”
Story Idea:

A straight guy signs up for a lesbian dating app hoping to hook up with a lesbian (because he thinks he’s so hot he can hook up with anyone). He matches with the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. They agree to go on a date that Saturday, and when he shows up, it turns out that perfect “girl” was really just another straight guy trying to catfish a hot lesbian. They fall in love.


Chiaki’s program knew that her classmates avatars should of reset to a time before they fell to despair. For most of them, this meant their first year of High School…but she found herself with a slight…irregularity….there was one boy who was clearly younger then the rest…his second year of middle school at most. 

Haru Hinata had no idea what he was doing on a tropical island with a bunch of high schoolers. Much less students bound for Hope’s Peak Academy, it didn’t make a lot of sense to him. So he thought he’d try questioning the rabbit calling itself their teacher once the others left to explore the island…on the beach, the only two left were the gamer girl, himself and the rabbit thing. He walked over to it “Excuse me….Usami-sensei…was it? What am I doing here?” 

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The Darkness (open star to anyone)

Since Maxine was eleven she knew only the walls of her cell, a glass of the strongest window they could find, so that others outside could look and observe her, like an animal. She was given challenges to see how strong she grew each day, tests where run on her to the point where she was far to use to it, she was isolated and alone but she was saved from her abusive and hateful family for what she was born with, what they made her- a freak, a monster, an obscurus

Maxine had been taken by a man with blond hair, a man who claimed to be like her only said that she was far more special and unique, that because she suppressed her magic she was powerful, and useful to the man who called himself Grindelwald

She hardly noticed the base she was at under attacked, to focused on the blocks given to her to entertain and give her something to do. Maxine hardly noticed the figure coming up to her as she rotated the block into the air before having her obscurus destroy them with one simple motion

Smile More

Title: Smile More

Word count: 1,133

Summary: In which Percy finds Annabeth utterly and amazingly cute, it didnt help that she wore a skirt today. Drabble.

Note: wtf I can never come up with a decent summary for one-shots. Originally posted to my which you could find here . 

Percy didn’t know how he started taking a certain liking in Annabeth Chase. They were different. Entirely, worlds apart kind of different. He didn’t like her at first, being partnered for an assignment is never the correct way to make a friend, but even after she received her grade Percy still found her ringing on his doorbell every thursday, asking to study. 

It might’ve warmed his beat up heart just a little to know that someone out there cared enough to at least (persistently) try to be his friend.  

They didn’t talk much. Mostly just sarcastic remarks that made them both happy whether they’d admit it or not. Not to forget the taunting smirks from Percy, also. He liked to tease her, but she always bit back. 

They weren’t very close either, just close enough for both of them to call the other a dipshit without really minding. 

He knew one of the reasons she chose his place over the library was because his household was quiet, and even though Percy was a whole messy mess himself, it gave Annabeth somewhat of a reassurance that there were nobody else in the room she had to look happy for besides Sally. Which, over the three weeks they’ve been working together, had became like the mother she never had. 

Annabeth came from a rich family. She wore sweaters and jeans to school mostly, not skirts or dressed like you’d expect from a girl like her. She was polite to it seemed everyone but Percy, and maybe that was why he liked her. 

Percy learned that Annabeth liked owls. He learned that she was even more intelligent than she appeared, and that her mom left when she was only five, that she was heartbroken but by time, still didn’t forgive much less give a shit. If she’s didn’t show her face for 12 years its a clear sign she isn’t gonna show it very soon, she said. A family member is someone who takes care of you and has been there for you, biologically speaking, she’s just someone who gave birth to me. she’s not part of my family. 

He was entranced, because Percy had never met anyone as deep and meaningful as Annabeth. Someone so straight forward and well spoken, who knew bullshit when she saw it. Throw her good looks into the picture and she was practically a goddess. He didn’t know how in hell he didn’t notice her until this year. 

