altering perspectives


Floto + Warner

The new york-based creatives explore a range of natural panoramas subtly interrupting, or greatly obstructing them to alter their viewer’s perspective.
For their ‘colourant’ series, the artistic duo (Floto + Warner)  has chosen the barren landscape of Northern Nevada as their stage in which they have conducted floating sculptural events; capturing fleeting moments in which vibrantly pigmented liquid has been thrown into the air. Taking many attempts to perfect the technique of tossing the fluid substance in just the right way to obtain a range of free-flowing configurations, the resulting images express shapes that are non-discernible and ephemeral in their existence.


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The INTJ (NiTeFiSe)

Introverted Intuition (Ni):

  • Futuristic minded, often comfortable forming personal expectations of how situations will turn out
  • Prone to inaction until they have “foreseen” the outcome or negative consequences
  • Comfortable reading between the lines or “intuititing” the motives of others
  • Endlessly ponders perspectives and ideas until shaping them into a specific singular conclusion or viewpoint
  • Open to altering these perspectives or visions, but requires extensive time to do so (unable to improvise in the moment or respond quickly to environmental shifts)
  • Predominantly characterized by well-developed imaginative abilities and mental wanderings
  • Often spends a great deal of time simply thinking
  • Prone to reflection on scenarios, on pondering information, and forming individualized abstract concepts or revisiting concepts of interest
  • May be prone to excessive daydreaming, creating intricate inner worlds or universes, or mentally replaying elements of their own personal experience
  • Not always inclined to share their imaginative tendencies or thoughts with others
  • Develops complex mental inner landscapes, shaped and continually revised by new information
  • May find acquiring new knowledge to “complete” the details of their instinctual knowledge tiresome, and prefer to work off intuitive insight rather than detail-driven awareness
  • Sometimes slow or reluctant to adopt or update new information (if not eager to shift their worldview)
  • Confident about analyzing the implications of gathered information
  • May view others’ ideas with skepticism or scrutiny
  • Can perceive others’ intellectual contributions as limited in scope
  • Occasionally prone to fatalistic thinking or general self-doubt
  • May pay little attention to maintaining their sensory surroundings
  • Might prefer observance in order to gain understanding of a situation rather than active participation

Extroverted Thinking (Te):

  • Places great importance on factual accuracy and understanding how things work
  • Able to articulate factual reasons for many of their opinions and decisions
  • Can offer information to others that is accurate and contains “proof” (through medical studies, obvious logic, examples, etc)
  • Excels in accumulating factual and objective information in areas of personal interest
  • Good at rational problem-solving and striving to make their goals a reality
  • Tends to want something to show for their time and mental energy
  • Enjoys focusing on and seeing a task through to completion
  • Good at articulating their insights into frank advice for others
  • Is aware of the financial implications of their decisions, and inclined to factor that into the choices they make, personal and otherwise
  • Often respects others with a good work ethic, and strive for one themselves
  • May challenge the information being exchanged by others if it is inaccurate
  • Able to channel their energy toward creative criticism and improvement
  • Tends to evaluate others on terms of reliability and productivity in the workplace

Introverted Feeling (Fi):

  • Values others who keeps their commitments and doesn’t misplace the INTJ’s trust
  • Tends to deeply internalize their feelings, resisting outward displays of feeling
  • Prioritizes that which is most important to them in life
  • Has a strong sense of individuality
  • Dislikes anyone who ‘forces’ others into specific behaviors or removes choices from their life
  • Has a set of values by which they operate, distinct from social expectations
  • Often feels things more intensely than they let on
  • Sometimes prone to devaluing the human element in problem-solving, leading others to mistake their logic-driven solution with “coldness”
  • Forms a deep kinship to a few people who have earned their respect
  • Places a great deal of importance on ethical principles
  • Develops a strong sense of goodwill and loyalty toward others that have proven themselves trustworthy
  • Can be calm, attentive, and sympathetic listeners
  • When unhealthy or in a bad place emotionally, may be inclined to aggressively attack others’ intelligence, ideas, or character
  • Tends to make relationship decisions and stand by them
  • May appear overly polite, formal, or distant in social situations
  • Often reluctant to enlist the assistance of other people, desiring self-reliance instead

