alternate casting choice

better casting choices for dr strange than benedict cumberbatch:

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oded fehr

pro - was in the mummy, so probably familiar with magic

con - willingly appeared in the movie resident evil: extinction (might still be in time out for that?)

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godfrey gao

pro - multilingual, which is cool

con - too pretty. way too pretty. would hurt chris hemsworth’s self esteem

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pedro pascal

pro - was in game of thrones, so knows how to navigate complex, interwoven storylines and large casts

con - possibly was actually killed when his game of thrones character was, for the sake of realism (I assume this is why hbo costs extra??)

chris martin

pro - blond + named chris = $$$ for mcu

con - not an actor, already has a job

my dog

pro - very friendly

con - pees when startled

this chair 

pro - comfortable 

con - cannot talk

marvel, I implore you to look at these clearly superior alternate casting choices before filming for doctor strange starts