Annabeth learned that Percy liked the color blue. Anything blue (or black) you could easily bribe him with. She learned he liked piercings. A lot. As is the metal on his face didn’t give away the memo. She learned that despite their social differences, they had quite the things in common. Both of them appreciated good alternative music, for starters. Both of them knew someone who left them, secondly. 

She liked him, because he was different. He didn’t really care what people thought of him, he said that was lame. As long as I like myself, thats all that really matters. Percy swam against the tide, and Annabeth liked that. 

Percy tapped his fingers on the table to some song he recognized Annabeth playing at his apartment last week. It was Biology, their only class together, and Percy was so bored that the only thing that seemed to interest him was the fact that Annabeth wore a skirt today instead of her usual denim jeans. And she didn’t look bad. Like, at all.

She had her grey hoodie pulled down low, so the only part of a skirt that could be seen was two inches of  black fabric. Leaving her long, tan legs visible to Percy’s wandering eyes. But he couldn’t stare at her directly, that’d be way too obvious, especially since Annabeth was observant. Even with her sitting two rows ahead of him (he sat in the back back) to the right, so he settled with glancing every so often from the corner of his eye, trying to imprint her perfect figure into his brain so he wouldn’t have to keep looking at her. But damn, Annabeth was so fucking attractive. 

They both didn’t have any friends in that class, only the two of them, so it wasn’t very hard to get Annabeth alone when the period ended. 

Percy pushed through the crowd of students to get to her. A couple of them shot him dirty looks, but their fault for taking their sweet time.

Her hair was down as usual, with bobby pins holding her long bangs to the side. Percy remembered her telling him that it was so she can actually see without having to push the mess from her eyes every few minutes. He thought it was adorable. 

“Wearing a skirt today I see." 

Annabeth glared at him with her piercing grey eyes, that created such a good color contrast with her blonde hair and naturally pink lips. Percy was momentarily distracted. 

"Everything else is in the laundry. I didn’t want to come to school smelling like garbage, unlike someone I know."  She gave him a  pointed look.

"Gods, Wise Girl. You’re acting like I said you looked bad.” Annabeth rolled her eyes, but the faint blush that crept up onto her cheeks was not to be unseen. Percy smirked. 

“Shut up." 

He smiled, white teeth beaming as she punched his shoulder. He couldn’t feel very much, it was obviously a playful act, but he couldn’t not smile at a frustrated/ annoyed/ emberessed Annabeth. He couldn’t. 

” Hey, you should smile more.“ Annabeth said slowly as if she were making an observation she was unsure of. Then she added on, "It makes you look better.”

Now it was Percy’s turn to blush. The heat warmed his cheeks in a way that infuriated him, he had no control over blushing. He hoped he wasn’t sweating by now. So, having a head full of kelp, he said something only Percy Jackson would say, “You should shut the fuck up more." 

 It was still rotation time, and Percy guessed they probably had two or three minutes before the bell rang and signaled class. But the two of them were still walking at a good pace, and so he decided not to say anything about it. Plus, the wide grin that Annabeth had plastered on her face after he said what he said was definitely worth being late for.

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The operation was simple enough. Hex was to be dropped of on a planet. She was to survey the species and capture a few for experiments and return to the Company. Hex had one week to complete her mission or she would be punished severely.

The planet was so similar to Earth that if Hex didn’t know better she would assume that she was back home, a few centuries back in time. Nonetheless, Hex stood underneath the shade of a large tree, checking the digital map she had strapped to her wrist. Her Xenomorphs stood around her in a protective circle, hissing quietly as Hex made sure everything was in it’s proper place.


The castle library was quite possibly the last place Krie would have expected to encounter a Galra, but she was not alarmed by the discovery. She was already aware of the visiting contingent from the Blade of Marmora and she recognized him immediately. Despite this, she was still hesitant to approach him - the Blades all seemed so intense, she couldn’t help but find them slightly intimidating. After a moment’s deliberation, curiosity won over, and she drew a little closer, brushing her long dorsal fin back and offering a friendly smile. 

“Doing some light reading, or did you take a wrong turn somewhere?”