Extroverted Sensing (Se):

  • Prone to inaction in making their dreams a reality, or the temptation to “think” instead of “do”
  • Often finds interaction with the outside sensory world empty and unfulfilling
  • May fall into reproducing past experiences instead of finding new interests  
  • Often deals with sensory reality in clumsy or inexperienced ways
  • Under stress, may be prone to excessive sensory behaviors (too much drinking, casual flings, and reckless, hedonistic, or irresponsible actions)

Drawn from MBTI / Socionics descriptions. Compiled by Charity.

listen, cas

sunshine honeybee baby bird light of my life

i get where ur comin from on this, i do, honestly

i have no doubt that dean’s ween is a life-changing, perspective-altering, world-shifting experience


if this is true

i feel bad for u 

u died a couple times

u were stuck in purgatory for a year

u exploded into goop, castiel

u were goop

u gotta love urself son

I can’t stand when people dismiss young astrologers and numerologists because they aren’t “knowledgeable” enough. Knowledge doesn’t have an age limit. Your mind can expand as far and wide as it wants to. If anything, young astrologers and numerologists can bring up fresh and new ideas. They can be far more progressive thinkers, refusing to be limited to traditional beliefs. I’ve seen incredibly young astrologers alter the perspective of a certain placement. Discover and shine light on new asteroids that originally had little to no information on. I’ve seen young numerologists piece things together and rebel against old traditional rulers. Young numerologists whose minds work in incredible ways, enough to break down the complexity of Numerology itself.

For you to attempt to put a halt to it, is only putting a halt to the progression of modern astrology and modern numerology. It’s dumbing down and limiting the expansion of occult practices. Everyone’s opinion is valid and everyone’s theories are considered. The new generation is far from ignorant, the ignorant ones are the ones who fail to keep an open mind and consider the observation and research done by others.

into the unknown

caught on camera // transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Much of the world’s beauty lies in the tiny little details, the details we so often fail to notice. We marvel at the beauty that lies before us without taking the time to appreciate the infinite small wonders that exist to create it. But if we alter our perspective even in the slightest amount, we can turn the mundane into the exceptional. It can completely change the way we see the world.

here’s to transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Avengers Preference- How The Avengers Feel About You; The Youngest Member Of Their Team

Natasha Romanoff:

At first Natasha would be weary of it. With everything that went on with her in the Red Room she wouldn’t want another teens life to be cut short and turned to assassination. Although after sometime and many training sessions later, she would grow close to you. Natasha took on the ‘motherly’ role when you were around. She was constantly scolding you and kept a close eye on you no matter what. Occasionally her protective side made you annoyed but it was nice to know she cared. Natasha, similar to Steve, also recommended to Shield HQ that you be kept out of missions that put you in a too risky battle state for her liking. Often times during fights where you were sent along, Nat would be finding herself distracted from her fight and glancing over at yours to make sure you were still alive. If anything bad happen to you under her watch she would never forgive herself.

Tony Stark:
You were his little prodigy. Tony saw himself in everything thing you did. He would offer to let you watch over him in the lab when you were forced to stay back and out of the action. Tony would teach you anything and everything you desired. Though he refused to admit it, Tony considered you as his daughter. You had shared experiences, your parents were killed when you were younger leaving you to be an orphan. But when Shield got a hold of your case and discovered your powers, you were immediately recruited and now were apart of The Avengers. Tony was the one to research your file. The moment he caught word that the team was getting a new member he dug every bit of information out on you that he could. He insisted that you studied at the Avengers Tower alongside Peter Parker and hired the best tutors possible to make sure you could reach your full potential. Tony Stark was determined to give you the childhood he never got which was the main reason he fought against allowing you in on missions, but he also understood why you were needed in the fight so in most cases he let you go. Despite this, you were the only person Tony cared about more than his work.

