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How Owls Could Quiet Wind Turbines and Planes

If you were a field mouse minding your own business and foraging for some food in the forest, the last creature you’d want to spot you would be an owl. The reason is simple–even as the bird of prey swooped down with talons open, you’d never hear it coming.

Owls have an impressive superpower in silent flight, made possible by specialized wings and feathers that disperse the sound of air rushing past them. Now an international research team says they have taken a tip from owls that could eventually lead to turbine blades and jet aircraft that produce significantly less noise.

“No other bird has this sort of intricate wing structure,” said University of Cambridge applied mathematician Nigel Peake. “Much of the noise caused by a wing – whether it’s attached to a bird, a plane or a fan – originates at the trailing edge where the air passing over the wing surface is turbulent. The structure of an owl’s wing serves to reduce noise by smoothing the passage of air as it passes over the wing – scattering the sound so their prey can’t hear them coming.” Learn more below.

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Solar Energy Conversion Under Dark Conditions

By Amanda Staller

A research team from the University of Texas at Arlington comprised of both present and past ECS members has developed a new energy cell for large-scale solar energy storage even when it’s dark.

Solar energy systems that are currently in the market and limited in efficiency levels on cloudy days, and are typically unable to convert energy when the sun goes down.

The team, including ECS student member Chiajen Hsu and two former ECS members, has developed an all-vanadium photoelectrochemical flow cell that allows for energy storage during the night.

“This research has a chance to rewrite how we store and use solar power,” said Fuqiang Liu, past member of ECS and assistant professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department who led the research team. “As renewable energy becomes more prevalent, the ability to store solar energy and use it as a renewable alternative provides a sustainable solution to the problem of energy shortage. It also can effectively harness the inexhaustible energy from the sun.”

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A video of an eel that powers up a christmas tree. This is just one of five other great energy solutions… that sound like they were invented by mad scientists.
Solar garden proposed for Nelson, B.C., could be a 1st in Canada
The solar garden would provide residents with 'clean' energy and credits on their power bill

The City of Nelson, B.C., could become the first in Canada to build a community solar garden that would provide residents with “clean” energy and credits towards their power bill.

The project, put forward by the city-owned and -operated utility Nelson Hydro, would allow people to purchase power from a solar panel farm for 25 years, and receive a credit that would go towards balancing, and eventually reducing, costs on their bills.

It’s in the preliminary stages, said Carmen Proctor of Nelson Hydro, who said interest in the project is growing.

“People here really do care about the environment and they are really progressive in their way of thinking,” said Proctor.

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Go Off The Grid With Green Energy

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EV Transformation needed

A smarter approach to electric vehicles and the grid
By Mark Victor Hansen, Smart Grid News, May 27, 2015

“…we are experiencing an evolutionary shift to electric vehicles (EV) for personal transportation, as is evident from the emergence of more than a dozen manufacturers in the market today. This transformation will necessarily begin to shift delivery of energy from our transportation grid to our electric grid. But how will this be possible? Will we overload the grid?”

“…utilities, regulators and providers of EV charging stations must put their heads together to simplify the process, implement smart grid devices and provide the convenient transportation services that consumers want.”

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