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do you guys have any fairy/magic aus?? namjin, yoonseok, vkook will be appreciated but any is ok! btw i hope all admins are having a great day ❤ love u all!

bloody hell I love magic aus-

charmed by kaythebest [namjin, T, 23k]

moonlight by jonghyunslisterine [jikook, G, 4k]

borderline illegal by sweetlyblue [Yoonseok, E, 7k]

Toads and Periwinkle by Kavbj [taekook, M, 18k]

siren song by xiajin [Yoonkook, T, 25k]

and I’m having a wonderful day, thank u sweetie <3

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Tom Holland x actress!reader

A/N hi guys! How are you? It’s my first imagine here on Tumblr, I hope you’ll like it. If you notice a mistake, please let me know.

I don’t own the photos! They are from Google.

PS. I love you ❤ you are beautiful, don’t forget about that!

Word count : 1186

Being an actress is one of the most amazing jobs because of many reasons. You star in popular TV shows, movies. Anything of that wouldn’t be possible without your gorgeous fans and their support. You are surrounded by a lot of talented people who make sure that every project is topped out. You are a true inspiration for young people and that’s a huge responsibility. You are one the youngest stars in this business, but you’re doing great. You’re currently working on a movie called “Captain America: Civil War” alongside actors such as  Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and Sebastian Stan. You portray Black Widow, who is in the Tony’s team. This role is fantastic, because you can show your gymnastics skills and how  powerful you are.
You stepped out of Starbucks with a cup of your favourite drink and drove to the movie set, which was about 20 minutes away from your neighbourhood. After you parked your car you headed towards the costume crew. You walked into the room full of people in a hurry. “Hey Y/N, how are you?” said Chris greeting you with a hug. He was one of your best friends, he always treated you like a younger sister “Hello! I’m great… I’m hella excited for today! I’m shooting some fight scenes.” “Yeah, me too! I have to go now, see you later!” He responded. You were about to go to the makeup artists but someone grabbed your shoulder “Good morning Y/N, could you please help me?” said Tom who was already in his Spider-Man suit. “How can I help you dear?” you asked with a hint of worry in your voice. “Well… I lost my teddy bear. Will you sleep with me tonight?” He asked. After a few seconds you responded “You are joking right now, aren’t you? No. NO,” You turned on your heel and walked to your room where your crew has been waiting for you. You were really angry because you liked Tom, a lot. He seemed like a nice guy, what he did was just weird. He never acted like this, he was always a real gentleman. Since you had a lot to do you just forgot about that situation.
After 6 hours of doing stunts you went with Anthony and Sebastian to grab a lunch. “He’s an asshole” said Anthony “What you’re talking about?” You asked raising your voice slightly. “I’m talking about Thomas Holland aka little asshole. I saw you two talking, I don’t know what was your conversation about, but I just want to let you know that he sometimes doesn’t know what to say.” “So he accidentally says something inappropriate” added Sebastian. “He likes you y/n” they said in sync. “Really? Guys, I swear I feel like you stalk me” You said raising your eyebrow. “We all… I mean me, Anthony, Robert, Chris, Elizabeth…” “What are you trying to say?” You interrupted Sebastian. “We ship the two of you”. “Wow…” you gasped. “I-I-I… have to say that’s quite sweet.” You said after a few seconds. “You two should get together  kiddos.” Said Sebastian and you laughed a little.
After work you had a bit of free time, so you planned to spend your afternoon watching Netflix. You were laying on the sofa in your living room. You were watching “Stranger Things” when your phone buzzed. You received a message from Tom.
“Hey Y/N, can you talk?”
You typed “yes” and sent the message.
Tom called you and you answered. “Y/N I’m so sorry! I-I was totally kidding! I just wanted to ask you… f-for a… f-ffor a… date” he said with a shy voice. “I didn’t like your joke…” “I know,” he said interrupting you “But it doesn’t mean that I don’t like you Tom” you said, feeling your cheeks flushing red. You could hear that he was surprised by your answer. “How a-about a date tomorrow after work?” He asked with a little stutter. “I’d love to go on a date with you, we have to talk about something. But keep in mind that if you’re ever going to say things like that really bad pick-up line, I will slap you ” you responded. “Well, see you tomorrow!” He said with a chuckle at the end.
You were in a limousine with your boyfriend, heading to the premiere of “Captain America: Civil War”. “I’m super excited.” You said looking into his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. He just grabbed your hand tighter in his. “I love you y/n.” “I love you too little asshole” you responded with a grin on your face. “I feel offended” said Tom. “You should” you said laughing. You were happy that you were going to walk down the red carpet holding hands with love of your life. Fans screamed as they saw the two of you. Photographs took many pics of you in your beautiful gown. “I ship y/n and Tom so hard OMG!” You heard a teenager shout, you smiled at Tom who was cry-laughing. Then you had photos with a rest of the amazing crew. You and Tom also had an interview together.
“Hello everyone! I’m Chelsea Briggs from HollywireTV and I’m joined by a beautiful Y/N Y/L/N and Tom Holland! It’s lovely to meet you guys!”
“Well thank you for having us” you responded and Tom shook his head yes. “First of all, congratulations on your new movie! I’m grateful that tonight I have the opportunity to see it. What it’s like to be a superhero? Were you fans of MCU before you got your roles?” She asked. “Of course! We basically were teenagers when the first films have been showing up in the movie theatres, so it’s a dream come true for us!” Said Tom looking at you “Yeah, exactly!” you added. “All of the heroes were my role models when I was younger, and they still actually are. You don’t need to have superpowers to save the world. The most important thing is to be a good person, who cares about other people. That’s at least what all of the movies thaught me as a kid.” you said. “I agree with you” said the interviewer. “Now I have a question because the Marvel fandom is curious. Are you guys dating?” She said with a wide smile. “We have been together for nearly a year now, so yeah… I think that we’re in a pretty serious relationship” Tom said tightening his hug around you. “You guys are really sweet! Thank you for the interview, have a great evening. See you next time!” “Thank you! Have fun tonight!” You said nearly in sync with your boyfriend. The rest of the night was great. You watched the movie, you attended the after party with your co-workers and you had so much fun, because they are your best friends now. You danced the night away with Tom.
The next day every fan of MCU fandom had a lockscreen with Y/N Y/L/N and Tom Holland kissing.