Thor Odinson:
Thor was absolutely amazed by you. He had never met a mortal your age with the powers and abilities you possessed. You taught him human terms and filled him in on all the references he didn’t understand. Being the youngest on the team, there still so much that you had yet to do. The farthest you had gone out of the country was to Russia for a mission with the team. That being said, Thor insisted on taking you to his home realm of Asgard for your birthday and as a reward for all your hard work on the team. Also, Thor was frequently visiting you and asking for advice on Jane. Thor held a whole universe of trust in you and found himself considering you to be one of his closest friends.

Clint Barton:
He avoided you when you first joined the team. In Clint’s opinion you were far too young and innocent to take on the role of an Avenger. He only shared short conversations with you during your training sessions with Steve and Natasha. Hawkeye didn’t take a liking to you until he caught you one early morning sneaking around in the vents listening in on a top secret conversation between Nick Fury and Tony Stark. That was when Clint took advantage of your small form and eager teenage mind and transformed you into his new found pranking partner. The two of you would wake at the crack of dawn and begin your prankster ways. Your main target of choice was Natasha and Tony. It was obvious neither of them would yell too much at you so when you were to get caught, you took the fall. Bucky had been your latest victim of harmful jokes. You and Hawkeye had returned late from a movie and when you found Bucky passed out on the couch with his metal arm dangling dangerously close to the ground, you couldn’t resist. By the time Steve had waltzed into the room, Clint and yourself had managed to stick thirty small magnets of various colors along Bucky’s bionic arm. Hawkeye took the blame for that one even though Steve knew both of you were in on it. Let’s just say Clint had a special place in his heart for you.

Bruce Banner:

Like Clint, he ignored you. Truthfully, Bruce Banner admired your young mind and the brilliance that you held, but he was fearful of bringing a kid your age onto the team. He was well aware that in most cases under his Hulk form he had close to no control over himself so he distanced himself as far from you as possible. The last thing he wanted was to injure you. You tried to coax him and form a friendship but every time you got even the least bit of personal with him like discussing your hometown, he grew silent. All that changed when you took on a fight side by side with the Avengers in Germany. The team had just invaded the main Hydra base of the region. Shots were coming from every which direction and when Bruce, in his Hulk form, saw you from the corner of his eye fighting off a parade of enemies, he couldn’t stand by and pretend you didn’t exist anymore. He wiped out the whole army that had attacked you and brought you safely back to base. Even in his green state of being, Bruce was able to control himself and save your life, and that was all that mattered. After that he hardly ever question you about joining in on missions with the team because he knew if something went wrong either himself or one of the other members of the team would be there to help you out.

Wanda Maximoff:

You quickly became best friends, practically sister. You two bonded over your abilities and coped with your loses. You and Wanda gossiped over juicy new that traveled through the Tower and shared secrets over the boys you took a liking to. Wanda was the only one you let in on regarding the crush you had on a certain spiderboy. She kept quiet on the subject but teased you subtly whenever a chance presented itself. You made her swear not to tell Steve or Tony whom you knew would have a cow, which she didn’t. Wanda encouraged you to fight because she believed in you and the outstanding potential you held. Wanda taught you the language of her home country and often times the two of you would communicate through Sokovian dialect when any of your other team members were around. Wanda was one of the only people on the team who truly understood you and didn’t look down upon you for your age.

Bucky Barnes:
Besides Steve, you were Bucky’s favorite member of the Avengers team. He opened up to you slowly about some of his experiences with Hydra. Like most of the team, Bucky had little to no faith and trust in you when you were first recruited to join the team but over time his perspective altered. Bucky started to view you as less than a child that needed to be watched over and more as a friend, that’s not to say he still didn’t watch over you. Bucky was hesitant and kept himself closed off around most but to you he couldn’t. You reminded James of pre-serum Steve, you were like his little sister and he loved you like family, although he tried not to show it.

Steve Rogers:

In Steve’s eye, you were practically his daughter. From the moment he met you, Steve swore he would do anything and everything to keep you out of harms way. So of course he was upset when he found Fury clearing you for multiple missions. All his attempts to talk you out of the fights failed and much like Steve himself, you refused to back down from a fight. That was one of the main traits of yours that Steve Rogers admired most. There weren’t many things that Tony and Steve agreed on but the importance of your schooling was definitely one of them. Tony hired the most high end tutors because he knew how bright minded you were and the capability you held. Steve on the other hand wanted you to go through schooling incase you ever decided to drop the Avenging and Shield gig and start and family, being the fatherly figure he was. This being said that didn’t mean Captain America didn’t believe in you because he did. He really did. Steve realized after his first mission with you that you would be on of the greatest gains the team has ever come by, but he cared about your safety and well-being more. Nonetheless, Steve always had people checking in on you during the fight and made sure you never strayed too far from him.

