alternapark au



“HA! I did it! I actually did it!”


“Wh-what is it exactly that you did? What’s happening?”

Went ahead and did a flashback to Dana resurrecting her dead friend through the means of some satanic powers.

//I hope you feel better soon. If you need time to be alone that’s no inherently terrible, everyone has moments where they feel the need to escape and cut themselves off from the world. Just don’t let those negative thoughts consume you because that leads to a vicious cycle that takes more work to get out of. If you find you’re feeling bad about yourself just go ahead and treat yourself to a nice day, write yourself some nice letters, meditate a little and reconnect with positivity. -Mod Stormy <3//



“Actually my mom made the dress for me, but Karen always helps me zip up. Hell, Karen was a vital asset to have by my side. A brave Prince capable of helpin’ me run things smoothly. Someone who always there to run important errands, and handle inventory. In return I kept the enemies at bay.”


“Kenny was the face, and I did all the sneaky work. Also. Ken, I’m totally serious about overthrowing Her Royal Fatass….just saying.”



“We had a blast this fourth! Well, Sam’s family had this great cook out in their backyard, and let me tell you something about her dad. That man can cook real swell. I had to get one of everything, and honest to God, I saw Kenny put away ten hot dogs, and three burgers. Then we hopped on next door once it got dark to mess around with some sparklers. Kenny’s big brother even managed to get us some of the bigger fireworks! All in all it was a great day.”



“Of course we’re team TP for life!”


“Wait TP? I thought we were done with that shit?”


“Ugh, Not TP, TP, as in Terrance and Phillip.”


“Oh right, yeah team TP all the way, we gave the Queef Sisters a shot, but I guess we’re a lot more into farts than queefs.”


“Terrance and Phillip don’t really come out with new episodes anymore, but they have this comedy act they perform live, and we got tickets to see them a while back.”


“Definitely worth the bruised knees.”


“Yea- wait bruised knees? What are you tal- EW! Fucking gross Kenny!”