I’m tired. 3AM. Rewrite everything. Fuck. So basically a Persona 5-esque x Sonic AU with elements and events from P5 executed differently. Thats about it. It used to be called Sonic Roommates (still technically is) but its now called SonicSona. Brief description of them–>

Kevin Ogilvie Maurce: -Codename: Sonic (You’ll understand if you play/ watch P5) -21 years old -Recently dropped out -Recently got fired from his job as a store clerk -Eats 3 feasts a day -Sports freak, Massive Otaku, Food lover, Enjoys and plays all kinds of music, can be a flirt, has a drinking problem, he secretly likes pink, SHORT,always taking pictures on his phone or be on his phone in general, loves annoying Derek -He was mistaken for a 16 year old once. -Kevin was convicted for assault when it was clearly a big lie and a misunderstanding. The witness was black mailed to not say a word. He was charged multiple times and was caught once out of countless of police chases. He was trying to spice up his boring life a little bit but it all leads him into getting into some sort of trouble..its due to the fact that he never had the chance to have “some fun” as a child from being under the care of a very strict father. If he did, he would get hit or yelled at by his dad, complaining that all he is was a no good trouble maker that should instead have his nose bury in the books to be as smart as his father..Kevin’s mother tried her best to control her husband from abusing their child like that…Now that he’s an adult and after what he has been through, people labeled him as a criminal,threaten him, making assumptions and rumors, looking down upon or try to avoid him. This happened mostly in his college and it followed him at work and got him fired, making drop out before the staff would suspend because of his situation. He was so sick of his reputation that it drove him to create a goal of making his life interesting but with a positive impact. Even if it kills him.

Chip: -Ageless/Age Unknown -Does not remember a thing after being saved by Kevin from getting ran over -In return he offered to assist him into pursuing his dream to be a hero -He can switch into a normal non-mobian chipmunk (at least I think he’s one-) -He loves food as much as Kevin -He would hide under Kevin’s beanie or his hoodie

Derek “Robotnik” Roberts: -Codename: Shadow -22 years old -Graduated early -Works in a Gun/Military Shop (He couldn’t find a job that interest him and the ones that do he cannot apply for whatever reason..) -Has a big appetite like Kevin but prefers to stuff his face with sweets -British Boi,Easily flustered and embarrassed, Massive Bookworm, Enjoys old cartoons,Professional cook, Secretly likes gardening, Very smart, hates it when Kevin annoys him with stereotypes or annoying him in general, hates it more when people mistake him for a female, acts like a mom, smokes a lot but tries to quit but fails -At some point, Kevin would accidentally call Derek “Mom” because of his motherly nature towards him -Derek has been bullied throughout his childhood to his highschool years. He’s been beaten, called names (Freak and Alien being the worst), and neglected by students and even teachers..the only people that has ever accepted him was his big sister Maria “Robotnik” Roberts and his grandpa Gerald “Robotnik” Roberts.and later on, Kevin himself. Sadly, Maria and Gerald died in a catastrophic raid by unknown creatures during Maria’s examination of her disease. Maria would often talk about how she loved earth, hoping that nothing will ever ruin its beauty and purity…and thats also what her final words were..before meeting her death..Poor young Derek swore to keep the planet safe in a sobbing mess as he watched her older sister die before him…Soon enough, Derek grew up to be the person you see now, crue, scary, bitter..though he is still keeping that promise to this day..doing anything in his power to protect this world…He soon noticed that people started to like him..but for his new appearance, mostly amongst the ladies..he personally finds that disgusting.