Privilege and Perspective in A Game of Thrones:
Jon Snow

I feel the need to start this analysis post with a huge disclaimer: I have only recently started reading A Game of Thrones. I have not watched the show, but through the wonder that is popular culture, I am aware of many of the bigger spoilers for both the books and show. 

So this bit of observation/analysis is pretty narrowly focused on just a small portion of the novel, specifically the two Jon sections as he is on the road toward and as he adjusts to life at The Wall. 

Jon’s identity as Ned Stark’s “bastard” son is established very quickly and very often. It’s clear that as a young teen, Jon is struggling with that aspect of his identity; the ways the rest of his family treat fall all over the spectrum from Arya’s blind adoration of the older brother who understands her best to Catelyn’s minimal tolerance. 

The arrival of the Lannisters and specifically, Tyrion, reinforce Jon’s awareness of his social station but also alter his perspective on that particular label: bastard. When Tyrion sees Jon struggling, he offers him advice:  

Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you. 

And then later:

Let them see that their words can cut you, and you’ll never be free of the mockery. If they want to give you a name, take it, make it your own. Then they can’t hurt you with it anymore. 

Tyrion encourages Jon not to hide or be ashamed of that label––bastard––because if he does, he is handing power over to others rather than keeping it for himself. In those immediate chapters, it is something Jon takes to heart and he demonstrates a bit more pride. 

When Jon has trouble with the other young men training for a life at The Wall, he is still working on incorporating Tyrion’s philosophy into his own. He takes offense less at being called bastard than at his unknown mother being referred to as a whore. And just as Tyrion offered Jon advice, the armorer offers Jon some insight of his own:

They hate you because you act like you’re better than they are. They look at you and see a castle-bred bastard who thinks he’s a lordling. […] You’re a bastard and a bully. […] You leave them nothing. You shame them. Does that make you proud? […] Now think on this, boy. None of these others have ever had a master-at-arms until Ser Alliser. Their fathers were farmers and wagonmen and poachers, smiths and miners and oars on a trading galley. What they know of fighting they learned between decks, in the alleys of Oldtown and Lannisport, in wayside brothels and taverns on the kingsroad. They may have clacked a few sticks together before they came here, but I promise you, not one in twenty was ever rich enough to own a real sword. […] So how do you like the taste of your victories now[?]

Despite the associations and limited position of being a bastard, Jon still enjoyed many privileges. 

Whether or not Jon as a character successfully incorporates both these perspectives/attitudes into himself to the point where they impact his behavior moving forward, I loved the way they were juxtaposed in these two chapters. It resonated with me, in part, because of the current political climate and discussions of intersectionality in the various minority rights movements. Take pride in what you are and don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed of it, but also don’t try to raise yourself up by knocking others down. You may be disenfranchised or discriminated against in one way but there still might be others in which you enjoy privilege. Recognize and acknowledge both so you can help others as well as yourself. 

The distortion of Bicorno

I think many would agree that of all Fiore’s poste Posta Bicorno is the least agreed upon when it comes to interpretation.
Which way do the thumbs point, what is the location of the sword to the body, the relationship of the hands relative to the arms, these are all versions of the same question.
Oh by the way I won’t be giving you any definitive answers one way or the other. Let’s be honest you’ve got to be receptive enough to read this article, and maybe enough to try different things out, but to use appropriate imagery the sword is in your hand.
We have three images that are clear, to my eye, as to the positions of all those delicate bits that make the poste work and we have one image that appears as though some details have faded to obscurity, some have endured and some have been modified which calls in to question it’s accuracy.
So the two that seem most alike to me are the Novati and Paris versions. Though of course you can immediately see that the rear hands are pointed in opposite directions. 

