Food and drinks I’ve given to Anubis/Anpu/Yinepu

  • dark chocolate
  • raspberries
  • chipotle (I share all my meals with my gods and they’ll eat with me if they want to)
  • bread (a common offering for the Egyptian deities)
  • Bacardi rum
  • coffee
  • cool water (a common offering for the Egyptian deities)

Activities/actions, and other items I’ve given to/done for Anubis/Anpu/Yinepu

  • a small bottle of rosemary (rosemary was used in embalming in AE)
  • a skeleton key
  • a small jackal statue
  • frankincense-myrrh incense
  • left flowers on old, forgotten graves
  • given bread and water offerings to the dead
  • volunteer work
  • car rides together
  • got a tattoo of an ankh with his name in hieroglyphics

I hate it when people tell me “okay but you and your system mates are basically the same”
No? We are completely different persons with different personalities, interests, minds and emotions. We may stuck in the same physical body and we may co-front sometimes but we’re still NOT THE SAME PERSON.