Emily Amelia Roosevelt: -Codename: Rose (Or Amy…or both) -19-20 years old -Is an Assistant Nurse -Still studies in college though -She would be mistaken for a Vegan/Vegetarian since she would often be seen eating mostly non-meat products but she still eats meat. -Thicc, kinda has an unhealthy obsession with Derek, always seems thankful for whatever she has,can lift she can cook but…its quite mediocre? She enjoys nature and animals, she loves swimming and playing with any sea creatures,visits the Emerald Coast area in Empire city, ironically Kevin would be the one all over Emily and Emily would just shove him 300 feet away from her X’’D -Even the littlest things, Emily seems to be grateful for it all..its due to her relationship with her parents..She used to be a very spoiled brat who cares about herself more than anything. She always take her parents hard work for granted, throwing tantrums when they can’t buy what she wants. They have multiple jobs but little pay..later on..Emily matured and grew up..realizing what she didto her parents as a child and absolutely dreaded it. She felt so guilty but now..she will never get the chance to finally say ‘thank you’..and ‘I love you’ back..because it’s finally her parents time to peace. To honor her parents and repay her after what she made them go through, she would often visit their graves. Emily would buy any gifts she lays her hands on, setting them neatly on their tombstones and talk to them as if that were her parents, saying thank you and I love you. And to end it off, shed gave a little blow kiss before leaving to come back the second and/or more days of her visit in a week.

Lily the Birdie -Age unknown -Emily’s favorite pet bird -They’d played together and it would help Emily out carry stuff or something -Obviously would feast on bird seeds -Lily and Emily would visit other birdies in GreenHill Park

Hunter Chadwick -Codename: Knuckles -23 years old -Works as a store clerk with Kevin -Still works as a store clerk when Kev got fired -Total Meat and Fruit lover -The obvious body builder, always see him in the gym, drinks a lot with Kevin, that one friend who would get up to announce their homie’s arrival and start cheering for them,“4+4= two 0s stacked on top of eachother.”, he is easily angry especially if he looses something or doesn’t go his way..or his favorite football team loses, he’d drag Kevin along for some Crimes with Ryan (Ray) and Mark (Mighty) even when Kevie is hesitant, serious when it comes with the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emeralds -Hunter used to grow up with his Grandma and she would often tell him about the culture of their tribe before they vanished in to extinction. She would say that they will sacrifice themselves to protect the sacred gems known as the Chaos Emeralds and the one above them, which was the Master Emerald. Only a chosen group that has a much higher rate of chaos energy than anyone in the earth can utilized the power for whatever they please and train themselves to maintain and even ascend to a different level of chaos energy, his Grandma would say, but malicious beings would do anything to have access to that power..She’d go on and on that she will be counting on Hunter and the very few echidnas left on the planet. Hunter heard this a fact, he felt like it was an instinct amongst the Echidna tribe to be guarding the gems of immense power so he didn’t think much of it…though when his Grandma passed..the red echidna was living on his own but forgot the location of the gems, leading him into a panic,wishing that he thought more about it beforehand..searching for them, he met up with Naomi (Tikal) and she obviously seem to have the same objective..she is one of the very few echidnas left…

Im tired..I’ll make more references if people like the idea so anyway g'night T-T (sorry for any mistakes)


Had a last day at animation class today and i finnaly gonna have -a little-semester break from one class and i can have more time for work ,my other studies , maybe sleeping? (Neh..)
Anyway!! We drew some skeltons today! So it made me feel like uploading page 3 of my dear lil AU - Ratiotale
If you know me from deviantart and Amino , you know my Ratio-Sans and he’s lil bird soul 💙
But if you dont know us yet! Its nice to meet you all !!!
And i truely hope youll like them ;0;

Ratiotale page 2 -

So I guess this happened….

An alternate universe where pro genjis use fidget spinners? Also I’m more than open to any ideas or requests you have regarding overwatch! Feel free to hit me up ; u ;


Giant. Purple. Space Cats. AU - Sketch dump

Ok so… I’ve been swamping my blog with AUs, lately. And here’s yet another one: How about a GalraAU, where the whole Galra-Altean conflict is in reverse? Like all Galra characters from the series are Altean and all non-Galra characters are Galra in this AU (for example Zarkon is Altean and Allura is the Galra Empress)? And the Galra Empire is ‘the good guys’ while the Altean Kingdom kinda started the war? Plus, Voltron was created by the Galra Empire and fights on their behalf, so all the Altean blue parts of the Paladins’ armors are now Galra pink. :D

Also: Headcanon time!!

  1. Toe beans. Since I like to believe that most Galra are huge, fluffy space cats, they have TOE BEANS in this AU.
  2. Omegaverse. I wanted to draw some Omegaverse related stuff for quite some time now. So, there. Have some Alpha!Shiro marking an Omega!Keith as his. Might be a bit more nswf than normal, but oh well.
  3. Shiro. Gets. Fluffy. When he’s looking at Keith… Because Shiro loves his baby. °3°
  4. Allura looks like a female version of Lotor in this AU. Because damn.

I’ll add some more… galranized(?!!)… characters as soon as I’m done with finals!