The Novati Version

The Paris Version

But the remainder of the pictures is pretty consistent. The hands are at about the same height and distance away from the face. The blade has a similar angle to the forearms. The elbows are close together. Pretty close. We’ll look at the Morgan next and see that while we can’t evaluate hand positions we can look at those other characteristics and see the similarities. 

The Morgan Version

But you can’t tell what’s going on with the hands in my opinion.

That makes the Getty our outlier.

The Getty Version

Very different.  The sword is pointed much higher, the rear hand is at about shoulder height and it seems as though the sword is almost in alignment with the right forearm, which makes it pretty hard to get the elbows close together. I tried it and I feel pretty foolish right now.  

So now it’s time to show you my attempts at these poste with my handy dandy indoor cheapo sword simulator. 8 )

So this looks pretty similar to the Getty right? I mean besides the gingeriness…gingeryness…? anyway they’re pretty close biomechanically.  Except for that back hand.  There is either a perspective problem, which is possible that the artist didn’t correctly account for relative body positioning or chose to alter the perspective of one location to communicate different information.  But basically you don’t see lines in the back of my hand.

Like you do in these two.  For the first of the two modified grips I’m just barely holding onto the end of that mallet and don’t have a firm grip.  In the second one I’ve kept my grip but rotated my hand around, so that those lines appear, but to do so my wrist is severely bent and is really uncomfortable.  Oh and I did those grip modifications from the Paris positioning because doing them from the Getty was practically agony.  So the Getty is pretty much nixed in my opinion because you can’t get the left hand to have any fingers without doing something stupid to your grip.

Which means the Paris version is also out of the running because of that same difficulty of producing finger lines.

But turn the hand so that both thumbs can point in the same direction and you’ve got something that well could resemble all of the manuscripts.  Though I suppose I should be holding my hands a bit higher.  Oh well no poste is ever perfect.

I apologize, I definitely presented the information in a way that shows my preference for Posta Bicorno to be performed.  But I feel as though my imagery makes sense.

But there is also the dynamic portion of the guard.  Comparing the thumb forward or backward grips of the back hand what are the effects on transitioning into and out of the guards, what ranges forward, backward, across the body and up and down do you have in each, what strikes can they perform?

Whell… The transitions to me feel that they take about the same amount of time, but the difference between them is that when reversing the hand you end up having only the thumb of your back hand in contact with the hilt for a moment.  Not a long one.  But it’s one I’m not comfortable with.  The range of motion for the two versions is pretty similar except that the reversed hand can go all the way up to a left finestra/ochs position without changing grips which is pretty cool.  Strikes are pretty different right off the bat though.  Both thrust straight forward without problem.  The reversed grip can do that upper left thrust way better.  And any cut that you feel like you can conceivably make feels about the same.  But that’s while I’m cutting air… Don’t ask me what my cut would look like through a slightly resistive medium as my left hand reverses.  It would not look pretty.  

All in all its up to you.  Look at the pictures.  Play with your Poste and have fun.


PS I’m pretty certain the Edel Krieg is Posta Bicorno too.

Fan Theory: Perception of Time in VK/VKM

Hello VK/Zeki Fam, long time no see! *Hugs everybody*

Originally posted by zechs

I’ve been offline for a millennia due to a new job and family life stuffz but I I finally have some free time to go into the VK meta I’ve been dying to sink my teeth in to! (beware, there may be terrible puns ahead.  You’ve been warned.)

From what I’ve seen in the Vampire Knight meta-sphere, reactions towards the past two chapters are mixed, leaning towards the Hino-san, what the fruitcake are you doing to us now? end of the spectrum. 

@getoffthesoapbox​ @soulisthirsty@zerolover66​ and others before me have written some excellent analyses & theories, and I don’t plan on doing a full rehash.  Instead, I’d like to propose a different theory…

I’ll start this fan theory with a question:  
Do Yuuki and Zero perceive time differently?

This may seem like an odd question, so let me break it down.  

Do people perceive time differently?  

It can be argued that they do.  You often hear folks talk about “life changing experiences” or how a near death experience alters their perspective.  If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, and know that you only have a few months left to live, your perception of time will likely be very different than that of a healthy teenager.  Even though both individuals could theoretically die in a freak accident at the same time, or the sick individual finds a miracle cure, the way they value their time, more likely than not, differs.  

