alternate ending oh my god

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your sotW alternate ending reminds me of X Men Days Of Future :D

oh my god



Cheater - Part 5: Josh Washington x Reader (Alternative Ending)

Request: Oh my god, please more of Cheater bae. Fandom needs it. Too great

The story was actually over, but there was another part requested, so I made an alternative ending.

WARNING: Mentions of mental illness.

Word count:  1,307

You arrived at the bottom of the mountain. The cable car stopped moving and opened its doors. You grabbed your bags and walked out of the cable car, silently opening the door from the cable car station and leaving. You groaned as one of your heavy bags fell out of your hands, landing in a pile of snow. You tried to grab it, but jumped at the sound of something screeching at the top of the mountain, just like you heard before. You glanced back, letting your eyes roam over the mountain, but it was too far to properly see. You saw the white snowflakes peacefully fall onto te mountain, covering the ground with a thick layer. The trees peacefully quiet, while the wind made a way through the leaves.

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