alternate acoustic


october (listen to on spotify & 8tracks)

some acoustic and alternative vibes for the month of october.

i. this town, niall horan; ii. autumn leaves, ed sheeran; iii. run and hide, sabrina carpenter; iv. sparks, coldplay; v. sweater weather - spotify sessions, the neighbourhood; vi. telegraph ave / sober, daniela andrade; vii. animals, alex & sierra; viii. warmth, bastille; ix. mountain, halfnoise; x. turning page, sleeping at last; xi. wish that you were here, florence + the machine

(J U S T Y)

So here it is! Here we are!

I wanted to write a song about how it feels to simply just want to love someone back to health. I wanted to put into words how it feels to simply want to be with someone and make them utterly happy. So happy that they never even think about whatever pain/heartbreak/hurt they’ve had to endure. I wanted to write a song that would make you want to give love one more try. Enjoy and boost the shit out of this LOL.

Also the ultra cute lyrics are in the description. REBLOG THIS AND TAG SOMEONE WHO YOU WANT TO TRY LOVE ONE MORE TIME!<3 

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