alternate mtg art

**Grunge Fashion Aesthetic**

I hope this still falls into the category of speed painting, I took a bit longer to refine this one (2.5 hours). 

While environmentals have been a ton of fun to create and practice with, I feel like I need to keep the ability to render characters honed. It’s really easy to get caught up in drawing mountains and forget how to paint wings and faces - at least from my experience. XD Does anyone else have the problem of degeneration? Use it or lose it?

The character depicted here is Sharuum, the Hegemon, a sphinx from the Magic: the Gathering universe. There’s so much more I would have loved to do with this, but isn’t that a constant problem with speed paintings? C'est la vie.

Comments, critiques, and shares are awesome! But not as awesome as you. ;>

An hour went into the original version of this.. but it was so off, I had to take an extra 30 minutes to refine the picture. For you. ;> 

This is another recreation of the original Zendikar fetch lands from Magic: the Gathering. Raymond Swanland’s art for Arid Mesa was impossible to beat, but I did my best to put something new and original together. :D 

Even if I had a bit of extra time to refine this piece, I know there’s some things that need work. Do you have any comments or critiques for my rendition on Arid Mesa? Share the image with your friends if you dig hedrons! (Feel free to do so either way, really)