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Two years ago I wrote a story about an autie and a neurotypical having a long term relationship and alternated the perspective on each chapter, and it was been a very interesting experience to see all the reviews and stuff for it, because the autie chapters are full of comments from auties like OMG I KNOW RIGHT and “what ever are NTs anyway” and the NT chapters are full of comments form NTs like “Yeah same” and also “autistic people are very odd” and it’s just been an adventure.

On the one hand it’s nice to know that I can compellingly write both styles of thought.

On the other hand, the fact that most autistic readers find NTs alien and most NT readers find auties alien has never been more starkly underlined to me than in that comment section.

The older I get the more I sympathise with Draco Malfoy. His two best friends were barely intelligent enough to hold a conversation and his father - his role model - was cold, prejudiced and cruel. As a result, he was incredibly isolated. He watched as Harry Potter - who he had intended to befriend - made other friends, constantly saved the wizarding world, became generally happy and was crowned a hero. In the meantime, he lived in constant fear of disappointing his father and the house he was so proud of, and he tried to prove himself but continually went unnoticed. He sunk further and further into seclusion until he felt he had no-one to confide in, was placed under immense pressure to perform immoral actions and saw the horrors of the death-eaters first hand. He made mistakes, and for a while carried his father’s prejudices with him, but honestly he isn’t given enough credit for making it out of that dark place to become a loving husband, excellent father and generally good man - far from the school bully he is portrayed as.

Men are socialized since birth to think their feelings and thoughts are the objective truth.

They are taught they are generally right about something, unless contradicted by another male with equal or more authority. Men subconsciously believe they are firmly right about things so much they won’t even consider alternative perspectives unless it comes from a place of higher authority.

Men are socialized to believe women are inherently wrong, and that is why women are “crazy”, because it is so difficult for men to even consider the possibility that they don’t know shit.

This is why men often offer strong opinions on topics they just heard about, especially if they’re contradicting a woman.

This is because people will respect a man’s opinion and give his words weight even if he has zero background in the subject because men are considered credible by default.

Women are considered wrong by default and must argue their way to display their truth, no matter how strong their credentials.

Men probably have to tell themselves they’re logical all the time just to keep up the lie that feeds their ego.

Thinking is difficult work for a man who is used to instantly being told he is right, while women are constantly being argued against and therefore exploring the topics more deeply and doing more thinking.

this excellent summary of the problem is from witwitch - please write more!

Aquarius Debunked: Myth #1

Aquarius has a rep for being open-minded. The transcendent Aquarius is the most open-minded of all the signs.

However, in its most common expression, this sign holds extreme, revolutionary ideas and opinions. Anyone perceived to be “old-fashioned” or not progressive enough is condemned and shut-out.

Aquarius demands open-mindedness from other people, but it is not an open-minded sign. It is intolerant of perceived intolerance. In truth, it is one of the most close-minded of all the signs. This sign hates being labeled, but will put other people in a box without a second thought.

Aquarius rejects alternate perspectives while demanding that you accept its perspective unquestioningly.

Things astrology exists for:
helping you to see yourself in a new or different light, helping you to better understand yourself and the people around you, helping you notice and acknowledge the reasons for why you do what you do and why certain things happen at certain times, helping you broaden your horizons and see alternative perspectives on things/people, offering interesting insight on whatever it is you might want to look into about the world.

Things astrology does not exist for:
telling you who you are, telling you how to act, telling you how to treat other people or what decisions to make, telling you what you’re supposed to do, telling you what’s true and what isn’t about the world, putting you and everyone else in a little box with no exceptions or depth or substance whatsoever.

“I definitely think the movie has won more people over than it’s lost. This really lovely message came through yesterday. A person who just organizes a film group invited four people to go watch the film. Four went in, and three came out because one person walked out during the beach scene in the second story. And the comment was, She wasn’t ready. But the other three had discussed what they had seen. I have no problem with that. Because what normally happens is we’re so insulated in our bubbles that we’re never exposed to a different opinion, a different perspective. If this movie or any piece of art can get people to the point where they have to acknowledge that an alternate reality and alternate perspective exists, that’s productive. Maybe next time they’ll get a little bit farther into the film…“

”…My favorite response to this film, so far, is from a friend of mine. This woman’s mom is a much older woman, very hyper-religious, conservative Christian, but she loves me. So, my friend has her mom come and watch the film without telling her what it was about. Two months later, this woman took her entire church group in Chicago to go see this film. Shit like that… amazing. More of that. Like that shit to me is just as moving, as meaningful, as the possibility of being the first this or the first that.”


— Barry Jenkins on audience reactions to Moonlight

It Goes, It’s Golden by lucythegoosey

The chaos Zayn left in his wake wouldn’t feel so disastrous if Harry had Louis. But everything between them crashed and burned a long time ago. All Harry is left with is a hopeless longing and a fear that the band’s current disarray will set in for good.

… And then he finds himself stuck on a sixteen hour plane trip with Louis Tomlinson.

This could either be the most awkward flight of Harry’s life, or the beginning of an atonement he’s been dreaming of since 2013.

Canon Compliant AU in which Harry and Louis broke under the strain of it all and now, years on, there’s a chance to put all the pieces back together. Set in early April 2015 all the way through to October. Written in Harry and Louis’ perspectives, alternating every chapter.

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Thoughts on what to expect in chapter 19 and on jieun

I’m honestly going to be really sad if bum ends up killing jieun and surprised? Because 1. It’s going to mean that bum is going on a straight downward slide to being sangwoo’s puppet and he’s given up and 2. It just feels like a cop-out in terms of writing. She’s had several chapters and we even know her backstory. She mirrors bum in her attraction to the seemingly kind sangwoo, but she’s (as far as we know) had a much better life and is mentally healthy. Even though she’s forced into the situation, she can provide bum with an alternate perspective on his situation. He’s avoided running away at certain times because sangwoo is the closest thing he’s had to kindness in his life. He needs someone NOW, at this incredibly critical moment to tell him that what is happening to him, that what sangwoo and everyone has done to him is WRONG and that he is validated. And more than anything, he needs healthy, non abusive companionship.

I can see this ending in a few ways. 1. She gets killed by bum and he sinks into sangwoo’s hold.
2. Bum can’t do it, sangwoo hurts bum for betraying him “on their special day” and kills her himself. Pretty likely.
3. Bum begs sangwoo not to do it, and sangwoo gets the idea to make jieun the new “mom” and bum moves on to the status of boyfriend. Bum tries to keep jieun safe while both of them try to plan to escape sangwoo. (This is SO unlikely but I’m thinking of turning it into some kind of au)

And I know this has been said but jieun is NOT a bitch and she’s NOT a slut. And the fact she’s being persecuted by the disgusting fandom that is saying grotesque things about what they want done to her is sickening, but I can’t say I didn’t expect it. In a “bl” manhwa women get shit all over.
She is acting like a normal young woman with a crush. She’s no saint, and she’s not hyper empathetic. Granted, this group of friends seems to be shallow (as I’m sure sangwoo makes a point to consort with this type of person, given his victims and his real personality vs. his charming persona), which also helps to explain why she didn’t consider bum’s feelings, circumstances, plus she was probably already a little tipsy and irritable at being blown off by her crush.

So can we all stop holding her to higher standards than a fucking stalker and a serial killer??? Jesus how are you all not hurting for this poor girl. I hope she makes it out okay, as unlikely as it is.