You can also look at it this way: one year to a 3-year-old is 1/3 of their life, whereas one year to an 80-year-old is 1/80 of their life.  Time passes differently for children versus adults.

Which leads me to another question: 

In Vampire Knight, do mortals with finite time perceive time passing differently than immortals with infinite time?  

From what we’ve been shown canonically, I believe there’s a chance that the answer is yes.  

Let’s take a look at a scene from VKM chapter 10:

In this panel Yuuki comments that 60 months feels like 1 month.**

60 months = 5 years

That means 5 years feels like 1 month of “normal life” (basically 1 month to the rest of us.)

Take your age and divide it by 5. If you’re 20 years old, that’s the equivalent of 4 months.

(More under the cut!)

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dragonlover123a  asked:

As cool as it would be for Thomas and Mark to make a crossover between their alter egos, it probably won't be a good idea due to how dangerous Mark's egos can be. Pretty much, the SS's would be dead after a run in with the Ipliers. Whether be shot/ stabbed by Mr. Trigger-Happy (Warfstache), tortured by Dark, shred to pieces by Google, and who-knows- what Yandere would do to them!

really puts mark’s alter egos into perspective, doesn’t it? why are a good majority of mark’s alters villainous? i’m glad there’s funny carefree ones like ed and bim and dr iplier to help balance it out too 💙 wilford kinda falls between both categories tbh

and all my world is losing light (2/2)


It’s Charles who finds her, stepping out of the elevator less than a minute later, swinging a brown paper bag filled with the remains of the bagels he had returned to the precinct with at lunch time. He freezes in his tracks when he sees Amy, standing a little to the left of the elevator, leaning against the wall, squeezing her phone so tight that her knuckles have turned white, ragged breaths tearing past her lips.

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The Matter of Cake - Nibblesofflesh - Sherlock Holmes (1984 TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (1984 TV), Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Additional Tags: Established Relationship, Flirting, Innuendo, Domestic Fluff, Implied Oral Sex, implied sex, sexy acts in inapporpriate places, nakedness in appropriate places

A Sherlock Holmes ficlet. Holmes decides to try his hand at baking a cake, and Watson quite likes the look of Holmes in an apron. Sassiness, silliness, and sexiness ensue.

[Shameless self-plug ahead] Hey guys, I wrote a thing! It’s my first fandom thing in years, and my VERY first  thing for Sherlock Holmes. Inspired by the work from lovelies @knightfury1895 and @granada-brett-crumbs and brought to life because of a chat with the incomparable @tremendousdetectivetheorist  – I hope you guys like it! I’ve posted the first few paragraphs under the cut so you can get a feel for my style. I love you all! 

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My HYYH Theory (Individual MV Analysis/Interpretation)

This is a long post that I’m still working on, so everything will be written under the cut-off. Please remember that this is purely my way of understanding the story that BTS has been working on for the last two years, if you don’t see it the same way- that’s okay because that’s the beauty of intepretation :)

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caught on camera // transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Much of the world’s beauty lies in the tiny little details, the details we so often fail to notice. We marvel at the beauty that lies before us without taking the time to appreciate the infinite small wonders that exist to create it. But if we alter our perspective even in the slightest amount, we can turn the mundane into the exceptional. It can completely change the way we see the world.

here’s to transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

VIXX as Bodyguards

What would they be like as bodyguards?

N – A constant shadow at your shoulder. This man with a mysterious aura who whispers in your ear and keeps a Mona Lisa smile at all times. It may not seem like he’s doing much, but his quick eyes catch everything. If there was danger he’d let the other guards handle it unless the threat reached a close proximity to you. With lithe grace and blinding speed he’d incapacitate them. Dance and martial arts are close cousins. Through the centuries some of the martial arts styles have been disguised as dance, and he’s learned them well. In public he’d seem cool and calm, deferring to your authority. Alone with you he’d drop the pretense, warmly assuming the role of equals. Hakyeon would also fuss over you to eat and sleep properly. With you he’s outspoken enough that you’d think he’d say whatever was on his mind. Which he does, except for mentioning the fact he’s in love with you. Scared you wouldn’t return his feelings, he’d keep it a secret. Expansion

