alternate process photography

W.R.O.O.L. II, 2015

digital photograph/experimental digital image

Trying to revisit an old idea with a completely different technique.  When attending university, I took some credits working on an independent-study project which dealt largely with mediumship and spirit photography.  Following capture, I assemble these exposures together into compositions within standard image editing software and conduct light editing of colour, sharpness, and contrast.

I have been encouraged by the powerfully apophenic suggestions which appear in the first series of images; forms emerge resembling anatomy and structures that are not present (or capable of being imaged) during the experimental process.  

© Bryan Paul Patterson 2015


I Am Not Submissive

with a sense of humor and ridicule, i mock a few things people have asked me or assumed of me.  at my age, i not only face the stereotypes people generally have about my race and ethnicity, but also a more targeted idea about sexuality and made-up typecasts that come along with being a young asian american female in today’s society. 

this is me trying to find a voice rather than be submissive and accepting.

©Jessica Lim 2015