Leo – Leo’s presence alone would be scary as hell and quite the deterrent. Imagine him next to you, never smiling, never talking, eyes always alert and searching. And heaven help someone if they caught his attention. His scowl would be directly proportionate to how close that person came to you. His ferocity would earn him a reputation that would only grow because he’d do nothing to quell it. Rumors like that work in his favor, so why not let them spread? Alone with you his demeanor would soften. While he may be harsh with others at times, Taekwoon would always speak respectfully to you. You’d try to cajole him into relaxing but he wouldn’t feel he could. He’d love you deeply but think his position was beneath yours. If you love him and get that through his thick skull, you’d become essential to his wellbeing. Any threat to you would be taken down prodigiously no matter the size. His biggest fear would be failing in his duties and losing you. Expansion 

Ken – Of all of them he’s the one who would hate physical confrontation the most. He’d do it, and he’d be proficient if he applied himself but it would go against his nature. While smarter and more shrewd than people give him credit for, he isn’t aggressive. He’d be extremely protective of you, even using himself as a shield between you and danger. But over time the life of a guard would wear him down. The violence and constant threat would tarnish the beauty he sees in the world and make him cynical. In his position Ken wouldn’t be able to help falling in love. He’d be up front about how he felt but try not to pressure you. His feelings would make him stay to keep you safe even at the risk of his own conscience. Once you saw the first hint of darkness creeping into his eyes you’d remove him from guard duty. Your life isn’t worth sacrificing his smile.

Ravi – If he felt you were being threatened he’d start off with a bluff. Puffing himself up, making himself look like a badass he’d hope that would be discouraging enough to squash any conflict. He knows the best way to win a fight is avoiding one. If his strategy didn’t work a stillness would come over him as he became deadly serious. He doesn’t care what he has to do, nothing is going to touch you. Wonsik loves life but he’d give up his own for yours without a second thought. Given his temperament it’d almost be impossible for him not to fall in love. But he has too much respect for you to cross that line. He’d see it as taking advantage of his position. So you’d never know unless you picked up on those mournful puppy gazes he wasn’t even aware of giving you. It’d be obvious to everyone who saw him how he felt. Expansion

Hongbin – Bean is awkward and reserved. At first. Once he is given a role and allowed to become familiar with it, he can be formidable. While training to be a guard he would practice his skills non-stop until he was as close to perfection as he could get. By the time he’s assigned to you, he’d be comfortable and have a quiet reserve about him. When faced with danger he may get nervous but allow muscle memory to take over. He’d do fine, each encounter building his confidence. Gentle by nature, he has a protective streak once his heart is involved. He wanted to be the best before but once he loves you it would become much more personal for him. Threats against you would make him angry, fueling his desire to keep you safe all the more. You might suspect his feelings for you but he wouldn’t directly admit it on his own. If you confessed to him, he’d get flustered making his awkwardness resurface.  

Hyuk – The guard that everyone thinks is a nice guy and no one takes seriously. Until they see him in action. Sharp witted, broad, and strong, any incoming threats would falter against him like hitting a stone wall. And in the off chance they found a crack in his defenses, Hyuk would retaliate as if it were a personal affront. And that’s before he fell in love with you. After he did he’d observe you carefully to see if you might return his feelings. If he received any hint that you felt the same, he’d confess. He’d be nervous but it’d be difficult to tell until you accepted him and he breathed a sigh of relief. Hyuk would continue to do an exemplary job as your guard. However now that you’re together his perspective has altered. Before he took threats as they came but now he’d be more proactive about keeping you from being exposed to dangerous situations. ​
It's the World I Know - CH1
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Sherlock discovers that nothing is as it seemed and the world he knew was an illusion. Now he must find his way back to himself and to John.


Sherlock is looking into John’s eyes the moment reality shatters. There is a rightness to that; a poetic harmony in the universe beating the same destructive rhythm through their fragile existence. If anyone can understand the helpless devastation of that moment of losing everything, including all sense of oneself, surely John can.</blockquote>